Friday, October 15, 2010

The Many Things We Do

Fall has been much more than apples and pumpkins for us.
We've had some other pretty big things going on.
The biggest new thing in our world?

Kade is now a preschooler.
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning he goes to preschool for two hours.
This is a little photo documentary of his very first day.

He very willingly held my hand as we walked to school.
And he was very proudly wearing his Buzz and Woody backpack.

Kade is doing preschool at the very same place we do childcare for Life Church.
He was really checking out the Rubber Room and figuring out just how things were going to be different from what he is used to on Sunday nights.

Didn't take him long to find some friends to play with. Didn't even bother to tell us goodbye.
He is really enjoying preschool. His teacher goes to church with us so that is pretty cool. And Lissa is teaching a younger class at the same time. The only thing he has said that he didn't like about preschool is that it just doesn't last long enough. Gotta love that!
I love picking him up from school and listening to what all he did that day. He has learned lots of new songs and I smile every time he starts singing a new one.

What does Ryne do while Kade is at school?

Tries his best to make as many messes as he can and get himself into as many precarious situations as possible. He loves to just hang out next to Daisy in her kennel and would stay there for hours. But he kept trapping himself and making such giant messes that we had to bite the bullet and put a lock on the pantry door.
Oh, I wish I could even express just what a stinker Ryne is. He loves to "get stuck" and cry for help. I can't even tell you how many times I've gone to his rescue because he was "stuck" in a corner, under the couch, with a foot under the rug, under the bottom shelf in the closet, etc.

Check out this party we let the boys have...

A pizza party with Brooke and Raelyn while watching Barbie Three Musketeers.
Kade is now a big Musketeer fan!
The purpose of the party was to let us prepare for the big September DuPont yard sales.

A five family sale at our place.
Honestly, it was the least attended of all the DuPont yard sales and we didn't do all that great.
But, it was so worth it because we had tons of fun.
Just look...

Have you ever seen a more fun looking yard sale?
Not me!

And have you ever seen anything as crazy cute as this....

I'm telling you, this boy keeps me laughing.

Our friends Vance and Molly are back in town.
Vance came home from deployment and his wife Molly came back from Arkansas.
They gave us an awesome "We're Back" present and kept the boys one night so that Kyle and I could go on a date.
I only took one picture...

This class sculpture on the water was the view from our table at the restaurant.

Kade made a trip to the dentist.

He waited very patiently for the Dr. to show up.

And he was a total champ! Did great and no cavities!
Hoping for lots more visits to the dentist that go that smoothly.

Had a yogurt party at Black Bear Yogurt one night after dinner.

Let the kiddos just enjoy themselves.

And did our best to enjoy ourselves as well.

I got to hang out with Ainsley a bit.

And Ryne was ever so happy to have baby Natalie out of her "bucket" so he could hang out in it for a while.

We are just having a fun time around here.

Who wouldn't have fun with a boy who smiles like that?

Daisy is doing great...keeping us on our toes...and really growing.
The boys love her and she seems to really like them.
We just have to teach Ryne how to relax around her. He is still way to excited about her presence in our world. I have to admit, if I were a toddler I'd probably be just as excited.

Remember how I told you Ryne keeps me laughing?

Well, this is one of the funniest things he does.
I loves to put on my rain boots and try to walk around.
It is hilarious. Especially when he ends up like this....

And is completely stuck. For real this time, he has to be rescued.

Even so, he still is crazy cute and makes life completely unpredictable some days.
Kyle is about to find out just how unpredictable a day can be around our house.
Well, I'm leaving it all with him and heading to NYC tomorrow morning.
A girl trip that my sis and I have been planning for a year now. I absolutely cannot wait!!
I am so thankful that Kyle is willing to let me go and that he is such a good Daddy I won't have to worry about a thing while I'm gone.
So, you know what that are soon to be bombarded with pictures of New York City!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Terr!!! I always, always love reading the blog, but.... tonight or rather this morning, just finished work and am shutting down the computer, I have laughed until my sides hurt!!! Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy life and spending your free time that you manage to get just keeping us up with what is going on in your lives. You have no idea how precious it is to be able to have this to share with you guys. I love you!

Have a super great time with your sisters Monk and Bib. Kyle, this too shall pass. I pray for total chaos, I mean calmness while Terr is gone. I know you will be great and thanks from me for this time for Ter and Monk to spend together. Love you all, CG