Friday, July 1, 2011

What Else is New???

In my continued effort to get caught up I will share with you the other things that we were up to in June. It is now July and the arrival of our sweet Tesa and Tyce is just around the corner. Could actually be any day now. We have made it to 36 weeks which is a huge blessing! Doc still wants us to hang in there for another couple of weeks so on Thursday he gave me the official orders to "take it easy, rest a lot, not too much activity, and take lots of breaks." I'm trying my best! So, as I rest here on the love seat I will share with you the photo documentary of Life with the Lewallens in June of 2011. Mind you, these are in no particular order. Why? Well, frankly that would just take too much brain power at this point and remember doc's orders to take it easy??!!
So, here goes....

Kade worked on his ministry skills a bit.

His good buddy Jacob had to spend a few days in the hospital. Kade was very concerned about his friend being sick and prayed for him several times every day. That made me smile!
We got the okay that it would be safe (for Kade's health and our twins' health) for a visit.

Kade picked out some if his own stuffed animals that he wanted to take to Jacob to help him feel better. A couple that I was surprised to see him willing to part with...another moment that made me smile. Jacob was feeling much better when we went to visit and the boys played and played for as long as we could stay.
I do hope that Kade keeps such a compassionate heart.

Another opportunity to practice ministry...

Our city has an annual food drive where we collect food for a local food bank. Volunteers pass out bags to each house in our city on one Saturday and then go back and collect those bags, hopefully full of food, on the following Saturday.

Kade did a great job helping his Dad put bags at the front door of every house in our neighborhood. Over 200 bags they passed out that day. Ryne and I drove along with them to keep them stocked up with bags. Although Kade did get tired a time or two and requested to get in the car with us and rest a bit, he still did a great job. I so hope he is learning how important it is for us to use our time and energies to help those in need.

After our morning of passing out food drive bags we had to make a stop at Kade and Ryne's school to visit their science fair and see their projects. Remember the ants?
Other students had projects, too. And they had caterpillars that they were studying to share with us.

Ryne picked up a magnifying glass and went right to investigating everything!
Here he is looking at one of the caterpillars.

Checking out Kade's Ant Farm

Daddy and Ryne looking at another caterpillar.

Ryne, just cracking me up with his investigative skills!

Kade looking at "his" caterpillar that he named "Calli."
He informed me that once it came out of its chrysalis and turned into a butterfly then it would be named "Butter." Ha!

And that is where Kade's good day ended. Poor guy had a crazy fit when it was time to leave his school. I'll spare you the details but lets just say there had to be consequences. Guess who did not get to get out and enjoy the "Safety fair" that we went to next?? Kade sat in the car with me and cried the entire time that Kyle and Ryne were enjoying this....

This one's for you Grandaddy!!!

Ryne got to get in all kinds of cool stuff and try it out.
Started out with one of Grandaddy's kind of machines and he sure thought he was cool.
This was the last place I could actually see him so I was very thankful that Kyle took some great pictures. I think they are all so much fun! And I sure hope that Kade learned a hard lesson so that he doesn't have to miss out on this next time around.

Fireman Ryne!

He even got to shoot the fire hose!

And pretend to fly a helicopter!

I am pretty sure at some point I saw him in a police car and was hoping that he didn't figure out how to turn on the sirens.

Gee, I had forgotten what an eventful day we had that Saturday. As I was looking through the pictures I realized that this was the same day we decided we just couldn't pass up on enjoying being outside and chose to have a picnic for supper.
Went here for our picnic...

How bout that for a picnic view?
The Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains....breath-taking!
And only about 15 minutes from our house.

Then of course the highlight for our boys...
Rock throwing!

That lasted until Kade accidentally clocked Ryne in the side of the head with a misdirected throw. Woops! Thankfully, there was no blood or concussion....just a reason to call our day to a close.

On another eventful weekend we gathered with all of these people...

Well, this was the farewell party for our friends Dawn and Chuck as they were about to leave us to move to Portland.
It was a fun party and the food was super yummy.

Ryne was particularly fond of the cupcakes.

Kade enjoying his hotdog without a bun.

The kiddos played hard.
Aaron and Ryne had a great time playing ball. You can see Aaron here getting ready to throw the ball to Ryne. I know my boys are going to miss their buddy Aaron. (He's moving with his mom and dad to Portland.)

Here is a pic of Alissa and I with our dear friend Dawn and her two kiddos. Aaron and Delaney are such sweethearts. We are going to miss them like crazy! But so thankful that Portland is only a couple of hours away so visits are totally doable.

After the introduction of roasting marshmallows in our backyard, we have a particular four year old who requests to roast marshmallows at least two or three times a week.
Kyle decided to improvise to fulfill his request...

Just use the side burner on the grill!

Woops, looks like that one is well done!
And Kade is happy about it!

Something else we were all happy about this month.....
Luke is one of our young soldier friends who deployed to Afghanistan last year.
After a year of being away, he is home, and we are SO glad. Praising Jesus for bringing him back safe and sound. We've gotten to spend a lot of time with him since he's been back.
But for some reason I haven't had the camera out while we've been with him.
He and Kyle actually took a trip to Mount St. Helens one day and this is the only picture that Kyle took while he was gone....


Last weekend we sent Kyle off on a trip of his own. He was planning on going backpacking with some friends but they ended up not being able to go. I encouraged him to go ahead and go because it would really be his last opportunity.

Nice self-portrait, sweetheart!!!
Last opportunity?? Why??
Well, I'm thinking that I don't want him to be out of cell phone range with babies on the way at this point.
I think he had fun time. The pics he took are pretty....

His campsite at night.
Nice set up.

And in the morning.

Can you see the river in the background? What a pretty spot.
One of these days we will be able to take all six of us on this kind of adventure!
May be a few years, but I'm sure looking forward to it!
He also brought back pics of critters like this...

I can just see three boys with pockets full of bugs and critters when we try this in a few years.
Wonder if Tesa will be joining them or running from them? Guess we will see.

More art work being done...

Pain, scary, I know.

But they really like it!

And it keeps them occupied on one place for a while.
So every now and then, it is a great idea!


Cards and gifts.

Of course the boys had to do the unwrapping.

Big hugs from Kade. I'm sure Ryne had hugs for Daddy too but somehow I missed getting a picture of that.
We took Kyle out for breakfast for Father's Day....

Which ended up being mostly Kyle trying to keep Ryne wrestled down beside him.
So, Ryne and I ate a quick breakfast and went to the car so that Kyle could get a break and he and Kade could enjoy some quality, calmness for the rest of their breakfast.
One thing I did not manage to get done on Father's day was to get a picture of Kyle with both of his boys. Must have been a crazy kind of day, huh? What's new in our world?
To make up for it I tried my best to get one of the three of them on the last day of school celebration.

This was the best I could get. Not one of them had all three sets of eyes looking at the camera. Two out of three isn't bad in our world!
I love these boys!!! ALL THREE OF THEM!!
Kyle is an amazing Daddy. I cannot even tell you how blessed I feel to have him by my side in the wonderfully crazy, often stressful, ever adventurous world of parenthood.
Kyle and I are both blessed to have amazing Daddies of our own. So for us Father's Day is a true time of celebration!

Speaking of celebration....on with the last day of school celebration!
Remember those caterpillars we saw at the science fair??
Well, most of them had broken out of their chrysalises into beautiful butterflies ready to fly away. So for the last day of school they had a butterfly release!

Talk about some excited kiddos!

You cannot see the butterfly here in the picture but just look at Kade's face watching it fly away.

Kade inspecting the net basket to see how many butterflies are ready to fly away.

Ryne doing some inspecting of his own.

Taking a break to play some ring-around-the-rosy!

Then back for more butterflies being released.

There was one butterfly still working on breaking out of its chrysalis (if you have been wondering about this word, chrysalis, you can ask Kade all about it, but it is what most of you would probably call a cocoon....Kade would most certainly correct you).
So, the children got to take turns watching the butterfly wiggle and squirm in an attempt to break free...

Here is Kade watching it intently.

And Ryne also checking it out with Daddy watching over his shoulder.
Not sure if Dad was watching the butterfly wiggle and squirm or just keeping an eye on Ryne so that he didn't attempt to help free the butterfly himself. Maybe both!
Tried to capture some more pictures of us with the boys before we left the park. Just so happened we all had on white shirts that day...and I thought it would be nice to take some pics of the four of us before there are six of us.
Wouldn't you know it...only Ryne was interested.
So here's what we got...

In the Lewallen world, we take what we can get! ha!
And soon we will be getting two more babies to try to coordinate into family photos. I'm laughing to myself now just thinking about how crazy that will be. But that is our world. And I love my world! Thanks for joining me in it for a bit.

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