Monday, October 19, 2009

The Rest of Our Trip South

When I left you last we were in Arkansas enjoying some time with my family. We had a great time. We did almost get hit by a tornado on Friday morning and were out of power ALL day. Lots of huge trees down but no one was hurt. We still managed to have a great time.

On Saturday morning we headed to Arkadelphia, AR to Ouachita Baptist University for Homecoming at my Alma Mater. It was my ten year reunion and I was excited to be taking these guys with me:

They look ready for an adventure, don't they?

Monk Monk went with us and it was nice to have her to help out with our boys. They love her. Can't you tell by looking at Kade here?

The first stop was at the Tri Chi drop in.

Kade found TC and had to have his picture taken with him.

Me and my sweet hubby enjoying the day.

And look, we found Randa Roo!!!! One of the founding members of Tri Chi...but better yet, one of our most sweetest friends!

Ryne went with Monk Monk to listen to the band and he had a really big time.

Then it was time to head to the class reunion dinner. That's when things got just a little bit sad. There were quite a few tables set up for our class but they were almost empty. I say almost because I did at least find these fabulous ladies:

Krystin and Stacey showed up. So good to see these girls!
We had to laugh because we were able to take our own reunion picture.
Kyle was so kind to point out that at least I knew the names of those girls. They could have been people I didn't even know while in school and that would have been sad.

Then we had another class member show up and request to be in the class picture.

We had to tell Chris that we'd be happy to take a picture with him but he didn't really count since he works there now and was getting paid to be there.
Before the dinner was over there were a couple more class mates who showed up to say hello but all in all the turn out was a bit disappointing being that we had traveled 3000 miles and all.

On the way to the bookstore we ran into these guys:

They were too cool to show up for the dinner but were heading to the football game. Just like the Nate, Ben, and Joey I've always known. Glad I ran into them because we skipped the football game in order to keep Ryne and Kade from being in the wind too much.

After we left OBU we got to go see Monk's new place in North Little Rock.
It was really nice. Wish we could visit her there more often.

I had to take a picture as proof that I'd been there.

Then we were off to Spiro, OK to hang out with the other side of our family for a couple of days.
As soon as we got there Granna had prizes to pass out for Halloween.

Pirate gear....right up Kade's alley.

Ryne was enjoying the balls.

Taylor was cracking me up in her fake purple hair.

Brandon was fond of his pirate gear, too. Kade just wanted to get busy playing pirates.

Look at sweet Taylor's bib:

Isn't she precious?!

Ryne let Daddy borrow his fireman hat and I thought he looked pretty cool.

Kade and Ryne quickly found Granna and Paw's stash of toys. The barn is always a big hit.

After church on Sunday we went out to dinner with a bunch of friends and had a great time.

Here's Kade hanging out with our sweet friend Jo Alice.
She took him for cookies so of course, she was his favorite!

Ryne didn't last long....he crashed out on us while munching on some crackers.
Look how out he was:

Didn't even know he was left sleeping at the table all alone.
He was resting up for the afternoon activities. A big birthday party!

Taylor's first Birthday was last month and Brandon's fifth birthday will be next month. So we had a party while we were there to celebrate.

Notice the little Razorback cake on the left....they were so sweet to include me in the birthday festivities!

Ryne found Taylor's toys that he liked.

Brandon opened some presents.

Kade wasn't worried about anything happening because he found Aunt Kim's piano to play.

Ryne thought he should read Brandon's card to him.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt T just wanted a picture with the first birthday girl!

Oh, look I got to open presents too!

Kade was just ready to sing and have cake now.

Granna and Paw with all of their kiddos!

Kade, what have you gotten into now?

A funny Ryne face that I had to share! I think he might have seen Kade in his previous get-up.
Or maybe he saw this:

Taylor was driving her Daddy's Power Wagon.
She was just showing the boys how to do it.

Ryne was getting the hang of it.

Kade wanted to be able to use the pedal's too.

And the gang's all in!

Yep, all in the power wagon that Uncle B has been restoring.
Isn't it cool?

Hey Aunt Kim, you think you could talk Uncle B into letting me drive that rig again?

On Monday night we had a special treat.

Maw Maw Frances and Aunt Bib came down from Fayetteville to see us.

And we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

Aunt Bib is the best...she help Kade roast his own marshmallows.

Which allowed this good looking marshmallow roaster to roast some marshmallows for me!

Yummy S'mores!!!!

It was so good to spend some time with Mom #2 and Billye. I so appreciate them coming to see us when we are in their neck of the woods.

We had a great time getting to be in Spiro but on Tuesday we had to pack up and get back to the airport in Little Rock. Made it back to Washington late on Tuesday night. What a whirlwind. I am so thankful that we were able to make a trip back to see our families. Oh, and Homecoming was fun even if I didn't get to see all the people I had hoped to see. Maybe the 20 year will be better. I'll try to make it back for that one!

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