Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Day We Will NEVER Forget!

Align CenterYesterday morning we went to the doctor for our first pregnancy visit.
In case you missed it in my previous posts...we are expecting.
What we weren't quite expecting was to see this:

Yes, that's right. We are having twins!

Here is a close up of one of the babies and if you know what to look for you can kind of see the second baby peeking out from behind on the left.

And another close up of one of the babies. Baby #2 was hiding in this pic.

We are thrilled....

And a bit shocked!

Our doctor was great! He wanted to catch up on church stuff and share some of the things God's been teaching him lately. And then we got to the actual ultrasound time. We were all three looking at the screen and the doctor looked at Kyle and said, "So, Dad, what do you see there?" Kyle quickly responded, "You're the doctor, you tell me what I'm seeing." To that our fun doctor said, "What's the old Doublemint Gum slogan? Double your pleasure, double your fun! You're having twins!" Both of our eyes got extremely big and I think the only thing we could say was "Wow, really? Wow!"

Of course our wheels started turning pretty quickly. I thought about the fact that we will have to have another baby bed. Kyle saw bigger dollar signs and immediately thought about the fact that we can't fit four kids into either of our vehicles. Two babies in diapers! Two more plane tickets for trips home in a couple of years. Oh, the list could go on!
But ultimately, our thought was WHAT A BLESSING!!!
We feel extremely privileged that God chose to bless us with two babies, when we thought one would be great!

What did the boys think?
Well, here is a video of us telling them so you can see for yourself....

Sorry it is a bit crazy...we had two video cameras going...and well, our world just tends to be crazy anyway.

The rest of our family is all thrilled. Both of our Mom's just laughed the whole time we were on the phone with them. We are glad that everyone is happy! Kade is super happy and is just hoping that one of them will be a girl. Guess we will see????

Oh and for those of you who thought I might be insinuating something in my last blog post about things being exactly the same in our world and wondering what might be next....well, I had NO idea at that point that we would be having twins. How crazy is that?
But my question has been answered and I now know what in our world would be exactly alike...two babies having the exact same birthday. Isn't that fun?!

Just to say again, we are extremely excited and feel super blessed. We are praying for healthy babies who will grow up to be World Changers....turn the world upside down for Jesus!


Amanda said...

I love that Kade was just commenting kind of non-chalantly about two babies, but when you said "twins" he got super excited!!! I think he knows what twins are!!!! :)

Kristen and David said...

Wow!!! How exciting! That is fantastic! What great additions to your family! And by the way - your family pic at the top is beautiful! Sooooo fun! I'm excited to get to watch your family in this superfun journey. Congratulations!

Amber said...


I'm so unbelievably ecstatic for you!!!!!

Jennilee said...

Oh my word! I just cried and cried reading your posts, and that video!!!!!! have mercy! I am so excited for you guys! That is just too cool for school! We love ya'll! Praying for you!

Lydia said...

Super EXCITED for you guys! A double blessing. :)

Kristen said...

Oh wow, Terry!!!!! =) I'm wide-eyed just reading this and thinking about you guys and how you'd respond. WOW!! So excited for you both. Double blessing for sure. =) Love you!

the deKorne family said...

can't stop thinking about you! so so excited for you!! :)