Monday, February 8, 2010

A Whirlwind

I would definitely describe our past week as a whirlwind. That's the main reason you didn't hear much from me last week. I'll just back up to last Sunday and try to catch you up.

Sunday Jan 31st

We had Life Church!! It was a great night. I didn't even take any pictures but Alissa did a great job filling everyone in on "gym church" over at her blog. Go check it out!
Things are really getting in fast gear for Life Church and we are very excited. We will meet again on March 7th and then on April 4th, Easter, we launch our weekly meetings!!! The good news about our weekly services is that we are getting to continue to meet at Forza. The coffee shop has just been such a good atmosphere and so non-threatening for the unchurched part of our community. Mark, the owner of Forza, agreed to let us continue to meet there every Sunday night. In fact, he is going to officially change his Sunday hours so that the coffee shop closes an hour early just for us. Wow! What a blessing! We are asking God to really bless his business for being so good to Life Church.

There is one other really BIG piece of exciting news for Life Church....many of you already know about this because you get our newsletter....but for those of you who only keep up with us in the blog world, here is the BIG news: Arin and Kristy Jenkins and their four children are moving here to join us in this church planting adventure!!! Arin will be the worship leader for Life Church and we are super duper excited! It is amazing to see how God is just doing His thing over and over again. We are praying for Arin and Kristy and their sweet children as they prepare for a move across the country (from New Hampshire). If you will, please join us in praying for their house to sell quickly, for Arin to find a job out here (he is a nurse), and for their families to adjust well to the change. Woo Hoo!!! Arin, Kristy and crew, we can't wait to have you here!

Whoa...I didn't realize that Sunday would take up so much time.
Moving right along....

Well, that was the day that I actually blogged about last week...the one where all the little things added up and I had a meltdown. Oh, then Monday night was College Life Group at our house.

Amanda came over for us to have some "mommy time" and her two girls and my two boys played very hard. Plus we added one more little guy to the mix whose sweet Momma needed a sitter. It was Amanda, me, five kiddos and one big toy party!
I think this is the day we had a quick little outing to Cabela's in order to let the boys see the animals and get out of the house.
This is one of their favorite things to do there:

Pretend to play the hunting game....not sure what will happen when they figure out that if you put money in it you actually get to shoot the guns.

Tuesday night there was a LOST party at our house...

This is the cake to prove it!

And here are the Lost fans all absorbed in the show.

If you look closely you will notice that Kyle nor I are present in the above picture. That is because we have never even seen an episode of Lost. So we no doubt would have been the one's "lost" had we participated in the party.
So what did we do?

We hung out here in the loft and watched our favorites...the NCISs.
I know, it's crazy that we had a party at our house for something that we aren't even into. But we are always happy to have people over whatever the reason may be.


We spent most of the day at home and the boys and I built a really big tower. We used all 300+ blocks that we have. And we built it solid....didn't leave an empty spot anywhere.
Check it out:

Wednesday night was Life Group at our house and I hung out upstairs with the boys. I guess you could say Wednesday was a "play day" for me.


My treasured Thursday when I get to escape to the coffee shop for my ladies Life Group and leave the boys at home with Daddy. It was nice. And while I was gone, look what they did:

Daddy was not to be outdone in the tower building skills. Mind you, this is not a "solid" tower but it is sturdy and MUCH taller than the one the boys and I put together. Okay, I concede, you win Daddy Kyle!!

Thursday afternoon I spent getting ready for a baby shower that I helped host for my sweet friend Amanda, who has baby girl #3 on the way.
Here were my jobs:

Some cookies, fruit and dip, plus some punch.
It was a lot of fun! And gave me TWO, count them, TWO, toddlerless getaways on Thursday!
Thanks Kyle for being so good! He told me that he would let me pay him back the next "man shower" that came around. Ha Ha!!
I won a game at the shower...pretty exciting for me because I never win games. I got every single nursery rhyme fill in the blank right!!!! Kade would be so proud because he loves him some nursery rhymes!
Plus I had a great time seeing all the little girl stuff.
Check out this outfit:

Green and pink polka dots and a tutu! Adorable!!


I cannot remember anything out of the ordinary happening on Friday. I know that Kyle was good and went to the grocery store while he was out running some other errands. And I know that we had tuna helper for supper and that I had a lot of schoolwork to do. I guess we needed one uneventful day during the week! Ha!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and we spent most of the day outside. Riding bikes, going for walks, playing with our neighbor friends, sidewalk chalk, you name it. But I didn't have my camera with me at all!!!
I did have my camera for the package that was delivered, though.

And Ryne was ready to get into whatever might be inside for him.

It was from Grandaddy and C.G. so guess what was inside....

SNACKS! Can't you tell that Kade is excited?

And Ryne found what was for him. I think Grandaddy and C.G. must be reading the blog and know how much Ryne LOVES some chips!!
You wouldn't believe how much stuff was packed into that box. And of course my boys took all of it out. See:

Thanks Grandaddy and C.G. our snack supply has been replenished!


We went to church at Sunbreak and then came home and got ready for a the Super Bowl.
Of course we had a Super Bowl Party at our house! Remember, any excuse for a party seems to work for the Lewallens. Justine made Frito Chili Pie! Alissa brought some yummy trail mix and pudding. Jeannette made cupcakes. And the rest of us just had a great time eating and hanging out. Oh yeah, and watching the game! We let Kade pick who he wanted to cheer for since we aren't just really big fans of either team. Guess who he picked?
The Saints!!!
Who Dat?

We made it to Today

I've been trying to clean house and have gotten a few things done. Took a break to blog.
The most exciting part of the day today...
Kade's car show.
Kade loves to have car shows but this time he really outdid himself.
Ryne was sleeping and I was in the bathroom getting ready. When I came out to check on Kade this is what I saw:

He had very carefully done this with each one of his cars.

Just look how many he got to stack up like that!
Way to go Kade! That's the coolest car show ever!

Now, I must get back to that house cleaning and dinner preparing. College Life Group at our place tonight! The Whirlwind continues!!!

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