Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Three years ago today my sweet Kade and I (very much pregnant with Ryne) hopped on a jet plane and flew to Washington to meet up with Kyle and move into our new home.  We had no idea what all God had in store for us when he called us to plant a new church here.  We just knew that we completely trusted Him.

Here is our family three years ago....
 And here we are now....
Our family has doubled in size!

The past three years has been a quite an adventure....and we do like adventures.  Especially the kind where we are constantly being amazed at what all God is doing.  We have seen some amazing things happen with Life Church.  We have met some fabulous people.  We have had to say goodbye to some of those fabulous people as their jobs took them away from us on to new adventures of their own.  We have seen three more church plants come to join us in spreading the love of Jesus here in Washington.  We have had literally hundreds of people in our home with Life Groups, parties, out of town guests, play dates, etc.  We have been to some spectacular places in the Pacific Northwest.  We have continued to cherish the exciting opportunity that God has given us to serve Him here.  And we still miss our family and friends that we left three long years ago.  

Wish I had time to reflect more and tell you more specifically what all God has been doing.  To share with you how we have been adapting to life as a growing family these past three years.  But nonetheless, there are bottles to be washed and diapers to be changed and a few zzzz's to be caught before tomorrow sneaks up on me and we get year number four under way.
Thanks to all of you who keep up with us.  Great big thanks to all of you who pray for us!  
We look forward to many more years of adventure to share with you all.

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