Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ten Months

See this adorable guy....

He was ten months old yesterday!
Yep, ten months. How in the world did that happen already?

Here Ryne is riding his zebra. He has his serious riding face on.
You can see that we have a big boy on our hands.
25 pounds!

Still just those two teeth on the bottom but we expect more any day.

He is the fastest crawler in the west. Loves to climb the stairs. Eats crackers like they are going out of style. Adores his big brother. Stands alone and we expect him to take off walking any day now.

Ryne keeps us very busy.
He loves to play with the dirt in the plants, likes to pull things off shelves, enjoys everything in the pantry that he shouldn't play with, unfolds laundry like a champ, chews on EVERYTHING that shouldn't be chewed upon (kade was not a chewer so this is new for us), catches every opportunity for an open bathroom door in hopes to find some water to play in.....get the picture? We stay busy!

Ryne brings us so much joy!
I cannot believe that he is already ten months old. We have so much fun with this little guy. He makes us smile and laugh every single day.
I am so blessed to get to be his Mommy!

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