Thursday, October 14, 2010

Squeezing Apples and Bowling Pumpkins

We are having a great time this Fall!
Fall has always been my favorite season and I have to still is.
Look at a couple of the fun things we have done lately:

Steilacoom Apple Squeeze
Our neighboring city of Steilacoom holds an annual apple squeeze festival. The big attraction there is to make your very own fresh squeezed cider. There are all kinds of craft booths and food and kiddie games too.
We met up there with some of our new friends Brian, Alesha and their son Jacob.
And check this out...

A family picture with everyone looking at the camera!
The even more amazing only took one try. Seriously, everyone looked the first time.

Here Kyle is buying our "jug" in which to put the fresh squeezed apple cider.
Yep, you would buy an empty jug....a $6.50 empty jug....and they would assign you to an apple press. Then you would go wait in line for your turn at the assigned press.

Brian, Alesha and Jacob were in line before us so we got to watch them take care of some apple squeezing first.
Then we were ready to jump right in and make some cider of our own.

Kade is helping Kyle turn down the actual "press" part that squeezes the juice out of the chopped up apples.

Once they got to a certain point the big bar had to be used to help turn the crank.

Ryne is trying to "chop" up some apples.

Kade and I took a turn chopping apples.

Kyle and Kade doing more apple chopping.

Looks like this is an all out family apple chopping attempt.

Kyle and Kade get the job finished up and we had our jug full of fresh squeezed apple cider.
Yes, it has been delicious! Especially heated up with a little honey and cinnamon added.

Schilter Family Farm Pumpkin Patch
We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It was one of the first things we did when we moved to Washington two years ago. Kade remembers that fall is when we go to the pumpkin patch and he had been asking about it for a few weeks. We had a beautiful sunny fall day and decided to head to the patch before it rained and ended up all muddy. It was such a fun day. And I took a LOT of pictures. These are only a few....

Just look at this pile of pumpkins.

I think Ryne is trying to count them.
Which, by the way, I found out that he knows his numbers past ten and I have no idea how he learned them.
Then we tried for a nice fall picture of the boys with the pumpkins...

Yeah, didn't work out so well here.
Tried a different spot...

Not such a great turn out here either.
So, I gave up and just let them go play.

They climbed on a trailer full of hay.

Nothing like a good "snot shot."

We wandered through the pumpkin patch...

Okay, so Ryne rolled through the pumpkin patch.

Looks like he was relaxed and enjoying the ride.

Kade did wander through the pumpkin patch.

And found a place to pose as a scarecrow.

And of course he found rotten pumpkins to kick. YUCK!

Rode some tractors....

Pumped some water...

It was hard to tear them away from the water. In fact, Ryne kept going back there again and again.

They bowled pumpkins...

There was a bowling lane all set up complete with pins and small pumpkins to roll at them.

Slid down a really tall fast slide...

Kyle even gave the slide a try.

This must be the "tear shot" to go along with the "snot shot."

Kade humored me and did let me take quite a few pics of him without fussing about it...

This one is definitely my favorite Kade pic of the day!

Did some measuring...

Fall 2009

Fall 2010
I would say that Ryne has definitely changed more than Kade in the past year.
What do you think?

Visited the petting zoo...

I have several pics of the baby goats, baby cow, baby ducks, shetland ponies, sheep, rabbits and chickens. Told you I took lots of pictures that day. I'll spare you the rest of them and go ahead and wrap things up with my most very favorite picture of the entire day....

That's my boys!!!
And they make me smile!!
Can't imagine enjoying Fall without them.

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