Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Fever!!!

Yes, we have it! Spring fever, that is!
Between the stir craziness of a much needed spring and the craziness of pregnancy hormones you can just bet that things are quite crazy around our place. But, as Kade likes to say, it's a good crazy....well, at least most of it is.
Before I get to the spring fever part, I will show you a bit of proof of those pregnancy hormones.
Here is the 26 week pregnant photo....

Yes, Tesa and Tyce are still growing!
We have an appointment next week to have another ultrasound so that the doc can check their growth and development at this stage. He also told us last appointment that we would be moving to every two week appointments after this. Yikes! That makes me realize that we are getting much closer. So excited, but still so much to be done to get ready for their arrival!

Now, on to the Spring Fever and the crazy that it has produced.
We went on a family date to Kade's favorite pizza place in town, Farelli's.
After the boys finished eating we broke down and let them "play" video games!

I dread the day they realize that if you put money in those machines they will actually respond to all the joystick maneuvering that they so frantically attack them with. For now, they are content to just "play" away and watch whatever happens to pop up on the screen, even if it isn't in direct response to their joystick wiggling and button pushing. So, we let them this time! Seriously, they probably spent half an hour hanging out in the video game area. I think we were just all happy to not be stuck in the house for a bit.

Now, the next bit of crazy had to be mostly related to pregnancy hormones because it was something that I did on my very own.
I took the boys on a Mommy-son date to McDonald's!

It was mostly as a reward for Kade doing a great job at the dentist.
He had to make a second trip to finish getting sealant on his teeth. They had both gone to the dentist the week before and gotten great reports. But the dentist wanted to go ahead and put some sealant on Kade's teeth. They got half way finished and he got a taste of the sealant and kind of freaked out about it. So they decided to just have him come back for a finish up later. So Kyle prepped him and practiced with him and I told him I would take him to get a Happy Meal (rare occasion for us, Happy Meals are usually reserved as a grandparent privilege) if he did well. He did great and I told Kyle I would take the boys to McDonald's for lunch. All. By. Myself.
Here are my handsome dates....

And for the first 25 minutes they were the perfect dates! Ate their lunch like champs and sat so nicely in the booth together. Then something clicked! I cannot even tell you how many times I ended up chasing Ryne around the restaurant because for some reason he thought that would be a fun game to play with his very pregnant mother. Kade kept wanting to put his tiny ninja men that he got from the dentist that morning in his ice cream cone. What???? Then he really didn't want to sit on the seat anymore, instead he preferred to sit on the back of the seat and disturb the people behind us. Oh dear, we HAD to get out of there! And as I gathered up our trash to throw it away, I CLEARLY stated to the boys, "wait right here while I throw this away and then we will go." And for some reason Kade's mind translated that into, "Go ahead and go open the door so that your brother has complete access to go play in the parking lot." As I noticed Kade at the door and Ryne headed for it, I dropped the trash and ran to grab them both. Kade proceeded to have screaming fit right in the middle of all the people trying to enjoy their delicious McDonald's delicacies. I got him quiet long enough to finish cleaning the table while keeping a hold on Ryne. Then wouldn't you know it, Kade refused to leave the restaurant with me. My thoughts....Who are these children??? What did you do with the boys that came into this place with me???? Why in the world did I ever think I should try this by myself???
Attack of spring fever? Bad parenting skills? I'm telling myself, just in order to keep myself from totally deflating, that it was MOSTLY spring fever.
Whew, enough of a replay there to get me all worked up with them again, and they are being super great boys this morning so no reason for me to be all worked up. Let's move along to something good that comes along with Spring Fever.
Grilling out!!!

We had a few peeps of sunshine and took advantage of it by getting the grill all fired up.
Made these yummy shrimp kebabs one night. And I have to say that Kade ate more peppers, onions and shrimp than any of us. It was super delicious! Yes, we do love grilling season!

Kade and Ryne got Easter cards in the mail from C.G. and Grandaddy.
They were really cool because the back of them was a giant coloring sheet.

Ryne was getting started here, and he colored on this card for three days.

It didn't take Kade as long but he still spent two days working on his.
I totally should have taken pics of the finished products, but I didn't. Just take my word for it, they looked great! Each card also had two five dollars bills in it. Ryne promptly took his out and handed it to Kyle and said, "here, Daddy, here's your card." Ha! Kade showed off his math skills by saying, "Hey, I got money too!" When I asked him how much, he examined the two bills and said, "Five and five, I have TEN dollars!" Our little mathematician! He is learning a lot in school, that is for sure! Even starting to read.
But the thing I think he enjoys most about school is the art.
Here are a couple of the things he brought home lately...

An Easter bunny and an Easter egg!
I should take more pictures of his art for you, he is a pretty good painter.
Ryne gets to go to school with Kade on Monday's now and he is really enjoying it, as well. His teachers say that he is also quite the artist. Mostly draws and colors in little circles and his teacher told me that was pretty creative because most of the time they just back and forth scribble at that age.
Our little Ryne is really growing up. Potty-training is going well. We still end up with an occasional stinky pull-up or diaper but hardly ever a wet one. In fact 9 times out of 10 he wakes up dry in the morning and after nap time. Yeah! Looks like we will only have two babies in diapers when the twins arrive and not three!!!

Okay, one last note about the results of Spring Fever and we will be done for now.
My boys are FULL of energy. All. The. Time. And lately they have just been running circles in the dining room and kitchen to get some of that energy out. Usually ends up looking like one big game of chase...which in most cases, it probably is. Now, I am typically the kind of Mom who would like to say "NO running in the house, please." But it is so hard to tell that to two little boys who really need to run and have been stuck in the house for rainy month after rainy month without an opportunity to get outside and just run. Well, last week, I was wishing that I had made the No Running In The House rule and stuck with it. Why?
Look at poor Ryne's head...

As he rounded the corner of the dining table apparently Kade caught up to him and gave him a little shove....right into the fire place. Ryne bumped into it and knocked off a little metal strip and then fell onto the metal strip with his head. It made a nice clean gash in his head and sliced off his hair in a perfect line where it gashed his head.
I didn't take pictures until the next morning and it was already looking better but you can see a little better in the up close pic...

I missed the happenings because I was upstairs getting ready for our Life Group that was going to start in about 15 minutes. I hear the crash and head for the stairs. Kyle was downstairs and I hear him say, "Terry." I quickly told him I was coming and he responded with "Hurry." And that I did...ran down the stairs in all my pregnant glory not quite knowing what I might find. Kyle just showed me blood on the floor and said he wasn't sure where it was coming from. Ryne was crying, but not hysterical and it didn't take too long to trace back from the drops of blood falling off of his ear and find the nice clean gash in his little head.
I quickly got a cool washcloth and cleaned him up and applied pressure. Kade, realizing that something bad had happened as a result of his "little shove" had promptly taken himself to his bedroom for a self invoked time-out. Ryne only cried for a few minutes and then looked at me with a sad face and said, "Momma, Kade knocked me out." It was so hard not to laugh. Thankfully when the bleeding had slowed I was able to see that we were not requiring a trip to the ER. Whew! That was good news because people were showing up any minute for Life Group. Kade came downstairs and said he wanted to tell Ryne that he was sorry ten times. And that is what he did. Counted off every "I'm sorry" on his fingers to make sure he got all ten in there. I think he truly did feel bad for hurting his brother.
Of course all of this lead up to a big talk about playing more calmly and not chasing each other and being kind, etc. It has helped some. But a gash in the head didn't slow Ryne down any and he still loves for Kade to chase him around. I'm scared to think how many more gashes there are to come in my future. Oh SUNSHINE please show up for more than three minutes at a time so my boys can run OUTSIDE!!! We have Spring Fever!!!

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Lydia said...

I can't tell you how many times I've had to drop everything to chase my wild child. She seems to think it's pretty funny to run away in the grocery store. ;)

You look great! I still can't believe you're having twins! So EXCITED for you all!