Friday, April 1, 2011

Major Blog Catch Up Time!

Yes, it has happened to me yet again....I am WAY behind in my blogging. Whatever am I going to do about keeping up with there are two brand new babies in my world? I better start thinking of a good strategy for finding blog time now, right?
Speaking of two new puts us as 23 weeks pregnant.
I took a picture last week at 22 weeks to post and never got a chance so here it is...

You can see that Tesa and Tyce are growing nicely.
I can definitely tell because it is getting harder to breathe. Ha!
Now, that is the most recent information you are going to get this post. I've got to back WAY up and try to catch up on what all happened in March. It was a busy month and now it is already April. So, to tell you the truth, it will probably take me a couple of posts to officially "catch up." So, if you're up for the long ride, here goes.....

We had a baby shower for our friend Alesha who has now already had her baby. Baby Daniel was one week old yesterday. And I did not do a very good job of taking pictures at the shower. We had a great time celebrating with Alesha even if I didn't get many pics.
Here were a couple of the highlights...

Adorable giraffe cake made by Kristy.

Matching Diaper Cake made by Laura!
My friends always make me wish I were more creative. But, hey, at least I can say I've got some very craft friends, right?

We had some friends come up from Oregon to visit.
I had never actually met them but Kyle had connections from some conferences back in Arkansas and they figured out they were within driving distance of us and so they came up for church one Sunday night. Steven, Felecia, and their little boy Kaden were lots of fun.
When I told Kade that we were having guests and there would be a little boy named Kaden coming, he said, "Oh, cool. Then there will be a Kade, a Kadence, and a Kaden. Three of us!"
So we had to take a picture of the three of them together.

Kaden, Kadence, and Kade!

The next day we took our new friends to Seattle for explore a bit.
Of course, you know we went to the market.

Boys all strollered up watching...

Some fish throwing!

and catching!
Thankfully this guy caught this fish because if you look closely at the bottom of his orange pants is Ryne's little head...that fish would have landed right in his lap.

Watched some musicians.

Made a trip down to the ever yucky gum-wall.

Kade found new places that people were putting gum.

And Ryne managed to talk his Daddy into letting him out of the stroller to explore a bit.
And yes, it took us forever to talk him into getting back into that stroller.

We stopped for some fresh seafood for lunch at the market.

Kade waiting for his lunch....clam chowder, of course.

Ryne enjoying the quesadilla he shared with me or a french fry he shared with his Daddy...either way he was enjoying something here.

Kaden had a basket full of yummy looking chicken strips.

Then we went for a drive over to Alki beach.

Kyle playing family photographer.

Kyle playing tour guide.
(He really is good at that, too.)

Ryne did not want to take his hat off but was happy to be back in the car watching a show.
In fact he fell fast asleep with his hands all propped back behind him just like that.
And since he was napping he missed getting out at the beach....

I stayed in the car with Ryne and let Kyle take Kade down to the beach to play with Kaden. I think they had a good time. But I have to admit, I really didn't mind taking a little rest myself with Ryne in the car.
After the beach we headed back to the house to just have some time to hang out and eat dinner.
Kade and Kaden ended up being big buddies. They played super hard and Kade wasn't so sure about Kaden having to go back to Oregon the next morning.

Next big event in March...
Beth Moore Living Proof Live Conference in Tacoma!!

Alissa, Kristy and I got to attend a Pastor's Wives Reception before the conference started.
We had a great time of encouragement there and really just enjoyed getting to spend some time together. And because we were at the reception we had the added benefit of reserved seating a the conference. That was super nice!

Here is Kristy and Alissa with our friend Lucy who met us there.

And me with our friend Dawn who also met us there.
And here is who we all came to see...

Beth Moore!
But of course we all came to hear from Jesus and that is exactly what happened.
It was a great night in the Word with Beth! She is just an amazing woman who has such a heart for the Word of God and seeing it imparted into the lives of women who want to live lives that bring Glory to God!

Guess what we did the next morning?
Loaded up and went back for more!

Can't you just see how intense she is when she is teaching? I love that about her!

And I love that I got to share the weekend with these sweet ladies!
Maria, Lucy, Alissa, myself, Kristy and Dawn
I definitely left encouraged and challenged!

After the conference was over I got to go meet this sweetie...

This is four year old Ella Grace!
Some friends of ours just adopted her from China and she is just a doll!

We had a girly little "welcome home" party for her and it was tons of fun.
Ella Grace is the fourth child that our friends Brad and Shelly have adopted from China.
They are an awesome family and so amazingly exhibit the love of our Father!
Such a blessing to know them!

I have a couple of blessing of my own.
Most of the time that is all my blog is about.
My sweet (even though sometimes frustrating as the dickens) boys Kade and Ryne.
What have they been up to lately?

Well, Kade has been playing the guitar and writing songs for us. The lyrics are quite deep. I remember specifically when I took this picture he had been singing something like this...."God wants you to love Him most. He wants you to love Him more than your mom or dad. Yeah, you are supposed to love God most, more than anything else in the world." And it went on and on like that for a bit. He also sings songs about how "we are supposed to obey our parents." So, at least I know he knows the right things even if he doesn't always act on the things he knows. The foundation is there, right?

Ryne has become a big fan of super heroes and for several days you wouldn't see him anywhere without Super Dog. I know that he learned to like super heroes from playing with his big brother, but I'm not so sure that he isn't a bigger fan of them now than Kade is. Seriously, he runs around all day saying "Super Man to the rescue!" I'm pretty sure he thinks he is Super Man.

And for the remainder of this post let me tell you about one of the biggest blessings Kyle and I have had lately. Aside from finding out that we are getting two babies, of course.
We were really wanting to be able to take a little vacation for our 7 year anniversary in March. Biggest reason being that we knew it would be our last chance to get away just the two of us for a really long time...remember that other big blessing of having two babies on the way??
Yeah, so my Mom, bless her heart for being such an angel, bought herself a plane ticket, arranged for someone to take care of her flower shop business back home, and flew to Washington to keep Kade and Ryne for a week!!!!
And get this...she was amazingly kind enough to tell us that she wasn't coming to see us and she wanted us to take all the time she was here and be gone. So, that's what we did!
Mom flew in on a Wednesday, Kyle and I left on Thursday morning. We returned on a Tuesday afternoon and Mom flew back out on Wednesday. I'll save the next post for telling you about our trip. I'll finish up this one with showing you what the boys were up to with their C.G. while we were away.

There was a bunk bed band that formed!

One of the little guys who comes to Life Group with his mom on Thursday mornings stuck around to play for a bit and they had good time making music!

I think this was Ryne trying out his ballerina skills. At one point when we called home he wanted to get the phone and dance around with it so we could "see" him dancing like Angelina Ballerina.

I think the top bunk was a pretty popular place to play while C.G. was here.
Looks like Kade is busy making up another song here.

There were a few trips to McDonald's...

Apparently Kade was very good at helping Ryne climb to the top of the play place over and over again.

Posing with Ronald McDonald.
Obviously they were all saying "Cheese!"

More top bunk action. This time it is pirate style!

My little pirate Ryne.

Ryne started working on potty training with C.G. Here is his stack of pull-ups that he had to choose from. Apparently he had a favorite pull-up design and was quite upset when he had used up all of that specific design. The guitar in his hand is what he would play and dance around with after he went potty.
(I will update you on the current potty training status in a later post)

And at some point near the end of the week it would seem that this guy...

Got a hold of the camera and went picture taking crazy.
How do I know?
Well, two reasons.
One-Many of the pictures on the camera looks something these...

Two-After those pictures the rest of the pictures are quite hazy due to finger print grime being all over the lens.
Here are a couple of the "hazy" shots I'm referring to...

C.G. let Ryne and Kade help her make pies!
She is one brave woman. Not only am I not brave enough to let them help me make pies....I don't even attempt to make pies with them in the same house as me! Ha! Guess, that's probably just a lame excuse on my part but it works for me. We stick with cookies, brownies and cakes for now.

You see why, don't you?

We came home to very happy boys!
I know they had a great time while we were gone!
They weren't so happy the next day though when we had to take C.G. to the airport.
But boy were all of us glad that she came!

Next post I'll show you just how much fun Kyle and I had on our trip!

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