Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stewarts Came...

  And it was good times!
Our first week home from the hospital we were a family of not six but eleven!!  Yes, eleven of us living in our house for the first week home with Tesa and Tyce.  Brian, Kimberly, Brandon and Taylor paid us a visit all the way from Oklahoma.  Yes, I know that six and four do not make eleven....but remember C.G. was hanging around for a while to help us out....that makes eleven.  I am so glad that she was here because most of that week it was her and me with Tesa and Tyce while the rest of the crew was out and about enjoying a little summer vacation.  Brian had only one week off of work for the summer and that week was dictated for him several months prior so they booked plane tickets as soon as they found out his week off.  We were hoping that the timing would be right and they would get to meet the new babies.  
I don't have many pictures off their trip here because I didn't get to go on any of the outings.  In fact, I still couldn't go up and down the stairs more than a couple of times a day while they were here....I was still  trying to recuperate. I did send the camera with Kyle for each adventure so I do have just a couple of pics of each thing they did.  I will share what I have.  Please forgive me for not having any stories to go along with the pictures.  Feel free to make up your own stories! Ha!

 Here are my favorite snapshots from the week.
Let me preface these by telling you that the Stewarts had a long day of flying and a super late night upon their arrival in Washington.  However, they were more than happy to have new babies to hold.  I took advantage of that and grabbed myself a nap.  When I woke up, this is what I found....
 Apparently I wasn't the only one who needed a nap!  I love it!  Especially sweet Taylor just laying in the floor with her juice cut apparently not caring at all that everyone else was asleep.

So, here are some of the fun things that they got to do while visiting...

Charlies's Safari
Brandon and Ryne heading in to do some climbing around.
Aunt Kim enjoying a little bouncing around with Ryne and Taylor.
Brandon, Kade and Taylor all on the ground....bounced out I suppose.
 The Zoo
I think they spent quite a bit of time playing in the kid-zone on this trip.  Looks like Ryne is making a new friend.
Kade and Bradon were climbing on the spider web.
Ryne, Kade and Brandon watching the white "monkey" in the corner.
Ryne and Brandon checking out a bird of some kind.  Maybe it's an owl???  I wasn't there, remember.

The Northwest Trek.
Got very few usable pictures from this trip.
Here's a nice picture of a moose.
Ryne and Kade trying to see something.  Maybe this was the barn owl exhibit.
 And that does it for the usable pictures from Northwest Trek.
Most of the rest of them look something like this....
 Apparently they let Ryne be the photographer for the day and he was not on his A game this day.  I have definitely seen Ryne do much better work than what he brought home from this trip.  Not blog worthy material.  He must be needing more lessons.

He may need lessons on taking pictures but not on posing for pictures.  He seems to have that down....
Can you tell this big brother was proud to be holding both babies???
 It wasn't his idea.  He heard Aunt Kim wanting to take a picture with both Tesa and Tyce and decided that he would "let" her do that if he got to do it first. Ha!
Aunt Kim with Tesa and Tyce.
 Ryne wasn't the last to want to pose with two babies....
Brandon with his new baby cousins.  Looks like Tyce was all pictured out at this point.
 Kyle and Brian made special plans for one day....a deep sea fishing trip.
Doesn't this look like fun?
 There are no pictures of fish....because they didn't catch any.
There are no pictures on the boat, or after the voyage.....because photographer Kyle was apparently VERY sick the entire time.  Said it is the sickest he has ever been.  I felt terrible for him. I did want him to have a good time because it was his first real break since being the Daddy of four.   Kim and I have already said that since they got a play day this trip, next trip it is our turn.  We think we will go for a spa and shopping day...something a little more tame and less likely to leave us feeling awful after it is all said and done. 

Before the Stewarts headed back to Oklahoma we had to try our best to get a picture of the six grandchildren for Granna and Paw.  We got all prepped and ready...
Taylor getting ready to pose.
Kade already hamming it up for the camera.

This was our best shot.
I turned our best shot into this!
Most of the shots look something more like these.....
 Yep, that's life with six little kiddos!  It will probably be years before we actually get all six of them to look at the camera and smile nicely at the same exact time. 
Thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle B for coming to meet us!
It was so good to see our family.  I have apologized to them for being so "out of it" while they were here.  Of course they are just as sweet as can be and weren't mad at me at all for not being a very good hostess.  Shucks, I wasn't just a bad hostess, I was a bad conversationalist, a bad decision maker, a bad picture name it, I wasn't very good at it that week.  SO thankful for family who understands....or at least pretends to in order to make me feel better....forgives me and still loves me.  Looking forward to future fun times with the Stewarts.  I promise to take more pictures next time and to have stories that go with those pictures.  I am especially looking forward to showing you pics from mine and Kim's spa/shopping fun day that we are due!!!

Stay tuned for more catch up blogs...I promise I will catch up one of these days.

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