Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hit the Rewind Button

At our house when something just really doesn't go as planned, as often as we can we "rewind" and have a do-over.  Our rewind is complete with waving arms and silly sounds.  So wave your arms with me and make some silly sounds.....7 whole months worth. Yep, we are going back in time to February 2012.

Here is a quick look at the adventures we had during the shortest month of the year.
Had a little photo shoot with the boys since they had turned 5 and 3 and we needed new pics.  And believe me, these two boys turned loose on a trail and trying to have them pose for pictures is a true adventure.  Here's what we got...

Then we had this kind of stuff happening...

A trip to the zoo...

Our little friend Audrey's birthday party at the gym...

And this was a big one...
Kade's first ski lesson

 Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen on skis??
 Yes, he absolutely loved it.  I will try to post a little video at the end to reward you for making to the end of our February post.

We had Valentine's Day...

My best friend Billye got married!
 In Fayetteville, AR!
 To this awesome guy, Jeremy.
 And I got to be there!!!!
Kyle agreed to keep the kiddos and my parents flew me in and took me with them to enjoy the festivities.
Can't even tell you how much it meant to me that I got to be there.  This girl really is like a sister to me.
 Needless to say, they are Razorback fans!
Meet Josh...
 My sister's boyfriend (now husband), and he is NOT a Razorback fan!
Like the cupcake I picked out for him?  It was fun giving him a hard time.
 Couldn't resist taking this picture when he realized he was sitting just behind Coach Broyles.  If you are a Razorback fan you will know who he is...if you're not just consider him Mr. Razorback and you've got a good picture of who Josh was sitting behind.  Awesome!
And YES, he was at my friend's wedding...that's just how cool she is!
 Personally, I was more excited that this man was there! My Daddy!  I think he was happy to have both of his girls with him...that doesn't happen too often these days.
 No doubt I enjoyed getting to spend some time with my Kid Sister, too!!
 Yep, that's who I got to spend an entire two days with and I treasured every minute of it.
It was a super quick trip but by the time it was over I sure was missing my family in Washington.
Before I got on the plane we stopped for lunch and I couldn't help but laugh when I looked up and noticed the wall behind Josh and Monk said "Hog Heaven"  Say Cheese!  I'm not sure Josh enjoyed me being home as much as I enjoyed being there.  Ha! 

And so ended the adventurous month of February. 

And as a special treat, here are a couple of videos of Kade skiing for the first time. 

Come back soon for our trip back to March!

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Anonymous said...

Loved, absolutely loved the memories!! And look how much those boys have changed! Love ya, Mom