Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't be Spooked

Costumes, Candy, Carving Pumpkins. 
That is what we enjoy about Halloween. This family is certainly not into all the spooky stuff.
And we are in full get ready for Halloween swing.
It got started with a couple of packages that arrived in the mail a couple of days ago.....

 Can you tell we get a bit excited about packages around here????
 Package 1 : Star Wars Costumes
Thanks C.G.!
 Kade and Ryne started talking about our family doing Star Wars for Halloween weeks and weeks ago.  This package was like a dream come true for them.
 Kade was super excited about Tyce's costume.  He kept saying, "look how cute Tyce will be, look how cute Tyce will be.  Isn't this awesome?!"
And I had to put the camera away when the light sabers came out. about some boys going bonkers.  We quickly put those away before anyone got hurt and drew their attention to package number 2.
 Tesa and Tyce were ready!
 Halloween goodies from Granna and Paw!!
 Everybody was looking for the bag with their name on it.
 Kade found his and we looked up to find him reading his card first...before even taking a peek inside his bag.  What a proud moment for a momma.
 Notice Tyce's card is still hanging on the front of his bag.  He still has a few things to learn.
 No matter to him, he was liking what he was digging out.
 Ryne's face says he's happy....and well, Tesa is so happy she's climbed up on the coffee table to celebrate. 
 Ever seen a kid happier over jack-o-lantern clingy things???
 Another happy moment.
 Well, look what Kyle found in the box for him.  His first baseball glove.

For the rest of the evening we had kiddos occupied so nicely with their new goodies....
Kade was having a concert with the singing skeletons.
 Ryne was throwing around the witch-hat jack-o-lantern bean bags.  He was a bit crazy...had to send him to the other side of the kitchen after one landed in my flour and one barely missed the the flames of a burner.  
Great big thanks Granna and Paw for the fun prizes.

Then came today. 
Return to package number one.
It was time to model those costumes for a quick photo shoot.
Take a look at our Star Wars kiddos....
Warp yourselves with me to the land of Lewallen crazy and take a look at Princessa Tesa, Tyca, Kadakin Skywalker, and Obi Ryne Kenobi.
 Now if you can look at this picture and not might just have some issues that you need to discuss with someone.  I think Kyle and I are going to print us each one of these to keep in our wallets for when we really need a laugh.
I think they are practicing their very best "Trick or Treat!"

Now tomorrow I get to go with Kade's Kindergarten class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Going to be time to do some pumpkin carving soon!
Hope you are enjoying the season, too.

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