Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Trip South- Part 1- Oklahoma

We took the red-eye!
I have to say I think we will do it again.
Although, when we came home from church and put the boys in bed on Sunday night and told them we would wake them up later and go to the airport, Kade just couldn't sleep. Kyle went by his room and noticed his light on. Went in to find Kade playing with his tools. He confessed that he was just too excited to sleep. I think he was being honest. Little guy didn't even go to sleep on the drive to the airport. It was about 1 am and we were on the plane in the air before he ever went to sleep. But at least he did sleep. They both did! And we had a layover in Minneapolis the next morning.

Kade colored some pictures. Kyle got us some breakfast.

And we tried to occupy them with movies no the ipod until our next flight. Didn't work out so bad. And they even slept on the next flight, too!
Then we finally arrived in Tulsa...

Paw and Granna were at the airport to pick us up and take us to Spiro.
And since we took the red-eye...we had the whole day with our family instead of being on planes and in airports for the whole day.

And before I go any further I have to tell you this. Tuesday morning Kade and Granna are chatting and she tells him that she wished he didn't live so far away. His response, "Granna, I don't live that far. I'm just two planes away." He is right....just two planes away. Maybe one day when he and Ryne are older we will make a road trip back south so that he can see just how much territory those two planes cover getting us back there. ha!

So, Oklahoma. It was hot. Thankfully I had prepped myself for hot. It would have been nice to be wrong about how hot it was going to be. Unfortunately, I was right. It was hot.
But at least hot weather meant that the boys got to do this:


Kade loved practicing going under water.

Ryne didn't practice, he just stuck his head right in.

Even Kyle joined the swimming party.

Brandon and Taylor were pros at hanging out in Granna's pool. But this was only the second time all summer that my boys had sported their swimming trunks. And if you recall the first time got cut short because Kade decided to put mud in Ryne's eyes.

My two favorite pictures from the swimming party:

Precious Taylor

Silly Boy Ryne
(look at how that cow-lick is curling up)

Oh, and I had to get a shot showing the "life guards" on duty.
The pool was a big hit. Not just because it was a break from the heat but because my boys LOVE to splash some water. Seriously, I despise bath time with them just because they love to play in the water so much and they play just a little too splishy splashy for my liking. Here they could be just as slishy splashy as their little hearts desired!

Brandon and Taylor had a new swing set to play on...

I realize now looking at this picture that you can't actually see anyone playing on the swing set. I think Kade had just climbed the wall and is tucked away in the "house" there.
There was also a trampoline at Aunt Kim and Uncle B's house...

This was Kade's first time to try out a trampoline. And he really seemed to like it as long as Brandon didn't jump too big right beside him. HA!

Well, of course, Ryne tried it out, too. I don't think he cared how big anybody jumped!

Playing hard makes you work up a nice appetite...

And we all got to eat at Aunt Kim's big tall table.
Well, except for Ryne...

He borrowed Taylor's high chair and made this cute little face for me to get a picture.

Speaking of Taylor...we got to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her!

A Minnie Mouse Party!

Kade played the guitar while we all sang "Happy Birthday."

I think Taylor liked it!

Certainly there were presents...

She got this cute little vanity from Granna and Paw and I just LOVE this picture of her looking at herself in the mirror. Isn't it priceless?

She was so sweet she even took time to read her cards.
It was such a fun time getting to celebrate Taylor's birthday with her.

A not-quite-what-you'd-call-fun event that we always try to make happen is getting a picture of all four of the cousins when we get them together. It's usually only twice a year so you'd think they could cooperate just twice a year. Oh, yeah, we are talking about my boys being involved...we all remember how uncooperative they are when it comes to posing for pictures.
Oh, well, we tried anyway......here are our best two shots:

Not too bad, huh?

You can see we were having a big time in Oklahoma...but there are just a few more things that I have to share with you before I finish up to make you see just how fabulous our time really was. It includes a wrap up of some of my favorite things.

Favorite thing #1...having someone play with my hair

Taylor loves to play with her Aunt T's (that's me) hair. Seriously, she would want to come to me just so she could play with my hair. And I loved it!

Favorite thing #2....getting to see my old friends

This is Patti and her sweet boys G and Baby P. One of my bestest friends from college! Just so happened that she was passing through Spiro (where Kyle's family lives) on her way to see her Mom. I was super excited that our paths crossed because it made my day to get to see her and her sweet boys. The fact that she brought me a vanilla dr. pepper from sonic just goes to show you what a fabulous friend she really is. Thanks so much Patti for stopping to see us!!!

Favorite thing #3....Chic-fil-a

Of course, I was there for the scrumptious chicken sandwich but the boys were all about the playground. We will just let the pictures of them tell you how we felt that day getting to go to chic-fil-a. As you can see Ryne felt as if he had the whole world in his hands.

Kade had to go a step further...

He felt as if he were on top of the world!

As for me and Kyle...

Aren't those smiles evidence of a couple of happy tummies?
We keep begging chic-fil-a to come our way but Portland is as close as it gets for now.

Favorite thing #4....Market Place Grill

The boys were excited because it is the place they get to play checkers.

Ryne even got Kyle to pretend to play some checkers with him.

Taylor just spent her time looking pretty...even with her tongue stuck out.

Looks like the checker game got serious with Brandon and Kade and Paw had to oversee it a bit.
So the kiddos let me indulge in my favorite restaurant from "back home" because of the checkers. And the food was just as yummy as always. The bread that comes in a pool of butter. The Chickenberry salad with fresh strawberries and poppyseed dressing. The Chocolate Mess that comes heaped in...oh never mind, I don't really even know how to start to describe it and I didn't take a picture so just trust me it is amazing. All delicious.
This particular trip to Market Place was special because it came with another Favorite thing #2...seeing an old friend.

And she brought a new friend for us to meet...

Jeremy!! And his two adorable boys Carter and Tagg!!
And as you can see, Jeremy was a hit with all the boys...or maybe it was the movie he was showing on his cool phone that was a hit??? Just kidding. Jeremy, Carter and Tagg are great and we are so glad that Bib brought them to meet us.
Our night at the Market Place was a fun wrap up to our time in Oklahoma.
We went home with full tummies and packed up to take off for Arkansas the next morning.
And we will pick up from there when Our Trip South continues with Part 2.

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