Thursday, April 14, 2011

Package Love

If you keep up with our family at all then you know how much we LOVE getting packages in the mail. Well, last week there was much love around our house!
First of all the boys got a surprise package in the mail from our dear friends, the Hurdles, in Mississippi. Look what was inside....

Doesn't that just look like oodles of fun?
The boys sure thought so. Only problem is that it is still the rainy season here in our part of Washington. So, what did they do? They talked their Daddy into blowing it up for them and letting them try it out inside.

He started with the hand pump and moved on to use the air compressor to get the job done.
And the boys just couldn't wait to give this jumbo ball a try.

They both climbed right inside.

I think this is funny because one is going in one side as the other one is coming out the opposite side. Almost looks like we've got one extra long kid on our hands. Ha!


Kade posing from inside the ball.
We did have to cut the play time down because they were getting a bit too excited for being inside. We totally cannot wait for the weather to be nice enough to let the boys go with this new toy outside. Thanks so much, Frank, Jinny, Ash and Lucy!!!!

The next bit of love came from Granna and Paw.
They sent Easter packages!

Daddy to the rescue with scissors!

And look at that, Tesa and Tyce even had some Easter goodies packed away in those boxes.
Kade and Ryne were sure to get those right out of their way so they could move on to the good stuff.....their stuff!

Oh boy, it's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillow pet!!!

And Ryne got one, too!

Kade just kept pulling more stuff out of his Easter bag.

Ryne showing us his movie and new shirt.

Moon Dough!

Both trying out their Bunny rabbit toys that go up and down, around, up and down, around, up and down, know what I'm talking about, right?
They were pretty mesmerized by those things.

Ryne trying to figure it out.

Kade watching closely to see exactly how it does that.

Oh, and don't forget to get a picture of our Easter cards, Mom!

Kade playing with his favorite new prize...Firestorm!
I have mentioned before how much this kid really digs super heroes, right?
Speaking of super heroes and the fact that Kade thinks he actually is one most of time, yesterday he was running round and round the dining room table talking about super size and having to make time to get some super size in. I was a bit confused and finally asked him what he was talking about because all I could think of "super size" my fast food meal deal. He said, "Mom, don't you know what super size is?" To which I replied, "I guess I don't, what is it?" Kade quickly filled me in, "Oh, Mom, that's what super heroes do to exercise. They supersize!" Gee I shouldn't known, right? Where does this kid come up with this stuff?

Okay, back to the Easter goodies....

Ryne working with his Moon Dough!

Making an elephant.

Kade quickly rounded up some fellow super heroes to assist Firestorm in action.

And Ryne, a kid after my own heart, just had to try out a chocolate covered marshmallow bunny.

No doubt, our boys are loved, and they know it!!

Tesa and Tyce are doing well, too! Continuing to grow, therefore making me grow. Ha!
Doctor said everything looks good right now. Next month we will have another ultrasound in which they do measurements of the babies to make sure they are growing like they should. He also said we would move our appointments to every two weeks at that point. Wow, that makes me realize just how quickly time is passing. Only about three months to go now!

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