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Our Trip South- Part 2- JCHS Class of 1995

Why in the world would we plan a trip to HOT Oklahoma and Arkansas while the weather in Washington state is "perfect?" That's a good question. And believe you me there has to be a good answer for that. Otherwise, there is no way we would have planned to be gone from our little "paradise" in the Pacific Northwest.
The answer:
Junction City High School Class of 1995
We had a 15 year class reunion and it was planned for Labor Day Weekend.
A large part of our class has moved far away from good ole Junction City and the three day weekend worked out well for people to travel. It really was good to catch up with people that I haven't seen in years. Most of them I haven't seen at all since the night we graduated.
The crazy thing about that, we had known each other literally all of our lives. So many of us started out in kindergarten together and spent the next 13 years doing life together.
People like Stacy...

Seriously, we grew up together. Spent the night with each other countless times. Even went to each others grandparent's together. Made lots of sausage balls. Anytime there was a party at school the two of us wanted to get together and make sausage balls. Many hours at the lake together having tons of fun. Cheering together. Playing She-ra and barbies. You're getting the picture, right? And we had not seen each other in 15 years! Crazy! It was good to see Stacy.
It was good to see everyone else, too!
We had a two day reunion extravaganza. On Friday night we had a family get-together so that we could all see each other's kiddos and hang out. It was at one of our classmates house. Jason really outdid himself, too.
Here is everyone starting to gather round the food in the "shop"....

Smoked hog, bacon-ranch-cheese taters, baked beans, cheese bread, grilled corn...oh yummy!

Lots of meeting people had to happen at this shin-dig. Very few of us married someone we went to school with. That means that about half of the people there were not even JC people. It was cool meeting spouses and kiddos for the first time.
And my kiddos had a ball...

Hot dogs for the kiddos was a great idea.
But Kade would have to say that marshmallows were an even better idea...

Ryne just might agree with him.

Even more popular than the marshmallows though, was the dirt!

Until Ryne found the 4-wheeler, and then the dirt was not any fun.

My personal favorite "kid moment" of the night was a toss up between Kade looking at me with big bright eyes and saying "Mom, there are cowboys here! There are two cowboys here! Why are there cowboys here?" (obviously some of my classmates came sporting their cowboy hats) or it could have been when Kade came running up to me with these...

And begging me to let him take them home for his rock collection. I was certainly afraid that if I agreed then he'd be picking up rocks for the next week to take home and our luggage would never meet the weight requirements. So I told him I would just take a picture for him and we would take the picture home. So, here it is...I kept my promise.

Oh, and we did manage to convince Ryne to climb down from the 4-wheeler but it took a really big dump truck to get it done.

I'm not sure my boys have ever been dirtier than they were when they left Jason's place that night. Oh, and they left early. I called C.G. to come get them! Besides it was getting dark and nobody could see how cute they were anymore anyway. Not to mention it would have been really hard to find them hiding in the woods once it got dark. C.G. and Monk Monk to the rescue! They took them home, bathed them, and put them to bed. Kyle and I got to stay and hang out for a bit.

Saturday night was our "fancy" reunion night. And no kiddos!
Another classmate,Kim, really made this night happen. She put in a lot of work to get everything organized and people informed and it was a lot of fun.

And check out this cool cake that she had made for the occasion.
Not only did it look good, it tasted super yummy.

Here are a few of the pics I took of my classmates and their hubbies and wives...

T.J., Kendall, Keo and Paul with their sweet wives. Remember how I told you very few of us married someone from JC? Kendall's wife Jill is the only girl I knew at this table before the weekend. But they were all super sweet girls and I'm proud my friends found such good ladies.

Here we have a couple of JC girls with their non-JC hubbies. Jennifer on the left got the distance award because they drove in a car from San Diego. Boy am I thankful I didn't win that award...I'll take the two planes any day.

JC friend Holly with non-JC hubby Mark. They have a super cute new baby boy that I wish I had taken a picture of on Friday night to show you because he really is stinkin' cute.

JC friend Trisha with non-JC hubby Tim.

The party planner Kim! with yet another non-JC hubby Cole. They have the newest baby of the bunch of us but we didn't get to meet the little guy.

And here is the only couple who were both members of the JCHS class of 1995
Mark and Michelle.

This is Jason, who hosted our Friday night party and his wife...one of the few JC spouses (although not in our class) Brandi.

And my favorite couple of the night:

So thankful that my hubby was there with me so I could show all my friends just how blessed I've been to have such an amazing man in my life!

There was food, old pictures to look at, cool party favors, awards that made us laugh, music, 80's and 90's trivia, and lots more time to catch up with old friends. We had a great time and I am so glad that we went home for my class reunion.

We did have to leave before the party was over on Saturday night because Kyle and Daisy had a super early flight out Sunday morning. Yep, I said Daisy! Stay tuned and you can meet her in Our Trip South-Part 3!

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I'm glad I got a sneak peek of the class of '95 reunion! Now I can tell Jill she just has to do the same for ours - ha!