Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just trying to Catch Up....

See these cute guys..

Want to know what they've been busy doing that I haven't had a chance to tell you about?
Well, I'm going to tell you whether you want to know or not.

They greeted their Daddy at the airport after he was gone to Romania and Moldova for ten days on a medical mission trip.

I had never seen these boys so happy.

Yep...that's Woody you see in the background. He made the trip too. We were glad to have him around for a while. Now he is gone back east and we miss him.

Daddy brought back gifts.
Here are a couple:

Soccer ball...minus the air for better transport.

"Magic" flute.

What else have they been doing?

Making trips to Wendy's:

Bike Rides:

Elmo Rides:

Being happy:

toys make Ryne happy

"Daddy cookies" aka Oreos make Kade happy

They've been learning to play together:

Did you know that plastic red cups make fabulous toys? Noisy but lots of fun.

New seating arrangements at the grocery store:

Yes, Kade got booted to the back so that Ryne could take the front seat. Ryne outgrew the carrier and we had to do what we had to do.

Another thing we had to do was say goodbye to our friend Hana.
Hana joined our Bible study shortly after we moved to DuPont. She was here as an exchange student at a local college. We fell in love with Hana very quickly. Kade was especially fond of her and called Hana his "best friend". Always looked forward to seeing her at Wednesday night Bible study. When we found out that it was time for Hana to go back to Korea we were very sad. We took her out for a goodbye dinner the night before she left and had a really good time. We still keep in touch with Hana and we miss her a bunch. Here are some pictures from our farewell night:

Can you tell how much Kade likes her? And of course Stephanie joined us because Stephanie was our connection with Hana...they were friends from college. Thanks Stephanie for bringing Hana into our world!

And we've been doing some coon watching:

Or maybe the coons have been watching us!
This raccoon here was at our back door and it didn't come alone.


Three are seeing is daylight and there are three raccoons hanging out in our backyard while we are all at the back door watching them watch us.

See Ryne trying to make friends!

We tried to scare them away but these guys don't scare easily.
But eventually they did take off...

And away they went up and over the fence.

See ya next time fellas!
These raccoons are pretty neat but when you consider the fact that they are in our yard in the daytime and apparently not afraid of us at all then we must consider them a "problem". Remember we have two little guys who like to play in the backyard and they might think these raccoons are pets. Guess we won't let the boys play alone in the backyard for a while.

So, you see we really have had a lot going on and this isn't even everything that I want to share with you. I still have some great pictures from our first family camping trip to Mt. Rainier. I'll try to make that my next post.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what the Lewallen boys have been up to.

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