Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living it up with C.G.

Better yet, maybe the title of this post should be "surviving with C.G." because she is the reason we successfully survived the first few weeks of life at home with newborn twins.  My Mom is seriously an angel.  She left her flower shop business, her friends, her family (besides us of course), her life as she knew it for a month to hang out in Washington with us.  She traded all of that for loads and loads of laundry, dirty floors, dirty diapers, bottles, often grumpy and unappreciative preschoolers, many interrupted nights, early mornings, and countless trips up and down our stairs.  You see there is a reason why C.G. stands for Crazy Granny!  But as Kade will quickly let you know, it's a good crazy.  And crazy, not the good kind but the really crazy kind, is exactly what I would have been without her help.  I cannot imagine how we would have survived those first few weeks without her.  It certainly would have been difficult that is for sure.

Here is just a look at some of the things that we did while she was here.

C.G. and Tyce became pretty close.  He was a fussy little guy quite often and she was so good to console him.  Plus, she kept him at night while Kyle and I got to take turns with Tesa....allowing the two of us to get stocked up on a little more sleep.
Because you see, Tesa was real good at this....
Thankfully she is still pretty good at that.
We always got tickled at how she would hold her hands when she slept.

Somebody else put his hands to good use when C.G. told him it was time to dig up his potatoes.
I don't know if you remember or not but back in the spring I showed some pictures of Kade with the potatoes that he planted at school and he was so proud of them. See the beginnings here. 
He was especially proud when he dug up these...
The next thing he wanted to know was when we were going to have steak for supper so he could eat his potatoes. Ha!

C.G. being in town always merits a trip or two to McDonald's to play.
They don't always sit in Ronald's lap when we stop to play but they do always seem to manage a way to get this...
Ice Cream!!!

With C.G.'s help we took Tesa and Tyce for on their first trip to the beach.
Don't worry we didn't keep them all tucked away under their blankets the whole time.

Kade was super excited about taking C.G. to the beach.  He kept bringing things that he had discovered to show her....
A Big Stick.
A Rock with  a "cool o" on it.
Sea Weed
Tesa had her first picnic.
The boys certainly didn't want her eating alone....
Tyce and I were there, too but this is about the only post baby picture you will be seeing of me anytime soon....
It was a nice day at the beach and we all had a good time.  
Tesa and Tyce did well.  They ate and slept and that is pretty much the extent of their beach adventures.  Kade and Ryne did what they could to have some fun for them.
Ryne took his turn with the big stick.
Kade found more seaweed.  Note the ice cream bar in hand.

Ryne didn't get an ice cream bar because he wouldn't eat his sandwich.  He settled for just more Cheetos though.

Taking Dad for a walk.

Kade took C.G. and Tesa for a walk....and apparently he thought they might need to be protected.
It was certainly nice to have some time at the beach and out of the house.  Getting out of the house wasn't always an easy task.  That's why we did this as much as possible....
We do enjoy eating outside in our back yard.

Kade and Ryne came to like not only eating in the backyard but playing out there in their night-nights.
Here they are being silly outside in their night-nights.  But in all seriousness there were a couple of weeks when they would wake up in the morning and immediately ask to go outside to play.  C.G. was happy to let  them.

C.G. was here to accompany Tesa and Tyce on their first trip to church.
Sweet Tesa all dressed up.
Her first pair of sandals.  Yes, they are too big but aren't they cute?

Ryne getting some Tyce love before going to church.
First trip to church was what I considered a success.  They mostly just did this....
The sound of Daddy's voice must have been so calming.
The Babies and I went to breakfast with C.G. on her last day in town.
And we had to break the news to them that C.G was going back to Arkansas.
Pretty sure these expressions mean, "OH NO!  What are we going to do without her???"
And then it was over.  Our precious time with C.G. had to come to an end.  We had to quit being so selfish and send her back to all the other people who needed her and were wondering how in the world they could survive any longer without her.   Kade and Ryne wanted to make the early morning trip to the airport to say goodbye.
C.G. climbed to the back of the van and gave hugs and then she was gone.  All of a sudden, we were on our own.  It was sad.  As we drove away the boys kept asking me to turn around and go back so they could see her one more time.  To be honest I had to keep reminding myself to be grateful that she came instead of sad that she left.  And guess what?  We have continued to survive without her.  It certainly hasn't been easy and there are lots of dirty clothes and dishes and floors and way fewer blog posts due to lack of down time that all scream "C.G.'s not here anymore."  But here we are a couple of months later and we might just be starting to get in the groove.  Thanks so much Mom for helping us get that process started right!  We still miss you!!!

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