Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tesa and Tyce are Here


Tesa and Tyce
on the inside
July 15, 2011


Tesa Mae Lewallen
6lbs 8oz
19 in
July 15th

Tyce Duane Lewallen
5lbs 2oz
18 in
July 15th

Their first picture together...

(ignore the camera strap that wanted in the pic)



Waiting for Mommy to wake up!

And I finally did!

Oh how we love our newest little angels.

The door to our hospital room said it all.
One sweet baby girl and one sweet baby boy!

And this is one proud Mommy!!!

Promise there is more to come!
But right now taking care of two precious babies has been the priority.
Stay tuned....


Kristen Black said...

Contests Terry! They are just precious:) I enjoy reading your blog!

Holly Cline said...

They are too cute, it was nice to meet them in person. Get some rest dear...

the deKorne family said...

They are beautiful and you are AMAZING!! Praying for strength and supernatural multiplication of sleep for you!

Kristen and David said...

They are so beautiful! What blessings!!! Congratulations Terry! Wish I was there to hug your neck, bring you dinner, send you for a nap and snuggle on those babies. How fun! You look amazing too my friend!