Friday, August 12, 2011

We are Still Here!

I know it has been FOREVER it seems since my last post.
The bad thing about that is that I know there are people out there just waiting for more pics of our precious new babies. Let me apologize for not staying on top of our blog the past four weeks, it seems that other things have been taking up most of my time.

What kind of things, you ask?
Well, mainly feeding babies, changing diapers, changing more diapers, feeding babies again, tending to big brothers, having guests in our home, trying to take a nap here and there, washing bottles....are you getting the idea?

Our world has been a bit chaotic since Tesa and Tyce arrived four weeks ago today. Yes, we have made it to four weeks already! But we do have our hands full. We only realized this week with the departure of our wonderful C.G. just how full our hands really are. I am so thankful that she was willing to come and help us out for so long. I don't know how we would have managed to make it to four weeks without her. Since she has been gone, Kyle has really stepped up and helped us keep things rolling. He is amazing! I am still pretty much good for nothing except taking care of babies. A couple of more weeks before I am free to lift things and feel like I can contribute to our world again.

I have started several times to update the blog with pictures....because I know that is the main attraction, it certainly isn't all of my ramblings that people come here to see. Ha! But, uploading pictures is what takes the most time. So, today I will try to get more pics for your viewing pleasure. But just in case my plans don't work out I thought I would at least let you know how things are going in our world.

Tesa and Tyce are doing well. They are both growing and getting used to life with their wild and crazy big brothers around. Tyce has had some tummy issues and right now the doc is thinking it is probably reflux and we have been working on getting that all better for him. He is doing better but still quite fussy often. At this point I'm thinking we might just have to say we have a baby with colic that we are praying outgrows it soon. He seems to be most content when I use the Moby wrap and just keep him hugged up close to my chest all day long. It is kind of like I'm still pregnant with him attached to me all day. Ha! It seems the Moby wrap may just be our best friend for the next couple of months. I'll keep you posted on how that is going.
As for Tesa, she is super content as long as we keep her fed and in a clean diaper! She eats and sleeps like a champ all day long....still trying to get her to sleep that well at night. Seems she really just wants to stay up and hang out with her cool Daddy at night. She is really turning into a butterball. And I am loving having a little girl mixed in with all my precious boys. She has dimples! I am still hoping that as her hair grows it gets curly....right now there isn't enough hair to tell whether we will get curls or not.

How about Kade and Ryne?
Well, one thing is for sure...they are totally in love with their new baby brother and sister! They are both super good with them. They ask often to hold them and kiss them. They check on them first thing when they get up in the morning and when they come home from school. At this point I think Ryne might be more smitten with them than Kade. We went to church for the first time last Sunday night and Ryne was attached to the stroller with Tesa and Tyce in it and to everyone we encountered he quickly said, "these are my babies, Tesa and Tyce." I really wasn't sure that he was going to turn loose of the stroller and go to his class. He seems to be so proud to be a big brother. And he is turning out to be a great big brother.
So, as far as life with new babies go, Kade and Ryne are being great big most other areas they seem to be having quite a bit of adjustment time. Most days we have at least two or three or four or five meltdowns between the two of them. And usually it is over the smallest stuff. It seems we have some "issues" to work out with the two of them. We are just praying that it is truly adjustment to the change in our world and that eventually they will go back to normal. If you want to join us in praying that it will happen soon, that would be great! And while you are praying you can go ahead and pray for Kyle and I to have patience and wisdom for knowing how to cope with our big boys until their "adjustment" period is over.

I am so blessed!
Even when I think my four children might just drive me crazy....I still love them like crazy and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

And just to keep you waiting on more pics to find their way to this is one for your viewing pleasure.

My treasures.....

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Joy said...

Hey Terry, Sorry to hear about Tyce having tummy issues. Jensen started early with hers too. She had reflux bad and started on Axid at 6 weeks. If that's what Tyce has, mention it to the Dr. because it works miracles. She was on it until she turned a year. Good luck, I hope it gets better soon! Love you! Joy & Jensen