Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Are Ready!!!

Just waiting for Tesa and Tyce to get ready now!
My parents made a crazy 42 hour nonstop trip from Arkansas and arrived at our house on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning the boys woke up to their "surprise".....C.G. and Grandaddy asleep in the guest bed! They were quite excited!
Pretty excited about all the stuff they brought with them, too.
Like this for instance....

Our new family ride!
I am now officially a "mini-van-momma." Never thought I would see the day that I would be able to say "I love my mini-van," but alas, it is true!! Super nice. HUGE blessing!
It came packed full....

Monk, this pic is for you....see what good packing they did?

Grandaddy even packed away a big cantaloupe that he grew in his garden.

Ryne had to check out the new ride....somebody had to see what all those buttons are for, right?

Then he had to find his new "spot" for future rides.

Kade found his "spot."

Of course they made C.G. find a "spot" as well.

Ryne seemed pretty happy in this spot, too....

Hanging out with Grandaddy.
Wasn't long before we got to hit up the McDonald's play place and have some of this...

Definite evidence that C.G. and Grandaddy are in town!
We certainly wanted them here before Tesa and Tyce were born.
Mission accomplished!

The next thing we needed done before Tesa and Tyce showed up was to finish the nursery.
Kyle finished hanging things on the walls last night.
So, here is the official unveiling of the nursery.
Lots of pictures that I will just let speak for themselves....

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
We do still have a chair to add to the room. It should be arriving this week sometime.
But as for all the is finished!
Mission accomplished!
Oh, want to peak at the closet full of fun baby stuff???

We are abundantly blessed!

As of this morning I still needed to pack our bags for the hospital.
Got busy and got it done.
Mission accomplished!

Made a trip to the doctor today. He said everything still looks good.
Both Tesa and Tyce are head down and I think they are getting ready to make an appearance.
I'm kind of rooting for Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I didn't want it to happen before today because I had a couple of things that I really wanted to get to do. First, get a pedicure before heading off to the hospital with rough looking feet.
Alissa was kind enough to endure a pedicure with me this afternoon. And the other thing I really wanted to get to do was make it to our friend Jenny's farewell dinner.

Here is a picture of Alissa and Jenny! Proof that I made it to the dinner.
Yes, saying goodbye AGAIN!!! Boo Hoo! Gonna miss this sweet friend SO much.

I'm not the only one going to be missing her! We had a really great time with the girls tonight. Probably my last girl outing for a few weeks.

Super glad that I did not have to miss this fun time and getting to pray for Jenny and wish her well on her next chapter of life as dictated by the military but completely controlled by our amazing Father!
Mission Accomplished!
Want to see how huge I am at 37 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant with twins.
Prepare yourself....

Yikes, I know! Crazy pregnant!
All my lists are checked off now...parents here......nursery ready......bags packed......dinner with friends! Come on Tesa and Tyce!!! I sure do want you to meet Mrs. Jenny before she leaves for North Carolina next Friday!

It is quite possible that the next post could be pictures of our new additions!
I did say I was rooting for Monday or Tuesday, right?


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!!! Go Terry go!! =) Been keeping up with you on here...can't wait to see pics of those sweet babies. I'm so glad your parents are up there now! And love your new ride! Praying for you, friend!
Kristen H.

rachel said...

SO EXCITED FOR Y'ALL!!! the room is PRECIOUS!!! i love everything you did-it looks great! so glad your parents are there and things are ready to go-we'll be praying that babies will make their appearance soon! I was looking at the pictures with Addelyn and she said, "oooo they will have a boy and girl twins like Dora!" I think y'all have just gone up on the ladder with her! :) have a great weekend!

the deKorne family said...

WOW. That nursery is AMAZING! None of my kids have ever had a room that nice! It's so fancy and beautiful and I love it! Can't wait to hear the news and see those sweet bundles! You have been SUCH a're amazing!

Holly Cline said...

Way to go Girl! Love love love the twins room! Can't wait to meet the little darlins...

Lydia said...

LOVE the nursery!! Can't wait to see those baby pics! Sending prayers your way.

Kristen and David said...

The nursery looks so good!! Way to go! Thanks for the tour. It's beautiful and I know the babies will love it! I'll be checking the blog to see the news!!! Yay! We'll be praying for all of you over the next few weeks! How far along are you btw?

Deby Prince said...

Love seeing the boys getting to spend time w/ CG & Grandaddy. I can't imagine you having much more time for the babies to continue to grow in the womb. You're out of space!!! If they could only see their beautiful room, they'd be in a hurry! We're looking forward to hearing the news! BTW, Alissa is a really DEAR friend to 'endure' the pedi w/ you. What a friend!
;-) Love & prayers for you!!!

patti said...

That is the most adorable nursery i have ever seen!! I Love it and want to come sit in it and rock babies!! seriously, it's so precious!!!

and you look great! So glad to see the will love it if I say so myself. And I'm glad that CG and Grandaddy got there in time. Can't wait to see pics of those precious babies!!! big hug and lots of love!