Monday, April 4, 2011

Come on Already Spring!

While it is officially spring according to the calendar, we aren't yet feeling it here in our corner of the world. There are a few signs of it here and there like some trees budding and tulips on display at the grocery store. But for the most part we are still just doing rain and wind and cool temperatures. Short sleeves and flip flops would be nice. But NOT YET!!
We have done a couple of springy things lately.
Here they are...

Kade planted this potato at school a few weeks ago and it has been sitting in the kitchen window growing like crazy. It was out of room in the little cup so Kade and Kyle had to transplant it to a bigger pot outside.

Notice Kade ready for action with his shovel in hand.

Breaking up the roots a bit so Mr. Potato will be ready to grow.

Using that shovel!

And when I asked him to pose for a picture with his potato this is what I got.
Silly boy!

We woke up Saturday morning to sunshine!
I had been waiting all week for a non-rainy day to put the boys in their Easter outfits and take some pictures for the grandparents. Had to take advantage of the day...and it is a good thing because it has been rainy ever since!
The boys looked quite handsome. We found their Easter baskets and some plastic eggs left from last year and headed to the park for our little photo shoot. We were all prepared. But we were quite surprised by the wind and the chill! Let me just say....BBBBRRRRRR!
Kade was super cooperative and Ryne was much less than that, all he could see was a wide open space to run. Which is exactly what he kept doing.
We did our best and got a few good shots.
I'll share my favorites with you here....

I must admit that getting them to pose together, both looking in the general direction of the camera, was a most difficult task. When we decided we had a few that would work to send to Granna and C.G. we let them have the "practice Easter Egg Hunt" that we promised them.
They had a blast!
And I think some of my most favorite pictures are of them in action on the big hunt.
Check those out next....

Kyle wisely remembered that we had a hat in the car for Ryne and we just couldn't subject his runny little nose self to any more of the wind.
He was happy to put it on and keep hunting.

I just love the nice spring pics of Ryne in his winter hat, don't you?

Hope you enjoyed our photo shoot. Have any favorites?
Granna and C.G. copies of these are headed your watching your mail!

In other news, my little boys seem to have a new addiction. They have both become infatuated with their Daddy's ipod. Ryne wakes up early every morning and comes to our bed asking to hang out and play with the ipod. Sometimes it allows us to get a few more minutes of sleep so we happily oblige. Ryne will watch movies or play games as long as we will let him.
The other day I was downstairs working and Kyle was upstairs getting ready to leave for work. Ryne was hanging out with him so I wasn't worried about him at all. When Kyle left he told me that Ryne was in our bed watching the ipod. About an hour later I had lunch ready and sent Kade up to get Ryne. Kade returned and said, "Sorry, Mom, it was too late. Ryne is already asleep." I went up to investigate and this is what I found...

Little guy passed right out while watching his show, I guess.
Totally slept through lunch and got a great nap in!

Kade would also spend hours on the ipod if we'd let him.
For the hours that the final four basketball games were on at our house, this is what Kade was doing....

Glued right into whatever he was watching or playing on the ipod.
Seriously we have had to set a limit on them and the ipod. Isn't that crazy?
Guess it proves what a tech-savy generation we have coming up. They are four and two and I promise they are better at figuring things out on that contraption than I am! Ha!

Kade continues to amaze us every day with the things he knows. Some of which we have no idea where he learns them. He has really been practicing his writing a lot lately and asks us how to spell things all the time. He likes drawing pictures for his friends and writing their names on them so we have spelled lots of names lately.

Ryne is a smart cookie, too...

He just tries not to let it show too much!
Right now we are tackling the potty training business. So far it has gone something like this.....great day, dry underwear all day, terrible, refused to go to the potty at all, probably went through 8 pair of day, super, Ryne told us every time he had to go potty, even when he was wearing a pull up on our way to the park to take pictures (Kyle took him into the gas station to go potty) day, awful, again refusing to go to the potty at all so we made him wear diapers again and he begged to have his diaper changed every time he wet them. Today we are trying the reward system with M&M's for every successful potty venture. He immediately forced himself to go twice within five minutes to earn a chocolate treat. But only five minutes ago my blog posting was interrupted when I looked up to see him forming a nice little puddle on the floor beside me. UUGGHH!!! He is now wearing pair of underwear number two and we will see how it goes. If you want to say a little prayer for us, that would be great! We could certainly use it. I know I have to stick with it and eventually he will get it. We just really do NOT need three kiddos wearing diapers come this summer. You know what I mean?

Speaking of babies in diapers, we go back to the doctor tomorrow to check on Tesa and Tyce. I'll be sure to let you know how they're doing!
For now, I'm saying that I have finally officially caught up on my blogging and it is time to go fix lunch. Hope you all have a super great Spring day!!


kapjones said...

All are great pics of the boys. LOVE the ones you have in b&w!! That little Ryne is getting as tall as his big brother. Isn't funny how you have to do a double take sometimes as to which kid comes up to you?? I have to all the time now. Seems like T has gotten so tall lately and now they are so close together. Good luck with the potty training. I hate it. Thought my second one would go quicker but took just as long as my first. Then one day - WHALAH! they get it! Glad I only have one more to go.
Looks like you and the hubs had a great anniversary! Enjoy your time together ALONE! :)

the deKorne family said...

WOW! those are such awesome pictures! i've never taken any pictures that good of my kids bc they are never, NEVER looking all at the same time. grrr. Seriously, you are just such a beautiful family. Every one of you! Can't WAIT to see what the next two look like! :)

the deKorne family said...
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