Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get the June Party Started....

You buckled your seat belts for June, right?
Well, I decided to take it easy on you sweet blog readers and start June off slow but with a party.
Literally, a party!
For these guys...
 Yes, I know their birthday is in July but we celebrated early with our family and friends in Arkansas.
 Kade and Ryne both got to have their 1st birthday parties with our families so we didn't want Tesa and Tyce to miss that special event.  So, since we were going to be in AR for all of June we had to figure out how to fit a party in.  Just happened that it only fit on the front end of the trip.  So, they were almost 11 months old when they had their first 1st birthday party!
It was great fun!  
Our sweet friend whom we lovingly call Granny Di had made these cute crab outfits for the twins and gave them to us when we were home in April.  They inspired a nice ocean life party...
 Complete with awesome decorations made by Kade.
 We planned the party to take place at a park in Little Rock so that both of our families could meet in the middle. (And so that we could take Kyle to the airport for his flight back home afterward.)
Not only did both of our families get to be there but we had lots of awesome friends who came to wish our sweet babies a happy birthday.

Here are some pics to document the fun.....
 Grandaddy and Tyce or "Little Boy" as Grandaddy likes to call him.
 Tyce with Uncle Josh.
 The pinata!
 Getting all set up.
 Kade and Brandon took advantage of the tennis courts.
Monk Monk, Uncle Josh, Taylor and Tyce made great tennis spectators.
 Kade took his time signing the photo frames.

 Brandon and Uncle B took their turn at signing.

 The cakes were a big scary looking but they did go with the theme.

 Kyle is the middle of a brother-in-law sandwich!

 Brandon still working hard to make his signature just right.

 Tesa and her Daddy.


 Tesa got to hang out with Granny Gayle. 
 We sure do miss Granny Gayle from our West Memphis days.  She and Johnny were so precious in our world.  They were Kade's adopted grandparents and took him every Thursday night so Kyle and I could have a date night.  The taught him to love shrimp and banana popsicles.  

 Sure is nice to have great friends who don't forget you when you up and move across the country. We are blessed!

 Time for cake!
 The noisemakers that cranked up at the end of the "Happy Birthday" song terrified Tyce.
Is that not pitiful?? 
I felt so bad for him.
 Noise makers didn't phase Tesa...she was ready to dig right in.
 Tesa is eating up and look at Tyce in the background still not able to regain his composure.
 Here I am trying to talk him into tasting his cake.
 Tesa seems to be thinking, "what is this kids problem?"
 He's starting to think about maybe having some.
 Daddy and Ryne are keeping an eye on Tesa as she continues to dig in.
 Got his hand to the cake.
 FINALLY!  He dives in.
 "Bout time," she says.
 Ryne thinks he should help Tesa out a bit.
 Now he's having fun.
 Kade was in disbelief that we were actually letting the babies get it all over themselves.
 Loved seeing Johnny hanging out at the kids table.
 Oh no, Ryne found a water spout.  And yes, before the day was over it would lead to a nice mud bath on his part.
 Maybe he was just looking for water because he knew Tesa would be needing it.
 Oh yes, she was a royal mess...our little princess.
 She demolished her cake.
 Ryne salvaged some icing from what was left.
 But it looks like Tyce might have ended up being the biggest mess.
 Yep, he was carted off to the water spout to wash up.
 And required a pretty serious sponge bath.
 Tesa was happy to get her mouth wiped up and that messy dress off then hang out with Grandaddy.
 Pinata time!
 I am such a huge fan of pull-string pinatas!  So much better than having small children swinging bats while blindfolded, don't you think??!!
And as long as the candy still falls out, the kids really don't care how the pinata gets busted open.

Granna and Paw brought some presents...
 Granny Di (the makes of the cute crab outfits) helped Tyce out so I could take some pictures.
 Yay for new clothes and toys!
 Giving her new baby a kiss.  How sweet!
Thanks Granna and Paw!
It's always okay for Granna and Paw to break the "no gifts please" rule because, well because they are Granna and Paw.  
Everyone else brought letters and small reminders of 2011/2012 to put in Tesa and Tyce's time capsules that they will get to open on their 13th birthday.  Isn't that cool?  I think so.

Know what else I think is cool?
This.  My family.  I am blessed.  Five times over!

Hope you enjoyed a recap of Tesa and Tyce's first 1st Birthday party.  When it was over we took Kyle to the airport where he would fly back to Washington and the rest of us would head to south Arkansas to spend the next four weeks missing him.  Want to know what we did there?????
Stay tuned for more of June.....

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