Monday, February 15, 2010

This, That and Lots of Valentine's

Well it looks like for the time being I have turned into a once a week blogger. I would love to be able to be a daily blogger but that just doesn't seem to fit the program that we have going on here at the Lewallen home. Maybe one of these days it will. I sure hope to have more spare time on my hands as my children gain some independence. For now, bear with me and my weekly "catch up sessions" here on Life with the Lewallens.

So, to catch you up....
We had more Valentine packages delivered.

Kade has learned to patiently sit back while someone cuts through the tape. Ryne can't keep his hands off because he has learned that when a package shows up it normally contains something inside for him.
This was a Valentine package from Paw and Granna and it was FULL of goodies.

Kade found this and looked at me and said, "Is this a lollipop, Mom?"
I have no idea where he learned about "lollipops" but he was right and I confirmed that for him.
As soon as I did so, he gave it a big ole lick!

Ryne seemed to want to hang on to the M&M's that he found.

And when we finally kept Ryne away long enough, Kade was able to put together his new puzzle.
Doesn't he look proud?
THANKS Paw and Granna!!

We had visitors....

Kade, Ryne and I went downstairs for breakfast the other morning and looked out the back door to see that our raccoons were there for a visit. Kade looked at them for a second and then looked at me and said, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll scare them away." He found this cardboard tube and began beating on the back door until they left. Nice work Kade!

We had people visitor, too...

Susi, Jordan, Jeannette and Jacob came over Friday night for some dinner and Nertz!
We had a great time teaching Jacob and Jordan how to play our favorite card game. And we always enjoy having folks over for some relaxed hang out time.

We let Kade stay up past his bedtime because he was behaving well. His fun was in trying on everyone's shoes that they left at the front door. I just thought this picture of him was too funny.

As everyone was trying to leave they got sucked in by the Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics. I laughed because I walked in the living room and they were all standing behind the couch just captivated....Coats and shoes on ready to head out. It was a fun night!

Speaking of the Winter Olympics.....
They are being held only a few hours from here in Vancouver, B.C. And the alpine events are up in Whistler. We went there for our anniversary last can check out that post here. And I love watching everything happen in a place that I've been before. Really wish we could make it up and take in a few of the Olympic events but since we aren't going to be making that happen, I'm really having a good time watching it all on t.v. Those athletes just amaze me by the things they can do. What incredible talent! And what dedication to train for something like that. It is hard enough for me to get up and make it to the gym every morning. So, this week I'm letting those Olympic athletes be my motivation to get up and get my work out on! I just tell myself that the event I'm training for is "Toddler Chasing" and ladies and gentlemen...I'm going for the GOLD!

I do think that Kyle is going to head up to Vancouver next week for a couple of days. Our sponsoring church has a team up there passing out Bibles and sharing the gospel with the thousands of people from all over the world who have converged there for these couple of weeks. It is an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with the entire world while they are all gathered in one place. Kyle is planning on going up to help out a couple of days. Don't think he will get to take in any "events" but he will get to have some of the Olympic experience. I'm excited for him! I'll be sure he takes a camera and gets us some pictures for the blog.

Moving right along now in our "catch up session"....

I had a great Valentine's day!

Check out this card that I got from my sweet boys. Kade took care of decorating it for them both! He was sure to ask if I liked all the colors he used. Ha!

Oh, I got more than just cards...

My sweet Kyle is an excellent gift giver. Kade said I needed flowers, roses specifically. Kyle went for that. They are beautiful aren't they? Hey Mom, Kyle arranged those himself...I think you might just have to put him to work at the Flower Shop next time we're home!
But look what else came with those flowers.....SHOES!!!! My favorite!!!! And a matching purse to go with those shoes!!!! What girl could ask for more?

And as it turned out, we had date plans and I got to make good use of those new shoes and that matching purse!

The cards, flowers, shoes, and purse were all super duper but the BEST part of my Valentine's was getting to have a date with this handsome man!
And since you can see his yummy flown in fresh from Hawaii mahi mahi dish. I'll show you what I had to eat...

The best ever prawn (that's shrimp) and vegetable tempura.
We had a great time getting to go out for Valentine's Day!
Great big thank you to Jordan and Jacob for watching the boys for us so we could have a date night!

On Valentine's Day we gave the boys some balloons...

And they loved them....we weren't too sure they were going to leave them behind for us to head to church. But they did. We left for church early and went out for a Valentine's breakfast at Burger King. Kade thought that was super special. I love how such little things make kids happy. I'm going to try to remember to be more like that.

It is also amazing how such little things can make kids feel so bad....
I'm talking teeth here!
Ryne is cutting more teeth and is not feeling so well.

This is a picture of him at our special Valentine's breakfast at Burger King and you can just tell this guy isn't feeling great. Those silly little teeth have given him a stuffy nose and a fever and I feel so bad for the guy.

Then I went and messed up his little world this morning.
I got my hair cut.....

And when I got home Ryne wouldn't have anything to do with me. Guess he doesn't like it!
I told him it would grow back but that didn't seem to make him happy. Guess he's going to be more of a Daddy's boy than usual for the next few days until he gets used to the new do.

So now that you're all caught up....go and enjoy your President's Day!


Carozza Family said...

I have so many things to comment on...
• OH I miss Nertz night with the Lewallens!!!
• Racoons??? Yeaks!
• Kade is looking so much older. Did he get a haircut? Looks cute!
• Love the purse and shoes. I know the secret as well that the way to Terry's heart is get her a new pair of shoes!!!!
• Kyle, are you on a diet? Next time order some mash potatoes and gravy you can get by with eating anything.
• Terry, I love the new hair style. You are gorgeous no matter how you wear your hair.

Dawn said...

You didn't say WHERE you went on your date!!

nertzfan said...

It's cool to see others that know about Nertz. You should definitely check out , the site for the National Nertz Association. There is a bunch of interesting Nertz information, videos, and photos there AND you can play Nertz on-line for free. I recommend it to all Nertz players! So cool. =)