Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December is tomorrow....WHAT????

 It was SO my goal to get caught up on my blogging before December got here.
Looks like I have about 8 hours to make that happen. Ha!
Anybody up for the LONGEST post in Lewallen blog history?
Well, I'm going for it.  Just be forewarned that this will probably also be the most jumbled up post in history as well.  With two months worth of activities to document, there's no way I'm going to try and keep it all in chronological order and make a nice neat story out of it all.  
So, if you're up for it, just buckle up and enjoy the ride.
Here goes....

Been getting our craft on...
Tesa is taking lessons.
Homemade puffy paint.

Getting Ready for the chill of Fall...

Welcome back our new babies...

 And a great big congratulations to Jacob and Jordan on their engagement!

Still infatuated with all things super hero...

School field trip to explore the beach....
Kade fished this critter out of the sound and named it "Ropey."
Thankfully, Kyle convinced  him to leave it there and not bring it home with him as he had requested.

Dressed up for a night out on the town....
Okay, we just went to Jacob's welcome home party at the pizza joint but that's about as out on the town as it gets for us!
Tesa was excited.

Tesa and Tyce enter the world of the BUMBO....

And high chairs...

And exersaucers...

Did the pumpkin patch thing....

Okay you want to see last year, right?
I'll go dig it up....
Not a whole lot different this year, just a bit goofier
Look what Kade found...
A wooly bear caterpillar!
Yes, it went home with us...and is currently hibernating in a container on the front porch.

Did some grocery shopping, which Tesa, Tyce and I often try to do while the boys are at preschool in the mornings.
Do I have the cutest grocery shopping partners, or what?
Went on some dates. 
Another thing we like to do while the boys are in preschool.
At least we have a couple of cuties to be our chaperones.

Kade made this...
Out of his hotwheels.

Dress rehearsal for Halloween...

I turned 35...gee that kind of looks old all typed out...but nonetheless I am thirty-five.
It was a nice day.
Had a surprise lunch party with some super sweet friends...
 Then my boys threw me a party that night after Life Group.
Kade said there had to be a they went with Princess Party.
Complete with magic wands!
 It was nice to have all our little Life Group princesses to help me celebrate.
 Of course you know Kade and Ryne were just into the cake.
I did enjoy wearing the tiara they picked out for me and being the birthday princess for the night.

Stopped by the Fire Department for a little touch and see...

Tesa got a new hat at a booth they had set up....
Cute, huh?
The hat and the baby girl!

Helped Jace and Avery celebrate their birthday...

Had lots of good times at church...
 Until the last couple of weeks these were my church buddies...
 They both look like they have something to say, huh?
Yep, that's why they stay in the nursery now.
This is a look at how cool church has been.

Did the trick or treating thing....
Accompanied by the cutest little cat in the world, sweet Isabella!
It was a fun night!

Then came November.

It welcomed with it some play dough bowling...

And look at how those charts are filling up...
Look out ice cream and zoo, here we come!

Went to a birthday party at a kids gym...
Oh, my did Kade and Ryne enjoy that!

Ryne tried out the exersaucer.
Yep, he's too big.

Tesa dressed up as often as I would let her....

And on more than one occasion the twins got all "tangled" up in the pac-n-play together.
Funny thing about this picture, Tyce is sound asleep and Tesa seems to enjoy watching him sleep.

Enjoyed some family game nights.
 Pirate-opoly is Kade's favorite!

 Ryne would mostly rather wander around in the construction hat.

Got our pumpkins put out for Thanksgiving decor....

Tesa and Tyce got a couple of new friends in the mail....
 I was surprised at how much they really tried to "play" with these little puppies.

Had to let the boys get out of the house and burn off some energy one day.
So we took them for a play date at McDonald's.
 We didn't tell them where we were going but when we pulled up in the parking lot and told them we were going to let them have ice cream and play they went bonkers they were so excited.
Seriously, you'd have thought we took them to Disney World or something.
I love that it can be so easy to make them happy!
Sure hope that lasts forever.

Turkey Day....
 So crazy thankful for all four of our sweet children this Thanksgiving!
I wanted to take a million pictures of these little cuties.
 We had an amazing day.
Invited a bunch of other people who didn't have family in town to celebrate with.
 And we managed to gather up quite a crew.
 Thirty-eight awesome friends joined us to celebrate Thanksgiving!
 Yes, that was a house full.
 As well as a garage full!!
 The food was absolutely amazing!
 Everyone brought their best dishes to share.
We even had three kinds of turkey.  Oven roasted.  Smoked. Fried.
With a delicious ham as well.
 It really was a fun day.
 So glad we got to spend time with some amazing people.
 And of course glad we got to eat all the yummy food.
And believe it or not, Tesa and Tyce did this...
Slept like little angels the entire time we were eating.
Then Mrs. Sue and Mr. Terry were kind enough to treat the kiddos to some craft time....
 Aren't those the cutest turkeys?
Well, here is the cutest turkey...
My sweet Ryne.  And this turkey was way more interested in playing with his new friend Josh than hanging out in the craft department.
Grateful for such a wonderful day!

Geared up to cheer on the Hogs....
 Tyce was actually watching the game.

The prettiest Razorback fan of all!
 Tyce trying out a baseball hat that Jace brought to him.
And this is how we felt after our loss to LSU.  Boo!

Kade picks out his own clothes most days...
On this particular day he apparently needed some help choosing what to wear.  He brought down all of these options and laid them out for me to see.  Not bad fashion sense for a four year old, huh?

And look how joined us on Thanksgiving day...
L. Fee and Grandaddy L. Fee!
They are our elves on the shelves to keep an eye on us this Christmas season to see if we are being naughty or nice.  L.Fee is learning the ropes from Grandaddy L.Fee (both named by Kade and Ryne).  Grandaddy L.Fee was actually my Dad's elf when he was a little boy.  I remember it always hanging out on the Christmas tree at my Mamaw's house when I was a little girl.  Dad says that's all he really remembers his elf ever doing, hanging out on the Christmas tree that is.  But apparently since then he has learned some new skills that help him watch out for little boys and girls being naughty and nice.  Wink. Wink. 
 Every morning the boys have to look for L.Fee and Grandaddy L.Fee in their new look out spots.
Here are the places they've been found so far....
 Sometimes, they like to pull funny tricks!
 The morning Kade spotted the elves here, he announced, "hey, L. Fee and Grandaddy L. Fee are playing bats."  Ha!
I'm thinking Grandaddy L. Fee was particularly happy that we got our Christmas tree up so he could show L. Fee his favorite spot of all.
Stay tuned for more from L. Fee and Grandaddy L. Fee.

Now, bring on DECEMBER!!!
I'm ready in blogland for it!!

And congratulations to you if you actually made it to the end of this post!  Hopefully you don't feel like you wasted thirty minutes of your life trying to catch up on ours.  We love you for loving us enough to keep up with us! 

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