Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Months!

Tesa and Tyce are two months old today.
Seriously, where is the time going???  One thing is for sure, I'm not wasting it writing blog posts. Ha!  If you notice the last blog post was entitled "One Month" and it had pics of Tesa and Tyce at one month old.  Yes, that means it has been an entire month since I've blogged.  YIKES!! Know what that means???  I am MEGA behind!  Like never before.  Well, before I commence with excuses as to why I am so behind in my blog world just let me show you what I know most of you are here to see....
Remember what they looked like a month ago?
I will save you having to scroll down to the last post...
Would you say they've grown a bit??
They are also much more photogenic! Here's more from our photo shoot today....

Tyce was really into the photo shoot so there are some extra of him, mostly because I couldn't figure out which ones I liked best.

And just so there are no concerns over whether we are living in the real world where babies do cry and aren't always so happy to be photographed, here's my proof....
Yep, they both cry.  And sometimes at the same time!
They were quite happy to snuggle up together for some "chill" time after all the hard work smiling for the camera.
Babies in the hood!
Tesa and Tyce are both doing just great!  I'd tell you how much they weigh and all that but I'm not sure.  They go to the doctor tomorrow for their check-up and I'll let ya know.  We are having so much fun with them!  If it weren't for the 4am wake-up call last night, I would be able to proudly announce that both babies have been sleeping through the night for 6 nights in a row.  I'm going to tell myself that last night was just a fluke and tonight we are going to be back on the "sleeping through the night" train!  Cannot even tell you how many prayers of thanksgiving I have lifted up to God for such a huge blessing!  BOTH BABIES sleeping ALL NIGHT!  Kade nor Ryne slept through the night until they were almost a year old so you can imagine how elated I am about this.

So, now that you've seen the babies, want to see the big brothers?
They are growing too!
Kade and Ryne wore their NYC fireman and policeman shirts for Sept. 11th tenth anniversary and were quite proud of them.  And just for fun let me show you what they did last night....
They got to take a glow-in-the-dark bath with some glow sticks.  Should have seem me having them hold the glow sticks up to their faces to make sure I got all the dirt off.  It was good times.  Think I might have to stock up on glow sticks now. Ha!

Summer is coming to a close and it has been great.  There is so much more that I want to share about the past two months.  We have had all of our family come to visit!!  My kid sister just left this past Saturday. She was the end of our "extra hands" and we are trying to get into routine again.  Well, a whole new and different routine since we added two babies to the mix.  I am totally hoping to work in a regular blogging time to that routine.  It may take me two more months to catch up on what I missed blogging about while we were so busy but I am determined to do it.  Not necessarily because I think you all want to read and see all about it, but because it all happened in such a whirlwind that I need to go back and remember what all just happened and enjoy all the pictures that I took and haven't even had a chance to look at.
All of that to say....many blog posts to come....most all of them will be old news by the time they are posted.  But watch out, I just might decide to throw something current in there every now and then to spice things up!
At this moment I have to say I am relishing in the fact that all four of my children have been asleep at the same time for at least an hour now. WOW!  If I can work that into the routine every day I just might be able to catch up on this blog after all.


Kristen said...

HOW PRECIOUS!!! =) Tesa looks JUST like Kade. I forgot to ask...are they identical or fraternal?

Laura Gallegos said...

Great pictures, Terry! Your babies are beautiful, all four of them! We'll keep our prayers going that "Life with the Lewallens" will continue towards normalcy.