Thursday, September 6, 2012

March Madness

 What was so mad about it?  Well, I was looking back at my March photos folder and realized that I really didn't take many pictures.  Pretty sure that is the month that I was mad at myself for not staying on top of this blog and so I just didn't take any pictures.  Every click of the camera served as a reminder that I was a failure in the blog world and for every picture I didn't take it was one less picture I didn't feel guilty about not sharing for the joy of grandparents thousands of miles away.  

So, here's what I do have from March...

 Kade and Ryne made these cool little critters at school.

 Tesa and Tyce learned to love their excersaucers...
 Which was really nice for me.  A little more hands free time in my world!

We had a visitor...
 Woody was here!!
We love when Woody visits...he is like a grandpaw to the kids and they have a ball with him.
This was his first time to visit us as a family of six.  Wonder how he liked our crazy world with two babies???
I was afraid to ask him.  But he did say when he left that he would come back.  Maybe he meant in a few years when everybody can feed themselves and take themselves potty and tie their shoes. We'll see.

Speaking of feeding...
This was the month that Kade really decided to pitch in and help out a lot with the babies.  
I think they were finally big enough that he wasn't worried about hurting them.
And they really seemed to like it when he wanted to feed them.  
And it was a great big help to me!  Yay for helpers!
Ryne always does his best to help, too. 
He continued to be infatuated with the babies and wanted to be with them and touching them at ALL times.  Cannot even tell you how many times I said, "Ryne, leave the babies alone.  Stop touching them.  Be easy."
At least he loves them right?
And how could they not love him back?  With a wink and a grin like he can almost make you forget that he's supposed to be in trouble. Ha!

Kade got to do this again...
And I think he may have liked it even more the second time.

Babies spent a lot of time playing in the floor...
And getting cuter....

This is how we celebrated St. Paddy's day...

But my favorite holiday of the month, we celebrated with this...
Biggest most delicious carrot cake ever!
Oh, my favorite holiday????
Our anniversary, of course!!!
8 years! 
Love him more every single year.
And look what else we've been blessed to love after 8 years together....
We are indeed blessed.  Even if I was mad in March, I was still blessed.

Met this awesome couple, Patrick and Lindsey, a few weeks earlier and they were back and we got to  spend some time with them.
They actually brought a crew out from AR for spring break to help our church plants in WA.  They blessed us with anniversary night babysitting so Kyle and I could go out!  Babysitters for four kiddos are a huge blessing to us.  And the super exciting thing is....they moved here in June to be part of a new church plant in Olympia!  Awesome!  You'll see more of them later.

Moving on...what else in March do I have pictures of?
Well, we had a few play-doh parties...
Kade's creation was a flower.
Ryne made the leaning tower of Pisa.
And yes, he actually knows what that is and made it on purpose because he learned about it in preschool.  Pretty awesome preschool lesson, huh?
I like that my kids are creative...especially since I didn't get a very big dose of creativity myself.

We got to celebrate our buddy Joshua's birthday with him...
In fact, we had Life Group game night on his birthday so it was a fun party.
We always like getting to hang out with our friends.
Aurelia now lives in GA so this picture kind of makes me sad because we miss her and her family.
Audrey...she and her family are part of what we like to call our "forever friends" because they are not military so they have no reason to ever have to move.  We treasure that since we have so many awesome friends that we have to say good bye to every year.  We treasure those friends, too!  And thank God for the blessing that they are in our lives if only for a few short years.  Just something about knowing there are some people that you will get to be around for years to come.
Jane was helping her Mommy at the grown-up game table.
Guys had one game going on one end.
And the gals had a different game going at the other end.
Then there was the kids game table...complete with Berenstain Bears playing in the background.
Cutie pie Jane just wandered from one to the other keeping track of everyone.
I do happen to remember that I spent most of this night trying to get fussy babies to go to bed.  But that was my world they lay right down and go to sleep when it is bedtime.  It's nice to think back to March and realize the progress we've made in six months. 
Can't wait to dive into April and see what memories await us there.  Maybe I took a few more pictures then?  Stay tuned....

oh, here's a Kade skiing video from his second trip for your viewing pleasure

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