Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Trip South- Part 3- Meet Daisy!

Class Reunion Friday night and Saturday night of our trip to Arkansas.
That left Saturday morning and afternoon to go pick up Daisy!!
Granny Gayle and Johnny, some of our favorite people from the time we lived in West Memphis, gave us a dog! Granny Gayle's son lives near my parents and he has really nice labs who had a litter of puppies. They drove from West Memphis down to meet us and get Daisy!

Here is Johnny with Kade and Ryne getting their first look at our new puppy.

I think she and Kade liked each other from the very beginning.

And you can tell by the look on Ryne's face that it was love at first sight.

Isn't she cute?

She just sat and let the boys pet her and talk to her. Super sweet girl.

I'm thinking she was really liking the attention. And believe it or not both of the boys were quite gentle with her.

Okay, I have to admit. I was pretty taken with her as well.
Just look at her...

She is just too cute not to like her! Of course, at the time I was trying not to think about all the work we had ahead of us with potty training, digging, chewing, barking, etc., etc.

We took her to the vet on Saturday and she got her first check-up and shots. She then spent a few hours at my parents house before we packed her up and took her to the class reunion with us. Why in the world would we take her to our class reunion? Well, you know I always have a good excuse for us doing crazy things..haha! We left from our class reunion and headed to Little Rock for Kyle to catch an early Sunday morning flight back to WA. His travel partner? DAISY!
She took her first (and hopefully her last) plane ride in this...

Kyle said she fit nicely under the seat in front of him.

And although it looks here like she was really wanting to get out of her travel case apparently she did really well. When I asked Kyle how she did on the trip, his reply was, "If I thought she could handle it, I'd feed her a steak she was so good."
So, there she is...our new little girl. Now I'm not the only girl in the house.

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