Sunday, October 25, 2009

Date, Party, Pumpkins and Football

In an effort to stay less than a week behind on my blog update I am going to throw out a lot of pictures and just a few words. The pictures are what the grandparents are really wanting anyway, right?
So here with the Lewallens for the past week in pictures:

We had a DATE NIGHT!!! Can you tell how happy we were to have one of those?
Planned on seeing a movie after dinner but when we got to the theater we realized there wasn't really anything that we wanted to waste the time and money on so we headed to look for dessert.
We found it at a very yummy place in downtown Olympia called Cascadia. They make all of there desserts in house and we can't wait to go back sometime.

Kyle's cheesecake

My peanut butter kiss shake

We got our boys all ready for some trick or treating:

Sock Monkey Ryne

Pirate Kade

We got to go to a birthday party for our friend Will:

Ryne wants to share Will's juice box. All that guitar playing made him thirsty I'm sure.

Kade and Will play Cowboys

Cake time!
I'm not sure if Kade likes the cake or the singing most.

Then Will's mom took us all to a place called Charlie's Safari. It is a huge play area for kids.
Will's Dad is out of the country for work right now and so Michelle asked Kyle if he could come be the Daddy to go into the jungle gym with the big boys while we kept up with the babies.
Oh my...what a jungle gym!
We had no idea how big it was going to be. There were crazy slides, lots of climbing, mazes, ropes, trees, and things I'm sure I didn't even get to see.
Kade had a really fun time after we got there and he realized that there wasn't "a big rhinoceros that might get him on the safari".
Here are a few pictures from Charlie's Safari:

Kade leaping off of one of the slides.

A slide for all of the boys!

Ryne even had a place to play.

Kade had to take a break from the jungle gym to build a house.

The birthday boy!

Carson (Will's little brother) had a great time, too.

And here is my favorite picture of the day:

Kyle was completely exhausted after a couple of hours at Charlie's. He let me take a turn in the jungle gym with the boys and while it was LOTS of fun....boy was it a work out!
Happy Birthday to Will!!!

And we finally made it to the pumpkin patch:

One of the reasons that I really wanted to go was to take pictures of the boys.
As you can see, they weren't much for posing and looking at the camera.
So, here's hoping you enjoy all the action shots I took:

We did manage to get one family shot. A friend of the girl taking the picture for us offered Kade a dollar to look at the camera. Yep, she paid up!

Kyle really likes this picture because he says he looks like he just laid a pumpkin. Ha Ha!

And they had a petting farm:



And somebody spotted the ponies at the end of the barn!


Ryne liked the ponies too until this one took a little nibble of his fingers. Poor Ryne, I hope he isn't afraid of ponies for the rest of his life.

(sorry you can't see their heads)

I think these guys were Kade's favorite because he kept wanting to chase them and try to catch them.

Kade loved washing his hands in the "big bath tub"

And one last stop at the pumpkin patch to find out
"How Tall This Fall?"

Saturday morning I finally made it to the Farmer's Market in Olympia.
Been trying to go for months now and it just never did work out.
Look what I got:

Kade thought all the fresh fruits and veggies were really cool and wanted to eat them all right away. He settled for having his picture made with them.

Then on Saturday afternoon we went to a football game.
Last year right after we moved to Washington we connected with a friend from Oklahoma who is going to school at PLU just a few minutes away from us. His parents and grandmother came up for a game and were our very first out of town guests. So, we had a reunion!
The game was a bit different this year. I wasn't pregnant. Kade new how to stay in one place and cheer for the team. I don't know how many times I heard "go Lutes!"
We had a lot of fun. Here are some pics:

Janet, Campbell, Conner, and Ryne

Ryne really watched everything that was going on.

See how intense that look is

Kade stayed glued to the rails where he kept cheering on the lutes.
Well, all except for when the band was playing and then the band had his full attention as his danced his little jig to their music.

Ryne and Daddy in their sweaters....beautiful football weather!

Ryne finally tuckered out and fell asleep in my lap

Kade and Conner needed a break from the stands and so they went to play a little football game of their own.


Congratulating Blake and Jacob on a victory!

Yep, we've been pretty busy!
That's life with the Lewallens!

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I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks bunches. Aaannnnd a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you today!!

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