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Our Trip South- Part 4- The Conclusion in AR!

To pick up where I left off...
Okay, I'm actually going to back up one day and fill in a gap. I told you that we picked up Daisy in between Class Reunion Shin-digs but what I didn't tell you is that we had some great friends show up that day to see us. It was sort of a West Memphis reunion for us!
Granny Gayle and Johnny of course were there because they actually gave us Daisy. But we also got to see her grandson Ben and meet his new wife. And then our fabulous friends Marc and Ashley Carozza drove over from Texarkana with Carly and Carson. Added to that were our friends John and Nicole Wright and their little guy Gabe who were at the deer camp for the weekend a couple hours away. We all got together and had lunch and tried our best to catch up on the past year or two of our lives. Here are some pics from what I would call "Daisy Day"....

Ashley, Monk, Me and Nicole

Here is Ryne with Grandaddy and Johnny. I think my Dad and Johnny could pass for brothers. What do you think?

Johnny, Gayle, Kyle, Katie and Ben on one end of the table. I promise there was a whole lot of talking going on down there.

And in the middle of the table, Monk Monk was keeping Ryne entertained and happy by letting him open dozens of straws. Hey, whatever works!

The kiddos on the other end of the table were doing a great job of entertaining themselves.

And apparently after lunch, there must have been something quite entertaining in the back of C.G.'s car Goldilocks. Gotta love a grandmother who carries toys around in her car even though her grandchildren live 3,000 miles away!

And the fellas Gabe, John, Kyle and Marc...the other little fellas (Carson, Kade and Ryne) were hanging out in the car watching a movie at this point.
And that will be the final picture of Kyle you will see in this post. Why? Well, remember the next morning he was flying home with Miss Daisy.
Once I dropped Kyle off at the airport in Little Rock I started the 2 hour drive back to Junction City. Got tired about an hour into the trip and had to pull over for a quick nap. I planned for a thirty minute break and woke up two hours later!! I must have really needed the sleep.
When I did finally make it back to my parents house this is what I found....

Ryne was intently trying to get something out of this drainage hole.

Buster Brown wanted something out of there, too. Apparently Ryne had put all of Buster's tennis balls down the drain. Poor puppy.
And that was just the beginning of the Sunday afternoon fun.
Grandaddy had the firetruck charged up.

And this time Kade and Ryne rode in it together quite nicely.

Kade was even starting to figure out how to steer that big rig where he wanted it to go. Their imaginations were working overtime as they called out emergencies with each tree and bush catching fire and having to be rescued.

Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Johnny came over to visit and have dinner with us.

Kade kept Mrs. Nancy pretty busy coloring. I'm pretty sure he is explaining to her here just what color each character should be colored.

We also got to meet Monk's friend Josh.

He was an excellent pirate and of course my boys were LOVING that!

Probably because they always thought they were winning????

See, can't you tell this is one happy little pirate?
I have to agree with Kade that it was a happy Sunday afternoon. To top it all off we had a big ole steak dinner with Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Nancy.

After Sunday everything just kind of ran together. A good "ran together" that is because we did a lot of just hanging out. Mom didn't do much at the flower shop that week and we just tried to enjoy each other's company. It was nice. All except for the weather, which wasn't so nice...remember how I told you it was HOT in Oklahoma the week before? Well, it was even HOTTER in Arkansas this particular week. Yuck!
But we handled it well....

Indoor picnics in front of the television still wearing our pj's!

Monk Monk provided these cool "houses" that the boys left up all week and played in often.

Ryne learned how to shuck corn.

We didn't stay in the house the entire week.
We went to the Soda Shop...

To ride the horse of course.

And to have some ice cream.
Kade had Krazy Kolors ice cream. You can look at his teeth and the ice cream and see why it is named that. When I read the description to Kade it said something about how it would "knock your socks off" and I wish you could've seen his face. "Why will it knock my socks off, Mom?" he said. I tried to explain that it was just a figure of speech but he still checked to make sure his socks were on his feet when he finished his sweet treat.

Ryne enjoyed his ice cream, too. Not Krazy Kolors, just Birthday Cake for him and C.G.

It was a fun afternoon outing to the Soda Shop.
So much fun, in fact, that we decided to have another outing and meet Monk Monk for lunch one day...

Monk Monk was all smiles but Kade was too busy working on those peanuts.
John met us for lunch that day, too. John was in Monk's class in school and so we've known him forever. In fact, I've affectionately called him Rosco for many years now, so many years that I'm not even sure why I ever started calling him Rosco in the first place. It was nice to get to see Rosco...

And he and Ryne really hit it off.

While we were out we made a special trip to the wholesale where Mom gets her flowers for the flower shop. She is good friends with the people who own it. Good enough friends that when we were pregnant with Kade she sent a gift, even though we had never met her. The gift was a matching blanket and pajama set. It just so happens that the blanket she gave us is the one that Kade had become completely attached to and has named "Blue." Seriously he sleeps with it every night. And on this particular day Kade got to meet the lady who gave him "Blue." It was a special day indeed.
And here they are....

Mrs. Kay, Kade and Blue!

While we were there the boys got to explore a bit...

Inside the giant flower cooler.
Mrs. Kay even gave them each a flower. Any guesses to what they did with their flowers?

If you said, "used them as swords to play pirate" then you get the prize!

Ryne got hit so hard with a flower sword that it knocked him silly. Oh wait, he already was silly, don't guess I can blame that on the flower sword swung by Kade.

Kade did take time to stop and smell his "sword." He's not completely uncultured.

Hang in there with me, still a few more things to go. We were there for an entire week.

Ryne has always had an attraction for his Grandaddy's hats. This time Grandaddy gave him one of his very own and he wore it so proudly.

We celebrated Grandaddy's birthday while we were there. It was a few days early but we like to celebrate birthdays. Why?

Mostly because birthdays mean birthday cake!
I've shown you many pictures of my boys enjoying birthday cake in the past so I'll spare you those pics this go around and just show you this..

Kade and Ryne giving Grandaddy his birthday card that says something about the whole family being crazy or silly or nuts or something like that. It was completely appropriate!

Ryne found the scooter to ride. Didn't surprise me one bit. I was surprised that he hadn't found something to put on his head as a "helmet" though. It's just usually not his style to ride without his head protection. Guess he figured C.G. was there to take care of him.

We went to see Nanny!

I think this is a cute picture of Kade and Ryne with their great-grandmother, Nanny!

There was never a lack of entertainment. If things started to get dull C.G. always came up with something...

Yes, she has them both set up in the kitchen watching their own individual screens as they enjoy one of the new movies she had gotten them. I am pretty sure this was something she came up with while I was out trying to get my 5 mile run in one evening. Can't even tell you how miserable hot it was when trying to run in AR. Way worse than it was in OK. But that's another story all together. I will tell the running story, soon I promise.
Let's move on to something a bit cooler...

Water hose and swimming pool!

Look at Kade trying to actually swim in the little wading pool. They were hilarious in the pool. We probably had to refill it five times.

Monk spent as much time with us as she could. On our last night there she came back to hang out with us. The boys kept her busy playing "tents" in the hallway. They could have stayed there for hours under the, I mean tent....with their flashlights having a big time. Monk Monk said it was getting a bit toasty inside the tent so she had to just play from outside.
We had such a good time. And then our time was up. Daddy and Daisy were waiting for us at home in Washington.
For our last hoorah we had lunch before heading to the airport.

Kade checked out his kid's menu with the magnifying glass the restaurant provided.

Ryne had one last moment of full attention from Grandaddy and C.G.

Got to spend a little more time with Monk Monk.

And had some fun friends join us...

Billye and Whitney!
Yea for getting to see Billye two times! And I'm so glad we got to see Whit!
Ronda, Cameron and Nathan came, too!

Cameron, Nathan and Kade did some serious dancing to the groovy tunes the restaurant was playing. We were thankful that there weren't too many people there at the time.
Before we left our sweet friend Jennilee showed up with...

The Berry Boys! Noah, Austin and Eli are just wonderful little guys and we were so happy that they came out to tell us hello.
That was all we had time for, our plane was waiting. AND Granna and Paw were waiting, too!
That's right, Granna and Paw met us at the airport to fly back home with us.
We had a super great time getting to be in Arkansas with our family and friends. And the adventure would continue because Granna and Paw were coming to stay with us for ten days.
Those ten days have now come and gone so you know I have lots of blogging still to do...stay tuned!

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