Monday, August 15, 2011

One Month

One month!

It is hard to believe that one month ago today we were at the hospital welcoming these two new bundles of joy into our lives.

I already cannot imagine life without them!
I am just as in love with them as I am their big brothers Kade and Ryne.

Seriously, it amazes me how God can multiply the love in our hearts so that we have just as much for each child as we had for the first. And I never thought I could ever love any child as much as I loved our first, I just couldn't comprehend there being that much love in my heart.
Kind of gives me just a glimpse of how possible it is for God to love each of His children the same...with ALL that He has.
Thank you, God, for using our children every day to teach us more about You!

You might can notice in this picture but Tyce has lost a lot of hair on the top of his head.
Yes, he is going bald and really looks like a little old man. Kyle has said that he could pass for being either one of our Papaws...he's right!
But I sure do love that balding little old man looking baby of ours!
And Tesa, well, she is just the prettiest little thing I think I've ever seen. So, maybe the Mommy partiality is coming out in me a bit...but, hey, it is my blog so I'm allowed to say those kind of things if I want to!

Of course we had to celebrate! Us Lewallens will use any excuse for a "party."
Just so happened that today was a really big day for some of our friends. It was the opening day for a new coffee shop that Russell, Belinda and Mollie have been working on for a long time.

Sound City Coffee!!!!
This is Mollie and Belinda...they are awesome!
We went to see them and have some delicious coffee to celebrate the twins one month birthday.
They slept through the first bit of time there.

Mollie served up this for me....


Don't worry, the babies didn't get coffee!
See the bottles here to prove it!
They woke up to eat and then enjoyed hanging out a bit.

Tyce learning about the coffee world with Mollie and Belinda.

Tesa meeting Bobby for the first time.
It was lots of fun and the babies did great!

Happy One Month Birthday Tesa and Tyce!!!

Yes, yes, I know that I'm missing about three weeks worth of Lewallen adventures on the blog....I do promise to get back to those three weeks but I wanted to get this post up on time and for once feel like I was "with it."


The Haywoods said...

Jackson has lost the hair on the top of his head as well, but it's slowly coming back in! Just wish we could get the back to all fall out now cause it's looking nappy!

Joy said...

Can't get over how much Tesa looks like Kyle!!! Beautiful babies!!! Love the picture of all the "feets" on the bed... simply gorgeous!!

Lydia said...

They are PRECIOUS!