Friday, August 12, 2011

Waiting for this???

Four weeks ago today, Tesa and Tyce were born.
Want to see who their first visitors were?

Why, their big brothers, of course!
C.G. and Grandaddy went back to get them after the babies were born to let them meet their newest siblings. It was an amazing meeting!
Take a look.....

This is one of my favorite pictures!
I don't remember what Kyle was saying but I like to think this look is, "what in the world are we going to do with all four of them?"

Kisses from Kade.

Followed by kisses from Ryne.

Think they like them?

It was nice that each boy got to hold a baby and nobody had to "wait their turn."

Kade has Tesa and Ryne has Tyce.

Look who Grandaddy has...

Tesa and Tyce!

Then C.G. made him share....

C.G. has Tyce and Grandaddy has Tesa.
This is another one of my favorite shots...

Simultaneous yawns!
They are twins!

And of course we tried to get our first new family picture....

And of course we couldn't get everyone to cooperate!
Some things may never change. Ha!

So I settled for a pic of me with my sweet new bundles of joy!
Oh, how I love them!

They seem to love each other too!

Tesa and Tyce did have a few more visitors show up to see them...

D and Lissa!!!
Hopefully the pink and blue hats give away which baby each one is holding.

Mrs. Karie!

Dawn and Delaney came up from Portland.
What a treat!

Kristy and Arin!
They have twins...boy and girl....who are 8 years old!
So glad to have friends doing life with us who have been there and done that.

Then look who else showed up on day 2 to pay us a visit....

Dinosaur Kade!


Tiger Ryne!

C.G. and Grandaddy had taken them to a car show that was happening in town and they just happened to find a nice face painting booth. I thought they looked pretty cool.

Wonder what Tesa and Tyce were thinking about these critters???
My Mom and Dad said they wanted to get flowers to bring to us at the hospital but decided face painted children would be better. Ha! I loved it!

Something I did not love so much...going for our first walk. OUCH!

Seemed like Tesa and Tyce didn't mind the stroll so much.
Although, I think Tesa was over estimating my abilities to speed walk....

Look at her trying to hold on to Tyce for dear life.

Want to see something cute? Besides the babies, that is.....

The cute little bears that Granna and Paw sent for us to hang on the door.
Aren't they adorable?
But still not as adorable as this...

Notice Tesa is again trying to grab on to the back of Tyce.
So sweet!

Here's something else sweet.
Tesa's first bow....

Grandaddy said she was pretty enough she didn't need a bow.
But I still think it's pretty cute.

After a few days hanging out at the hospital (Friday-Tuesday), we were finally ready to go home.

Unfortunately the cute colorful outfits I had picked out for "going home outfits" were too big and I had to pick something else I had brought along. I wasn't super excited about it but they turned out to be awfully cute anyway.

We had to get a few pictures of us with our new babies....

After our little photo shoot we packed them up in their carriers to head for the car.
I snapped a couple of pictures of them once we got them in their carriers....

Notice that they both have one hand on paci and one hand on their ear...and just so happens to be opposite hands. Twins!

Look who came to take us home...

C.G. and the big brothers!

I was thinking as I watched Kyle carrier both babies down the long hospital hallways....gee, we are really going to be getting a workout carrying them around.

And here they are waiting for their first ride in the new van.

And we made it home safely with them!

Isn't this the coolest picture?

What did they think about their home?

Well, they liked it enough to sleep a lot in it!

The next day Tesa and Tyce had their first doctor's appointment.
So of course we thought that meant they needed their first bath.


Neither one of them seemed to be much a fan of bath time.
Maybe that will change!

Our first outing to the doctor!

Could they be any cuter?
I cannot imagine how they could!
Guess I am kind of partial since I am their Mom and all.

We had such a great experience at the hospital that we went back the next day to take them some goodies to say thank you. That made outing number two days. It took me only one day longer to realize that it was probably 2 too many outings for me.

This was our last outing for quite a few days.
But there was plenty of adventure going on at home to keep us busy.
I'll try to fill you in on all of that adventure very soon.

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