Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day at The Beach

I really wanted to include this in the last post but I had too many fun pictures of this day.
Decide to make it a post all its own.
We took the boys to Tolmie State Park which is just down the interstate a bit in Lacey, WA.
Kade knew when we turned off the interstate that we were in Lacey because that is where we go to grocery shop. He always seems to know exactly where we are, it is crazy how much he observes even though he seems to be engrossed in whatever video we have playing to occupy them in the car. Anyway, because Kade knew we were in Lacey, he now refers to this new favorite spot of his as "the Lacey Beach" and has asked to go back there now several times.
We are certainly hoping to fit in another trip there with them before the babies arrive.
Just look at how much fun they had....

First look at the beach with Daddy.

Here is what I was left with....Good sign of fun times going on!

Wading out a bit.

Throwing rocks, of course!

Spotting crabs!

More investigating. Ryne found a bed of seaweed. Yuck!

I think Kade was thinking at this point that he didn't like being in the water with crabs that might pinch his toes.

Ryne didn't seem to mind. He might have even been just waiting for them to take a nibble.

The water was quite chilly...but it didn't seem to bother these guys.

Next thing I know, Kade is running at me all excited about something he found.

A ooey gooey clam!
Of course he thought that was pretty cool.

More rock throwing....

I guess you can notice that this is a rocky beach and not a sandy beach.
"Beach" in the pacific northwest is a whole new world for us....we are so used to the sandy hot beaches of the Gulf of Mexico that we've had to train ourselves to think differently about the beach. Now we love BOTH!

With the frigid waters we really didn't expect the boys to do much more than splash around a bit. Obviously we were wrong.

Kade going for a swim.

The big splash in the back is Ryne taking a plunge!

They played so hard at the beach that this is what we ended up with on our short trip home.....

Completely zonked out! We couldn't even get them to wake up and eat supper when we got home. Going to have to try that more often. Ha!

Here are a few videos from the day if you want to see the boys in action....

No doubt it was a very fun day. I think the Lewallens will be frequent visitors of the "Lacey Beach" from here on out! Come on out and see us....we will take you there with us!

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