Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One-third of a year...

Wow!  Our babies have covered one-third of their first year of life already.
Are they growing?
Well, what do you think.....
Well, I'd say either they are growing or those owls are shrinking!

I did take them for their 4 month check-up and shots this morning so I have current stats for you.
Tesa weighed 14 lbs 14 oz and was 25 1/8 inches long.
Tyce weighed 13 lbs 3 oz and was 25 1/8 inches long.
He is trying to catch up with his sister.  He caught her in the length category this month but he's got some serious growing to do if he plans on catching up with her in the weight category by next month.
Here's a few more pics of the growing babies....
 They've really started paying attention to each other lately and it is so cute.

 You might notice a bit of a theme as you look through the rest of these.
They have both taken a liking to keeping their hands in their mouths.  Tesa more so than Tyce but he is starting to get the hang of it as well.  Maybe that's what they were discussing in the first picture.  Tesa was trying to convince Tyce just how yummy his hand might be.

 Maybe she's whispering in his ear her favorite techniques for chewing on her hands.
This picture of Tesa just cracks me up for some reason.  She looks like she's about to bust out with some crazy dancing or something. While Tyce is just figuring out the hands in mouth thing that Tesa was telling him coaching him on earlier.
 I do think he's getting the hang of it.
 The pro, showing him exactly how it's done.
 What's the problem?  You need some lessons too, Mom?
Here, we can both show you how it's done.
I'm thinking this is her "proud of myself" look.

How bout the big brothers?
They are doing great!
I still have all of our October happenings to catch you up on...they've been busy...but for now I can just show you some fun pictures if you'd like.

Oh, I do love my boys!
Saw this sign the other day and I totally want to get it for when all three of my boys end up in the same room:
I guess I better be looking for a sign about the cutest little girl in the world for Tesa's room.

Now speaking of the best little boys in the world, check this out...
Kade, Ryne and Tyce all in the same outfit at three months old.
I do think they will pass for brothers.
Yes, I was tempted to put Tesa in this little outfit and see just how much she really does look like her big brother Kade, but alas, I saved her the embarrassment that would surely come from that picture later in life from prankster big brothers.  Besides, I'm not putting bows on Tyce so I figured I should be fair to Tesa and spare her the boy outfit.
She's way cuter in the girly stuff, anyway!

Thanks for taking time to look at my treasures.  Stay tuned, you never know when I might just find the time to catch you up on some of the other happenings in our world.

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