Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun Times with Granna and Paw

Granna and Paw were here for ten days!
We had a great time with them. Some days we just took it easy and hung out at the house, other days we went adventuring. Here's a look at some of the fun stuff we did....

Of course there was a trip to Mt. Rainier!
This is the sign we encountered there...

So we thought we take a walk down a nice little road and see if we might could stir up any bears.

Well, really we were just trying to wait and see if the clouds would move away from the top of the mountains so we would get a better view.

Kade and Ryne were really enjoying their little hike.
One of the few times they've been at the mountain without being stowed confined to the cool backpacks we like to carry them around in.

Kyle did his best to keep up with them.

You can see that he did have to help Ryne out a bit when it got time to come back. Ryne didn't want to come back, he wanted to keep on going!

Crazy Kade!

What, Mom, What?

I think Kade was trying to get a sword fight going. I'm not so sure we could convince him that pirates weren't the mountain kind of men.

We saw this cute little guy...

And the boys found rocks to climb on.

Hey, they may not both be looking at the camera but they are both looking the same direction. That counts for something, right?
Another fun trip to Mt. Rainier.

I hope that my boys never stop being amazed by God's handiwork!

I hope that I never stopped being amazed that God allows me to share it with such fun little boys!

We made a trip to Cabela's!

Showing Granna and Paw the fish.
Notice Kade not in his stroller.
His spot was occupied...

By our sweet friend, Aaron.
Aaron joined us for a couple of days while his Momma went to the hospital to have his baby sister!

Kade really did enjoy not being in his stroller this trip!

Then we went to the Children's Museum.
You might recall that we can get free passes through our library.
We figured what better thing to do while Granna and Paw were here and we had Aaron to play with.

Playing gardener.

Kade working at the "Market"

Going Fishing!

Yes, Ryne, you do look quite astonishing in that costume!

Magnets are so much fun.

Drawing on the window may be even more fun than magnets!

Craft time!

On our way home from the museum we made a pit stop at the hospital so that Aaron could meet his baby sister...

What a proud big brother!

Sweet Delaney Grace

We decided to try out someplace new while Granna and Paw were here.
We've heard about it ever since we moved here but never been there. It is called Northwest Trek and it is much like a zoo but most all of the animals are ones that are native to the Northwest.
Take a look...

Pretty sure they were looking at some owls here.

A Beaver.
Check out Ryne's reflection in the glass. I think they were looking at each other.

Can't remember the name of this cute little critter.

I think the raccoon was just as intrigued by the boys as they were by it.

Ever seen kissing porcupines?

Or doped up big horn sheep?
Seriously, this guy was just laying beside the road on our tram ride and he was out of it. It was annual big horn sheep shot day at Northwest Trek. The green rings on his horns says he had already taken his turn at the doctor that day.

This big moose walked right up to us while we were waiting for our tram.

The vicious trumpeter swan. No, really, the guide told us they can be quite mean. Sure is a pretty bird, though.

A very large elk that was within arms reach of our open tram window.

One very large bison.

I think this mountain goat could have used a bath.

One of the most impressive animals we saw there.
So glad we didn't stir up one of these guys while we were at Mt. Rainier.

We also saw lots of wild cats that were quite impressive.

The cougars were my favorites.

I think Kade was impressed by the bear as well.

I think Ryne really just wanted to get out of the stroller. Doesn't this face just say, "why did I have to stay in this stroller the whole time?"

We also had a day that we explored Olympia in the rain. Guess the rain kept me from taking pictures that day. We did get to see lots of salmon at Tumwater Falls coming up the salmon run and into what's called a fish ladder. It was crazy how high they were jumping out of the water. Maybe I'll get pics of that for you next year.

Ten days really passed quickly and before we knew it Granna and Paw had to head back to Oklahoma. But before they left, they surprised the boys with some early Halloween goodies.

They got a gingerbread spook house to put together. We're going to have to do that soon. Looks like it will be lots of fun.
And they both got goody bags...

FULL of stuff.
Kade opened it up and looked inside. His reaction was priceless.
"Oh. My. Gracious! No. Way!"
Candy and toys galore. He was quite pleased by his surprise.

Ryne was pleased, too! He was excited just to have a bag all his own.
"Who cares what's in it, it's mine!"

What a great start to fall for us! Thanks, Granna and Paw, for coming!

Now just wait until you see what else we've been up to this fall.
Check back soon!

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Dawn said...

WOW! I made another blog post (I just read Alissa's from a couple weeks ago). I'm honored! BTW, that little critter is called a Fisher. They were on the news a couple nights ago. Looks like ya'll had fun!!