Friday, October 7, 2011

Waiting for our next guests....

Picking back up on my catch up posts....
After C.G. left we had about a week and a half until Granna and Paw were scheduled to be here.  We knew they were coming so we didn't really try to figure out exactly how our new life with two babies was going to work.  We knew that if we just so happened to get in a nice groove during that time we would just get right back out of it with more visitors.  So, what did we do?
A little bit of everything...

Some roller skating.

 Well, Tesa and Tyce didn't roller skate but they enjoyed hanging out on the porch while the big brothers did their thing.

Poor Tyce, this was about the time he lost all of the hair on the top of his head.  He looked like a little old man for sure.  It was certainly not his cutest stage, to say the least.  But I still adored him, bald head and all.

Tesa and Tyce and I enjoyed looking at some of the flowers on our front porch.
We did end up having quite a few pretty pots full of flowers but I just didn't have much time to take pictures of them this year.  Why is that?  Well pretty much any spare time we had this is what we did...
 Naps were hot commodities in our household.
We did take an afternoon and head over to one of our favorite parks on the sound.  We hadn't had a chance to make it there this year.  Last year we rode our bikes there.  Since the babies aren't quite big enough to ride in the bike trailer yet, we had to settle for strolling at the park this year.
 Ryne didn't seem to mind as long as he could wander off the beaten path.
 Tyce, however, wasn't too happy about his stroll at the park.  Maybe he was jealous of Ryne being able to wander through the tall grass???
Since our last visit they had put in a big foot bridge that went out to the water.
Of course we had to check that out...
 The coolest part of the bridge was that it went over some train tracks.
 And we got to watch a train go right underneath us.
 Ryne discovered his "spot" on the new stroller.  A nice red handle for him to hold on to.  It has actually worked out nicely.  He is usually more than willing to hold on to his spot when we are out and about with the stroller.  I am proud since he was so used to actually being strapped down in a stroller himself, I was a bit afraid that the freedom might be a bit much for him.
And check this out...

Look closely and you can see a giant super long kite that this guy was flying from his lawn chair.
I had never seen a kite this long before with so much stuff attached to it.  I'm thinking this guy was a professional kite flyer???

We had a Life Group picnic at the park.
 Kade and Ryne were really liking the Mexican pot luck.  They even stopped playing on the playground to eat.  I usually just expect them not to eat if it involves removing themselves from the playground.
 Everybody else was pretty excited about the Mexican potluck, too!
 We had some friendly "corn hole" competition happening.
Apparently Corn Hole is a pretty popular game in the south.  Don't know how we missed that one before we left the south.
 Ryne was happy to get to play with Isabella.  He calls her "Missabella" and it is so cute.

I took Tesa and Tyce on their first visit to Forza.

We stopped in to see Daddy while he was working.

We took some pictures of Tesa and little bald Tyce in their cute brother/sister outfits....
Tesa really does look a lot like Kade and Ryne did as newborns.  Tyce at this point looks like Benjamin Button.  Love both of these sweet babies so much!

It was Ainsley's 2nd birthday!

So Tesa and Tyce went to their first Birthday party...
Look at those little party animals!

Ryne and Kade will have to teach these two a bit about partying.
 Ryne was cooking up a birthday meal.
Kade was hanging out with his buddy Anthony.
I was admiring Kristy's cake making skills.
The boys were also admiring those skills...for the taste more than the looks though.
You want to admire her skills? 
Take a look at this....
Crazy cool, huh?

As for the party animals...they party their own way...
Zzzzz's are the way to go in their party world!
Had to take a picture of sweet Tesa though in her cute little outfit.

Maybe Tyce got the memo that he needed to learn about how to party because he apparently called a meeting with his brothers...
This could spell trouble in the near future!  We will definitely be passing down a rule that a good friend of ours with three boys shared with us..."NO GROUP THINKING"!

Next post...Granna and Paw make a visit so stayed tuned.

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Deby said...

I especially love the three boys picture b/c you KNOW my first thought was "uh oh, group thinking!" before reading your post.
I often think of how God just knew that you needed yet one more precious Lewallen boy to help spread His message while topping that blessing off with a beautiful little girl who will be like her mommy in ministering to many. Love it!