Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Visitors....We've had a Few!

I tried my best to remember to get pictures of all the sweet people who came to meet Tesa and Tyce once we got home from the hospital but as I was looking back through the pictures (from two months ago) I realized that there were a lot of people that I missed.  So, if you are looking through here for your picture and you don't see it...SORRY I missed getting your pic with our sweet babies, come back over if you want and we will stage it. Ha!  Anyway, here is a quick look at the few pictures I did manage to remember to get.
Mary-Hayden did more than visit...she was willing to change diapers!
Isabella came with her mommy but wasn't too interested in changing diapers...she just found some fun stuff to play with.
Moises and Laura!   Baby Levi was with him but we didn't manage to get him in the picture.  I'm sad that we didn't because he is such a cutie.  
Lissa came, of course!  Apparently Ryne thought she needed a little extra help with feeding Tesa.
Lissa's mom, Kelly, got to visit while she was in town.  Ryne must have thought she could handle feeding Tyce all by herself.
Claire and Joe, our super sweet neighbors, came over to meet the babies.
Jordan, just back from Africa, and Jillian stopped by for a quick peek of the new additions.  Jillian is holding our sweet niece Taylor.
Mrs. Katie Sue is a sweet friend from back home in Junction City, Arkansas.  Her daughter lives just a couple hours away from us and Mrs. Katie Sue has been promising to come visit ever since we moved out here.  She made good on her promise!!!

So sad that I missed so many, like Mollie, Jess, our neighbors Martin and Jayma, Karla and Kayla painter of the nursery, our entire Wednesday night Life group, and others I'm sure I just can't remember right now.
They were all so kind to come see us.  Many of them added to the blessing of the visit with sweet gifts like these...
Presents for the big brothers!
Beautiful flowers to liven up the nursery where we were spending LOTS of time.
Check out these amazing quilts that our neighbor Claire made. I should totally get a better picture of them for you to see.  They have all of their birth information on the back side.  Treasures, no doubt!
Lots of yummy food came our way.  This was a cake that Katie Sue and her daughter brought that was just too pretty not to take a picture of.  We were amazingly blessed by people bringing us dinner for several weeks.  Seriously, if you are looking to do something nice for families with newborns, make them dinner!!!  It is a HUGE help! 
Oh, and more pretty flowers that Mollie brought to brighten our day.  

Just looking back at all of this makes me realize all over again how incredibly blessed we are to have so many great people in our lives!  And I haven't even gotten to the part where I tell you about all of our family coming to visit.  Of course you already know that C.G. and Grandaddy were here.  C.G. stayed a while to help us out.  Brain, Kimberly, Brandon and Taylor came from Oklahoma to see the babies and vacation a bit.  Paw and Granna made it out to hug and kiss on their new grand babies.  And Monk Monk  was here, too!  I will tell you about all of their visits in future posts....so....stay tuned!

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