Thursday, July 14, 2011

STILL Waiting......

Yes, I had hoped that my next post would be full of pictures of new babies.
But, alas, we are STILL waiting!!
Ultimately thankful that babies are still nice and healthy and hanging on to a few more days in the womb...but really ready to meet them!
My parents have been here a week just waiting with us. I do feel bad that they made such a crazy trip to beat the babies' arrival and got here only to be kept waiting. Of course, they haven't complained a bit. And there are a couple of little guys who have greatly enjoyed time with C.G. and Grandaddy without having to share them with new baby brother and sister just yet.
So, we've been trying to keep busy.
Here are some of the things we've been up to....

CARS 2!!!
The theater was actually so full we couldn't get chairs together and had to let the boys sit with us...well, sit with C.G. and Grandaddy. Kade did great!!! Ryne's first trip to the theater just let us know that we needed to wait a while before taking him back. When he got bored with the popcorn he was done with movie time. He and I missed the end of the movie because he preferred hanging out in the lobby. Oh well! At least Kade enjoyed it.

Grandaddy went for a walk and discovered this...

A new playground just down the trail from our house is finished!!
We've been watching for them to get this finished for several months now.
Great discovery Grandaddy!!!
The boys have convinced us almost every day to make a trip to the park.
Look what else they have here...

Super tall slides!

A BIG hit with both of the boys!

Oh wait, make that all THREE of the boys!

And you know if it involves C.G. and my boys there will be this...

A snack break!

Another day we decided to make a trip to the zoo when the boys got out of school.
Honestly, I was hoping all the walking would send me into labor.
Went home for lunch and then to load up for our trip.
Ryne got quiet and I found him here.....

At my computer!
When I asked him what he was doing, his response was, "I'm just trying to check my email, Mom." Gee, I should have known, right?!
When he finished up with his email we headed to the zoo. It is only about half an hour from us but this is what we found in the back of the van when we arrived....

Two boys....sound asleep! (Kade is trying to wake up here.)

Ryne didn't care much about waking up. Put them in the stroller and he just kept right on snoozing. I had to laugh because the strollers leaving the zoo that afternoon were full of kids that looked like this. And here we were taking a stroller into the zoo with a sleeping kid. Ha!
The zoo was great!
Both of the boys had a super time.

Watching lemurs.

Checking out a poison dart frog.

Look who decided to wake up!

A peacock!

There was a great aquarium as part of the zoo.
We certainly had to check out the sharks...

There were lots of other cool fish, too.....

They found Nemo!

I was kind of partial to the cool sea horses.

Not sure what Ryne and C.G. were checking out here but what I do know is that he had plans when we left the aquarium....

He requested to be in charge of the map!

Then he found the tigers and told us that he was taking us to see the tigers.
We spotted a few other things along the way...

Kade pointing at a monkey swinging.

C.G. and Ryne liked the monkeys, too.
This is one of my favorite pictures....

Priceless, huh?

We finally made it to...

The tigers that Ryne was looking for!

Look who got spotted on the video.
C.G. and a couple of wild animals of her own.

Checking out a big tapir.
Pretty interesting critter.

Ryne found a big walrus.

He seemed to be having a good day.

The polar bears were fun to watch, too.

Yes, there was snack time!

And we couldn't leave without seeing the biggest zoo attraction right now.

Grandaddy was trying to help Kade see, because obviously we weren't the only ones trying to get a peek of this attraction.

Ryne even stopped his snack break to take a look.
At what????

Clouded leopard cubs!!
There were two of them...brand new at the zoo and super cute.
They were out for a feeding and we got to see them.

But the last big attraction before we left the zoo that evening was a carousel ride!!
Think these boys enjoyed it?

I think those faces say, YES!

All that zoo walking, and still no babies!
Not sure what they are waiting on.
Maybe they knew that there was still some cool stuff coming their way.
Like prizes for their big brothers...

Our sweet friend Mary-Hayden and her little girl Isabella came over one afternoon bearing gifts.

Had a couple of super happy big brothers!

Tesa and Tyce got some cool gifts, too.
Check these out...

Crafty Mary-Hayden made them!
Aren't they adorable?

Also got this in this week....
The last touch to the nursery...the chair for rocking babies!
Now, Tesa and Tyce, it is time for you to make an appearance!!!
Now, here's hoping that the next post really will be full of pictures of our sweet new bundles of joy!

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