Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Most Fun-Filled Day!

Before I get started, let me warn you that this post comes with lots of pictures?
Well, because I was having trouble narrowing down my favorites...if you will hang in there with me until the end, I think you will see why!

Now that you've been forewarned, let's get back to our fun-filled day. I seriously do not know if our boys could have had a more fun day today. And Kyle and I really enjoyed ourselves, too. We started the day at this place:

A giant indoor play area that you've seen me post about in the past. We've been to a couple of birthday parties there and the boys just love getting to go and play there. Today we had a Family Fun Day with our church and all met to hang out and let the kids play. Kyle and I were excited, too, because we invited some of our neighbors and they came to hang out. Super sweet family with three little girls. It was fun to get to spend some time with them today and introduce them to a lot of our friends from Life Church.
Here are a few pics from the day....

This blurry picture is evidence of the fact that we were the very first people through the gate at Charlie's Safari this morning! The significance? Well, we have one very competitive four year old that thinks being first at anything is SUPER cool! Therefore, we started the day off with a very happy four year old on our hands.
We showed the boys where to find us if they needed us and they were off to play.

Ryne found a slide he liked.

And another slide he liked.

Kade found an empty bounce house to jump in. He came over to me at the door and said, "Mom, don't you just wish you were a little kid again so you could get in here and jump around with me and have all this fun?" My response? "Of course, I do!"

Kade enjoying a little slide action.

And yes, Ryne liked this slide, too!

Climbing up!

Sliding down!
And wouldn't you know it, they wore themselves out enough that they were ready for a break...

A little cookie and root beer break.
When Kade was finished he came over to me and said, "Mom, that cookie sure did hit the spot. And that root beer got me all cooled off. I'm all ready to play some more." And he was off!
And he played a lot more!! So did Ryne!!!
They enjoyed every single minute of the day....well, all except for the minute when we told them it was time to put on their shoes on go. All good things must come to an end. Well, at least this side of heaven, right?

The kids weren't the only ones having a good time today.
The grown-ups seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit, too....

Kyle making his way down the slide.

Sarah and Sterling with a little double slide action.

Jonathan and Anthony down the super duper really fast slide!

Arin took a turn at the super duper really fast slide, too!
See, I told you the grown-ups had fun.

We all had enough fun that it was time for big naps after a quick stop at Taco Bell for lunch.
I think all four of us slept pretty hard during our Saturday afternoon nap.

After nap time Kade and Ryne had a couple of surprises waiting for them.

Easter cards from Monk Monk!
Kade is investigating that extra card that was inside his big card.
Can't tell you how excited he was when he realized it was a gift card to McDonald's which meant he could go and by things like ice cream cones, chocolate chip cookies and chicken nuggets.

Ryne was taking his sweet time opening his card.

And he really liked the bumble bee on the front. He was laughing at it as soon as he saw it.
I'm not sure he understood what his McDonald's card was for exactly but I do know he will appreciate it when he gets an ice cream cone of his very own!

The next surprise also came in the mail and it was their Easter present from Grandaddy and C.G. I knew what they were getting and was pretty sure they would be quite excited. So we decided to call C.G. and Grandaddy up on the computer and let them watch.

Here they are saying hello and anxiously waiting to get their next surprise.
It was actually something that they designed themselves.

CAPES!! The super hero kind!
C.G. called them up last week and had them get on the computer and pick out what colors and designs they wanted. So, ultimately they knew they were getting super hero capes, but they acted as if it was a total surprise.

Can't you see Ryne's excitement?

Kade looks pretty happy, too, huh? Well, you can tell that if you can look past the cluttered coffee table and actually see his face. Remember, I took advantage of nap time today instead of cleaning cluttered coffee tables. Give a pregnant girl a break!

Admiring each others capes. And go right on ahead and admire my cluttered coffee table if you must!
Guess what else they got?


And here they are showing off their new super hero attire and telling Grandaddy and C.G. thank you.

I wish you could see their little faces in the bottom window better. They were just adorable all masked up and chatting away with C.G. and Grandaddy.

Cutest little super hero you've ever seen, right?

And there was no stopping them.

I was afraid that right there might be the last we would ever see of them. Right before they took off running, Ryne looked at us and said, "I ready to fly." And that he did, complete with the coolest sound effects ever. In fact, Kyle and I wished all night that we had had the video camera all charged up and running to catch them in action.

Not sure what happened on his super hero adventure but that face says that something must have gone wrong. Probably a run in with his big brother super hero if I had to guess.

We did finally talk them into stopping long enough to eat some yummy quesadillas that Kyle made for supper. Followed up supper with bath time. A much needed bath time after all the sweat that they produced playing at Charlie's Safari!

Look what showed up after bath time....

A lion!

And a scary monster!

Cutest lion and scary monster ever!
They played in their towels only until they remembered their capes!

And this is the part that I was warning you about at the beginning. The following is a series of pictures that made me cry I was laughing so hard looking back over them. I think you will see why I didn't want to leave any of them out.
Kade was all about posing for the camera. And Ryne was just being super adorable.
Please enjoy! I hope you get to laugh as hard as I have at our hilarious boys. My favorites are the ones of Kade jumping off of the couch with different super hero poses.

Now isn't that a dynamic duo???!!!!!

Did you laugh?
I sure hope so!
Did you also notice that at some point Ryne ended up in his night-nights but Kade never did?
Well, Kade decided just last night that he no longer wants to sleep in pajamas, that he'd rather just sleep in his underwear. Funny thing is, the night before that he asked to sleep without socks on and woke up telling us that he really liked sleeping without socks. I guess he felt so free and comfy without socks that night that he just decided to go all out and shuck everything he could for bed time. He's such a funny kid! And just so ya know, his funniness changes all the time.
Case in point....
This picture is from our last trip to Wal Mart.

He sat in this basket the entire time we checked out watching himself in the little mirror that he found.

I did look up for me to take his picture but I was cracking up at him making faces at himself in the tiny mirror beside the basket that he found to sit in. Talk about a totally different kid from the one who continued to jump off the couch striking super hero poses for me tonight.
And Ryne, well, he just makes us laugh all the time, too!
His funniest moment tonight was when he put his cape on and we told him he had to be nice and be a good guy and he just looked at us and said, "I'm not a good guy, I'm just Super Man!"
Oh how I love my boys!

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