Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a super fun Halloween here in Washington.

Oh...this isn't who you were looking to see?

Well, okay, here they are:

Sock Monkey Ryne and Pirate Kade
Is that better?

How bout an action shot?


Pirate Kade made sure his sword was nice and sharp before we headed out to trick or treat.

Sock Monkey Ryne just wanted to figure out what the excitement was about.

We loaded the boys up and headed to downtown DuPont where the businesses all do trick or treating for the kiddos.

Who wouldn't want to get in the car and go somewhere with these two:

Driving Daddy Pirate

Wigged Out Mommy CoPilot

The atmosphere was great downtown and it was a beautiful afternoon.

My pirate boys looking for some loot!

Ryne found some loot of his own!
He thought the paper on that sucker was delicious.

Kade found a fellow pirate at one of the businesses to pose with.

I think he's holding on to his hat because he sees a pirate girl headed his way....

Kade was intrigued by the pirate girl but she just had a quick hello for him and took off to search for more loot of her own.

Then we stopped in Farelli's Pizza

Can you tell Kade is giggling?

This is why....

A dancing pizza guy.

Ryne got his giggles when he was trying to figure out how I got my hair to do that.
He has checked out all of the hair care products under the bathroom sink (seriously, he has) and can't remember seeing anything in there that would make this happen. Ha Ha!

Just another look at my precious little sock monkey.

And then we headed back to our neighborhood where that little sock monkey got to say hello to our sweet little ladybug friend Audrey

And spend some time with Pirate Daddy.

While Pirate Kade made his way to all of the neighbors to give them all a special "AAARRRGGG".

As soon as we got to our house Kade couldn't even wait to go inside to check out his loot. Searched through and found just what he Mommy like Son!

Ryne at least got inside before he checked out his goodies!

Then we spent the rest of the evening answering the door for trick or treaters.
I think Kyle and Kade had almost as much fun doing that.

We ended the evening with a couple of laughs.
Let me share:

Pirate Kade was trying to disguise himself as Daddy Pirate.
He couldn't see a thing and kept crashing into stuff.
I was laughing so hard.
And then the doorbell rang again.
We opened the door to these guys:

We LOVE our neighbors!
Mr. Joe, Mrs. Claire and Sammy really made our night.
Kade wouldn't let them leave without him giving them some candy!

Happy Halloween everybody!
Hope you all had as much fun as we did.