Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Snow Day at Snoqualmie!

This past Tuesday we decided it would be fun to make a trip to the mountains and enjoy the snow. Our friends, the Knights, were going with us and we were going to take the kids to a big snow tubing spot. We left early and stopped along the way for breakfast. Got to the tubing center for the first session of tubing and found it that it was sold out. Boo! So Kyle and Russ thought they would just get us tickets for the next session a couple hours later. Sold out! Double Boo! The first session they had tickets available for was after 3 in the afternoon. What in the world would we do with two cars full of kiddos for four and a half hours???
Change of plans.....
Kade said we should just "regular play in the snow."
So, that's what we did! Found a good spot and just let the kiddos play til their hearts were content and our toes were frigid.

Ryne was busy picking out which hat and gloves he wanted to wear while we searched for a place to play.

Kade was just zoned in on the video he was watching.
So, thankfully we had a couple of happy boys on our hands.
And then we got out to play....

Kade really wanted to make a snow angel.

Kyle and Ryne climbed to the top of a hill to slide down.

Kade quickly found out how easy it was to get stuck in deep snow.

Our happy little snow-bunny.

Let the snowball wars begin!

Took Ryne a few minutes to get accustomed to walking around in the snow.

Seriously, snowballs were flying like crazy!

And Kade was going crazy!

And having SO much fun.

Kade got to take a turn sliding down the hill with Dad.

Another snowball!
I laughed so hard at how his little hat was all "mushroomed" on top of his head.

Chasing Ryan down with a snowball.

Ryne still working on the walking thing.

What, Mom? I'm going to get me some snowballs now.

Snowball gathering

And Ryne finally got into the snowball fight. It was hilarious because he was stuck on Russell. Kept chasing him around with the tiniest little snowballs saying, "I'm gonna get you, Russell." He would throw his little snowball and laugh so hard. Then go for another snowball and attack Russell again.

Finding a place to rest from the snowball war.

Not sure if Ryne was resting here or just fell down. Either way, he was taking a little break.

And I finally caught both of my boys in the same spot to get a picture of them in the snow together.

Guess what? More snowballs! Good timing on the duck there Ryne!

Wow! All three of my boys in one spot for a pic!

Kade had Kyle help him dig a hole in the snow that he could crawl down into.
Boy did it make me cold just thinking about crawling down in that snow hole.

He didn't stay too long. But sure did think it was cool to be able to climb all the way down in the snow.

We had a super fun day playing in the snow!

Me and my Kadester!

Me and my Ryne-o!
I think I ended up being quite glad they were sold out of tickets for tubing...just "regular playing" in the snow was so much fun!
Thinking we might have to go back again soon.

We rested up from our day of snow playing Wednesday morning so that we could go to a birthday party on Wednesday afternoon. Our friend John was turning 5!

Kade played pin the tail on the donkey.

So did Ryne.
This picture was after he walked straight into the wall with his face. Guess he didn't understand the whole hold your hands out in front of you technique.

And there's John getting ready to blow out his candle.

Why might Kade and Jourdan be all smiles????

Cake was on the way!!!!
25 kiddos at John's party...accompanied by their was a packed house!
We were so glad we got to celebrate with him. Plus it was a nice warm up for Ryne because the next day was going to be his birthday!!!
In fact, after we left the party we went to pick up Ryne's birthday cake. The ironic thing, it was the same exact cake that John had! Buzz and Woody!! Seriously, what are the odds of that? The same exact birthday cake two days in a row.
The cool thing about picking up Ryne's birthday cake is that I had ordered it at Fred Meyer. You might remember me telling you about Fred Meyer have one hour of free child care. Well, Kyle and I took advantage of that and since Ryne was only hours away from being two...the legal age for childcare at Fred Meyer....they both got to stay and play. So Kyle and I had an hour "date night" at the grocery store! It was nice. Nice enough that we thought we might should just start doing that a couple of nights a week. Ha! Bonus...the boys had a great time too!
Stay tuned for pics from Ryne's 2nd Birthday!

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