Saturday, October 2, 2010


We moved to DuPont, Washington.
Wow, it is hard to believe that two years has already come and gone since we packed up our lives and headed west. This is what we looked like two years ago...

Kade wasn't yet two and Ryne was two months away from being born.
God called us to DuPont to start a new church and we so excited to head out see what He had in store for us. I would say we are still excited! We have seen God do some amazing things since we've been here. We have learned a lot and realize that we still have so much to learn. God has grown Life Church in a way that only He could do. We are begging Him to continue to do His might work and to keep on molding us into the instruments that He wants us to be for His kingdom's sake. We have seen people come to know Jesus. We have seen people baptized. He have seen people grow intimately closer to Jesus in their daily walk with Him. We have had challenges. We have seen God provide for Life Church and for our family in unbelievable ways. We have seen prayers answered and we have prayers we are still waiting and believing for Him to answer. We have had to say goodbye to friends and continue to make new friends every week. The place we live is constantly changing and we love it. We are challenged by it, no doubt. But we are asking God to give us the vision that we need to make an impact for Him in our ever changing community, our military community, our community of young families, our community full of people who have yet to see their need for Jesus.
Ultimately that is why we are here and that is the desire of our see the people of DuPont come to Jesus!
And how blessed we have been as a family in the process of answering God's call to move to the northwest. Kade is now 3 years old.

This is what he looked like when we moved here two years ago.

He got to have his first pumpkin patch adventure here in Washington. He hasn't forgotten that day. In fact, just today as we drove past the pumpkin patch, he pointed it out to me and told me he could see the pumpkins now and wondered if it was time for us to go pumpkin picking this year. It is! Can't wait to take our boys to the pumpkin patch!
Kade has really grown a lot in the past two years...

This little guy is sharp as a tac and amazes us everyday with the things he knows. He loves vegetables and his favorite pizza to order at our local pizza restaurant is spinach, mushroom, and chicken. He rides his bicycle well and yesterday said to me, "Mom, did you see that extremely dangerous thing I just did on my bike?" Where has he even heard "extremely dangerous?" He started preschool two weeks ago and loves it. His only problem with preschool is that he has declared "its just not long enough." He totally gets why we are here "two planes away" from our families to tell people about Jesus. He prays for his neighbors and neighborhood often. Kade is definitely one of a kind. And he is learning to be a great big brother to the other one of a kind child at our house....

Our native northwesterner!
Ryne is now the age Kade was when we moved here and that is kind of hard to believe. Ryne cracks us up every day and almost every day makes us want to pull our hair out for one reason or another. He is Mr. Independent and wants to do everything by himself and sometimes we just don't have time for that. He loves to play hide-n-go-seek. He will sit for hours and play in a pile of dirty laundry or hide in one of the closets doing we have no idea what. We think he just likes his own company. He has become quite a talker lately and that is a lot of fun. Just this week we turned his crib into a big boy bed and he is doing well staying in it. And he is a big boy! Almost as big as Kade and I'm not kidding. People ask us often if they are twins. Even today at the check-out line at WalMart a gentleman asked if they were twins and when I told him they were two years apart he then asked which one was older. Guess Kade might have to get used to being the little big brother before too long. At least they are starting to learn how to play together. Oh, they still have some lessons to learn but it is getting better and that makes me happy.
I am so thankful for my family..for those precious boys that I've already spoken of....and especially for my amazing husband. The man who was willing to put it all on the line to say "yes" to what God was calling him to do. He is an amazing husband and an amazing father. I cannot imagine my life without him and I am so thankful that God chose him for me. I certainly look forward to the next two years here in DuPont because I get to do life with him, to serve Jesus alongside of him, to see God use him to preach the gospel, to watch him be Daddy, and to get to live everyday with my best friend! I am one incredibly blessed woman and ALL GLORY TO GOD for that!
So Happy Anniversary to us!
Looking forward to what the next year has in store.

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