Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monk Monk Came...

Yes, I know it was two months ago, but she really did come.  She was the grand finale of all our visitors this summer.  We had a great time while she was here.  I only wish she could have stayed longer.  I always wish that, though!  She was great.  Didn't require any big plans....she was just happy to hang out with me and the babies for the most part.  We did have a good time and did some fun things.  I'll just let the pictures tell the story for me.  Of course, I'll add a few captions here and there to try and make it entertaining.  Enjoy Monk Monk's visit in pictures....

There is no doubt Monk Monk takes after C.G. because she came bearing gifts.
 new fast running shoes!
 that, of course, had to be tried on right away...

I was super excited that Monk was here to go to church with us this trip!
 Not just because I wanted her to enjoy Life Church but also because she was an awesome set of extra hands to help out with the babies.
 One of those babies just kept wanted to roll over while I was getting ready to change his diaper.
The other baby, well she was just priding herself in looking adorable that night.
 We had an after church postcard addressing party that night so the extra help was especially nice.  

Of course I had to try and get a pic of Monk with her new niece and nephew wearing their favorite onesies.
Tesa's says "I love my Auntie!" and Tyce's says "My Aunt Rocks!"
 Of course the other boys wanted  a turn in the picture, too.
 When I first looked at this picture my immediate thoughts were, "Wow, all those kiddos belong to me!"
 I do like this picture of Ryne and Kade but I have to laugh when I take a look at Tesa in the background.  Apparently she was a bit upset that they were stealing her spotlight. Ha!

I got to take Monk to visit Sound City Coffee...
 Only Monk's not a coffee drinker so she just enjoyed a bit of apple cider.  See how good it was, her cup is empty!  And apparently the babies were being super great because she isn't holding one of them and I am able to take a picture.

One afternoon we picked the boys up from school and took them for a picnic.
 Kade was working hard on putting together his lunchable sandwich.
Until he was distracted by this...
 An attack squirrel sneaking up on us.
 Seriously, this was one crazy squirrel.
 Monk chased it away with a stick.
 Not just once,
 But several times she had to tree that crazy squirrel for us!
 We did get to enjoy our picnic, in spite of the squirrel.
 Ryne enjoyed his sandwich.
And yes, we did take Tesa and Tyce with us...
 See there they are in their favorite spot, the stroller!
Notice Monk in the background chasing off the squirrel, again!

Don't worry we did let Tesa and Tyce get out for a bit.
 They got to lay on their blankets while Kade and Ryne had fun with Monk Monk on the playground.
 I thought these babies were so cute in their sock monkey outfits that I just couldn't help but take lots of pictures.

I did get a couple of shots of the big boys on the playground....they are just so much harder to keep up with compared to the babies.

After the park we couldn't pass up our favorite yogurt spot since we were right beside it.
 Can you tell that Kade and Ryne didn't mind a stop for yogurt???
And on our way home we made another stop that paid off for the boys.
 We stopped at the farmers market in Steilacoom and they were giving away free chocolate milk.
 Since Monk Monk hooked Kade and Ryne up with some chocolate milk, Tesa decided she'd like to have a snack of her own.  Monk Monk took care of that too.

 A nice little stroll down to the park overlooking the sound ended our eventful day!  Fun times for sure.

One thing Kade always wants to do when people come visit is take them to his favorite place to eat.
 So we had an outing to Farrelli's!
 Aren't Tesa and her Aunt Monk looking so pretty?
 And wouldn't you know it, Tyce and his Daddy are looking so handsome.

Our biggest outing while Monk was here was a trip to the beach.
 Yes, Kade and Ryne requested that she sit in the back with them on the way.
 Ryne wasted no time...started digging right away.
 Monk was trying to keep Tesa out of the sun while we set up a make-shift tent for her and Tyce.
My little beach babies.
 And check out that "tent" they have.
Crazy story about the tent.  Tesa and Tyce were pretty well hidden by the "tent" and so I would just look in on them every several minutes to make sure they were good.  Well, at one point I glanced in and couldn't see Tyce at all.  My heart skipped a beat as my first thoughts were, "there's no way anybody could have gotten in this tent and taken my baby without us seeing them since we are sitting right here beside it!  WHERE IS MY BABY????"  Upon closer inspection I find that Tyce has decided that turning sideways and rolling down the blanket would be a fun beach day activity for him. Look where I found him...
 He had rolled all the way out from under his "tent" crazy boy.  Thankfully he didn't make it to the sand.  I quickly called Monk over to keep a hand on him so I grab a quick photo to document the first of what I'm sure will be many times that Tyce does something that makes my heart skip a beat.

Meanwhile, Kade and Ryne are just enjoying their day at the beach to the fullest.
 And I created a "viewing area" in the tent so that I could keep an eye on those babies from a short distance away.  Didn't want Tyce to try any more of his escaping tricks.
 I think they enjoyed the fresh air and the sound of the water.

I had a great time getting out in the sunshine a bit myself.
It certainly didn't hurt that I had a couple of way cool girls to hang out with!
 Yeah, did I mention that Mollie came with us on our beach outing!  How much more fun can you get?
I actually got to have some girl time!
Oh, don't worry about Kyle....he was having boy time, as well.
 Sand castle building!
 Complete with fresh blackberries on every peak!

One thing I know for sure, the week passed all too quickly for me!
I had a super great time with my sister.  She is just the best sister a girl could ever ask for.  And I'm pretty sure her niece and nephews would say she's the best Monk Monk, EVER!!
 She even spent her last night with us, hanging out with Kade and Ryne helping them work on some dry-erase books that she got them.
Gee, it even looks like maybe she was teaching Ryne some math!
Maybe I can get her to come back soon and teach him how to go to the potty.
Yes, the boy is still wearing diapers.  He doesn't care.  He can use the potty and has used the potty before but just doesn't even want to now.  But that's another story for another time. This was all good stuff so we will just forget I even mentioned the potty-training dilemma!  
Thanks Monk for taking time out of your schedule to come hang out with us!  We love you bunches!!!!

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