Monday, October 1, 2012

Look Whooo's One!!!

Okay, so technically they are almost one and a quarter now but Tesa and Tyce did get to have their second first birthday party here in Washington with all the people that we get to do life with day in and day out.  And it was actually much closer to their birthday.  Tyce still wasn't too sure about everyone singing loudly to him.  You will see picture evidence of this.  

Since I had been taking their pictures each month with their sweet little owls I decided to go with an owl theme for this party.  It was fun! We had lots of friends come help us celebrate.  Take a look....

 "owl houses" for the kiddos to decorate
 Vance and Molly helped us get ready.
 Those party hats were tricky.
 Tyce hanging out with Lissa.
 Daddy's girl.
 Jeremy and Maria leave their time capsule letters.
 Nice party hats!
 Having the party at a park was a great idea. 
 Playground was free entertainment for the kiddos.
 Mary Beth!
 Lissa helps Ryne pet Jill's puppy.  
Tyce seems to adore dogs of all kinds.
 Time for cake!
 And cupcakes for everyone else.
 See, I told you he wasn't fond of the loud happy birthday business.
 I think maybe our faces say "yep, no way we are getting these candles to stay lit out here."
 Ryne picking out the perfect cupcake.
 Sterling may have the whole cupcake in his mouth.  Love it!
 Boone went for icing first.
 "Missabella" is cute even with cupcake all over her face.
 Maybe his second perfect cupcake.
 Where do you  babies get cupcake toppers?
Do you see D and Lissa holding the yellow book in the background? 
So cool, our friends Jesse and Briita brought this recordable book and had everyone pass it around recording an awesome Curious George story to put in Tesa and Tyce's time capsule.  What a treasure!  Even has the whole group singing Happy Birthday on a page.  I'm sure I will cry when they open it and listen on their 13th birthday.
 Joshua and Anthony party on.
 Roddy enjoying a cupcake.
 Finally getting into the cake.
 Still preferring the cupcake topper.
 Hey, Tesa, you should really try the cake.
 It is good!
 I mean, dreamy good!
 Look, she's going to try the cake now...
 Tyce was right.  This cake is yummy!
 Decorating "owl houses."
 more friends

 Sweet Adelle looks so cute in her party hat.
 Starting to feel some sugar overload.
 The owl house decorating party grows.
 Just saw them take Tyce away...I better finish this cake off before they snag me.
 That is some serious cake damage.
 Tyce's cake eating skills don't even compare.
 All cleaned up....let's party some more.
 Yay for birthday cake!  Now bring on the pinata full of candy!
 In case I haven't said this before, I love pull-string pinatas!  The removal small children swinging bats around other small children is a good thing!
 Candy bags in hand...let's get to pulling those strings.
 Tesa, adoring Mrs. Briita.  Cool side note:  Briita has a sister named Tessa.  Isn't that cool?
 Making sure no candy was left behind.
 Olivia wearing her hat well.
 Let's check out this owl.
 Photo op with Lissa and Abby!
What a fun time we had celebrating our precious babies!
We are so blessed to have such amazing friends to help us celebrate.

Then on their actual birthday we got to hang out with the Gonzalez kiddos.
 They spent the day with us and we had an adventure walk on our way to church.
 Stopped at the park for snacks.
 And snapped a few pictures of Tesa and Tyce in their birthday shirts.
Birthday snack time!

Then off to church...what a great way to end a birthday!
Happy Birthday (two and a half months ago) Tesa and Tyce!
We love you and are incredibly blessed to have you.

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