Sunday, October 7, 2012

A fun September

Could it be?
Am I really on the verge of being caught up here in blog land?
Kyle is out of town on his little birthday present getaway in Kentucky for a wedding and I am determined it find myself in a position to post the current events in our lives instead of this steady stream of days gone by.  While the reminiscing has been fun, it will be nice to have the weight of "got to get caught up on the blog" off of my shoulders.  
So, with no further ado, I bring you the month of September.....

A fun Labor Day picnic with our Life Church family.
Ryne must have really hungry since he tore himself away from the bounce houses to eat.

Went for another family hike...
You saw pics from this hike on an earlier post.  If you missed it you can check it out here.

Tried to fit in all the cute summer outfits while the summer was dragging on for us...
Isn't she precious?
Figured Tyce's wedding outfit from Monk's wedding was a great match.
Hey, Mom, give us that camera and let us take the pictures.

There was an arts and crafts fair downtown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I just couldn't manage to keep the kiddos and myself away....
Kade and Ryne participated in a sidewalk chalking competition.
Tesa and Tyce sat in the's something they are really good at these days.
Super Kade
Ryne said his was a rainbow????
The proud artists.
Another booth where the boys got to get creative.

The highlight of the afternoon...
Free Gelato from Forza!
It was their reward for entering the sidewalk chalking contest.
Don't those faces just say, "please, please, please let me have a bite of your gelato."
She must have gotten some.
"Mom, we totally could have rocked that sidewalk chalking business and gotten our own free gelato, ya know."  Guess next year I'll just have to let them do that.
There were some cool cars to check out.
I told the boys that their Paw and Grandaddy would both have enjoyed checking those cars out with them.
It was a fun afternoon.  And we took some caramel kettle corn home to Kyle as a treat since he was busy working and couldn't join us for the fun.

Laughed hard at Kade one night after dinner when we noticed him making this face....
When we asked him what in the world was wrong, his answer..."nothing's wrong.  I'm just trying to touch my forehead to my nose."  What????  Where do kids come up with things?

Did get to have a datenight...
I just love getting to spend time with my awesome hubby without the distraction of our kiddos.
You may notice a new hairdo here.  My last time I had my hair "did" was in May before I went to Arkansas for a month.  I walked in to the salon and my stylist looked up and very kindly said, "oh, look at all that natural platinum I see."  Ugh!  Genetics. Yes, I choose to blame genetics for my gray hair and not my kids.  
Either way, this time I was really NOT excited about needing to hide the gray.  Was really feeling old.  Just told my guy to do what he wanted to.  And to make sure that the gray could stay hidden well in case it was another 4 months before I made it back to visit.  Left there feeling a bit like Goldilocks and I'm still not used to the new bangs.  Oh well.  It is what it is and I do realize that I'm not getting any younger.  So I'm getting over it and moving on.  At least for now. Ha!

Had a nice afternoon and needed to get our kiddos out of the house.  Because, well to be perfectly honest, they were driving us crazy inside...way too much energy and they would NOT leave each other alone.
The Nisqually Valley nature trail is only a few miles from home so we decided it could be a good destination.
There are green tree frogs sitting on some leaves in this picture.  See if you can find them.  We spent several minutes hunting for them when someone told us they were there.
We were a bit concerned about Kade and Ryne running off without us so we talked to them about it before we started out.  It backfired.  Couldn't get these rascals to stay caught up with us.
At some point Kyle got tired of waiting so he and Tesa carried on without them.
My backpack buddy!
After the hike we treated ourselves at a new frozen yogurt shop that we had heard about.
It was a hit!
Every single drop of it was lapped up.
Looks like we might just have to head back to LimeBerry for more sometime soon.

Our nice little city had its annual Fall Festival.
Look ma...the ponies are here!
Yep, our first stop was the pony rides.
This little guy was completely thrilled about getting on a pony for the first time.
Looking at these pictures makes me realize just how grown up my babies are getting.  Seriously?  Big enough to ride a pony?
Of course Kade and Ryne loved riding the ponies this time just as much as their first time.
Tesa was keeping a close eye on those pony riders.
 She got her turn, too.
She wasn't quite as excited as Tyce but she sure does look cute up there on that pony.

Spin the wheel.
Pick a prize.
Of course they would ask for balloon swords.
Making a treat.
Awesome.  A hand full of candy.
Had to make time to try out some of the fun treats.
Pumpkin Pie!
Kade's first cotton candy.
Ryne demolished his donut in no time.
I think that is because he wanted to move on to the sucker he had won.
Kade was in sugar heaven.
While Tesa and Tyce were in pumpkin pie heaven.
Then we just had to let them have stroller break....
They really enjoy some freedom.
My little ballerina.
Yay for fall leaves.
Oh no, what happened to Ryne???
Well, since you are all down there together, how bout we get a picture....
Oh, never mind! 

Have I mentioned that Tesa and Tyce love to play?  And climb? 
And climb on each other?
And if they can climb into it...
They will.
These babies love to play with their toys downstairs.
They also love to play upstairs....
This was a fresh out of the bath party.
And sure enough, they were testing out their climbing skills.
King of the music table.
Look at this plane...these things on the front spin around. How interesting.
They did find clothes....
Tesa handing off the paci's.  She knows they are only for bedtime.
 Where's my keyboard?
Here it is...listen to me play.
Moving on to the tiger flashlight.  It roars!
Tesa was just worried about getting her shoes on.  She must have wanted to go somewhere.

Boys did lots of crafting and creating....
Much play-doh needed here.
I am certain they told me what these creations were but I cannot remember for anything.
I must admit.  They were cool mixed medium pieces.
And they worked hard, too.
Making a mask.
Posing proudly with another sculpture he created.

And here was my favorite of Kade's sculptures....
A bird in a nest with eggs.
More work to be done.
Wrapped up the crafting with a new technique we learned on a television show that day.
We made prints by putting a picture on cardboard, covering it with clear plastic wrap, painting the picture on top of the plastic then putting plain paper on top of the paint and rubbing it in.
Our results.

Guess I was really into taking pictures of Tesa and Tyce in September, because here is more....
Thinking that whole pony riding thing made me realize how fast they are growing up and didn't want to miss documenting their growing up in photos.

These babies love looking out the front window at the world going by.
And on trash pick-up day it is extra exciting.
They always stop whatever they are doing to head to the window and watch the trash trucks.
Then back to playing, better known at our house as mess making.
Look, if I turn it over I can climb on it.
And look to see what we left in there.
My sweet girl!  I am just over the top with her lace britches!  Don't you love them?

Got a package!
I said, "show me just how excited you are about your package."
It was full mostly of clothes from C.G, Grandaddy, Monk Monk and Uncle Josh and you would have thought by their excitement that it was full of candy.
Ryne had to wear his new Grandpa digs me shirt that Grandaddy sent him to school the next day.
Kade had a shirt he thought Grandaddy would like too.  So he wore it.
Then they needed a photo shoot.
All this while Kyle is trying to get them to load up and head to school.
What clowns.
Notice Ryne's rain boots?  He wanted to wear rain boots every day for a couple of weeks.  Funny thing about that...hadn't rained here since July 22nd...over 40 days at the time.  Maybe wearing rain boots was his version of doing a rain dance? 

One last thing to show you...
Tesa and Tyce like to ride!
And now it is time to ride into October.
See ya there!

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