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Monk Becomes a Mrs.!!!!

The big event that brought us to the end of June was a wedding for my kid sister.
She was getting my kiddos an Uncle Josh and we were all excited about the festivities.
In my June post you got to see a shower, a bridal tea and a bachelorette party for Monk.  It was all fun but here is the real excitement.  I'll spare you too many words and just let you enjoy the pictures.
From putting together the flowers, enjoying the rehearsal dinner, to the ceremony and reception it was definitely a grand adventure.  Hope you enjoy it like we did....
 All hands on deck at the flower shop to getting the party started.
 In case you wondered, my Daddy is an excellent florist when he needs to be.
 I think there were thousands of these flowers.
And I was so busy working with them that I didn't take any more pictures until it was rehearsal time.
So, here's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner pics....
 The Bride-to-Be with her Groom
 Mrs. Nancy was the stand in bride to walk down the aisle for Monk.
 Can you tell we were all having a good time?
 I actually got to meet a lot of Josh's family that night.
 Hey, who's that hiding behind Monk and Josh?
 Look!  It was my hubby!  Yep, he came back for the wedding!!!  Boy were we glad to see him!
He brought his mom and dad and nephew Brandon with him to help us out with kiddos. Awesome, because I was a bit distracted with other things to be done.
 Like spending lots of time with this girl, Ronda, getting food ready for the reception.
 Not sure why Kade doesn't seem as excited as his Dad...
 Maybe he was just waiting for the goofy picture.
 Ryne made a new best friend.
 This is Emily, one of Monk's best buddies from optometry school.  Ryne would not leave her side. 
 Tesa was a big hit with the kiddos for some reason.
 Every time I looked a different kid was trying to hold her.
 There was super yummy food that Josh's family cooked for us.
 Tyce and Paw
 Loved the poster with pics of Josh and Monk through the years.
 Tyce in his traveling high chair.
 This photo above is a rare picture.  It is Emily's back that you see and Ryne is nowhere in sight.
 It didn't last long.  This is how he spent most of the night.
 Tesa with part of her posse.
 Kade and Brandon being cool and playing with the ipod.
 Isn't this guy a cutie?  That is Josh's nephew Gavin.
Apparently he was part of Tesa's posse, too.
 Josh's parents getting their gift from Josh and Monk.

 Beautiful Nanny
 Tyce had become buddies with Aunt Sue Sue over the month.
 We got a chance to "leaf" our mark on the Wedding Tree that would serve as the guest book for the reception.
 The babies were a bit of a challenge.
 But the end result was going to be super cool. And it would be something that Monk and Josh could frame and put in their new home instead of just having a book like I do that has been packed away for 8 years now.  I thought it was a super fun idea.
 I also thought it was super fun to have this guy back in my world.
Although we really didn't see each other very much until after the wedding was over.  He was on full out Daddy duty so that I could be free to get my jobs done.
 Just having a little fun with my Mrs. Nancy.
 Love her so much!
 Mom and Dad's turn for a gift.
 Tesa's posse grows.
 My turn for a gift.
 I was instructed to act surprised.
 Not because I helped pick out the jewelry that was being gifted to me to wear in the wedding. Wink. Wink.
 How'd I do?  I think that look says "surprised!"

 Daddy and Kyle discussing matters I suppose.
 Still some time to chill out and relax a bit.
 Maybe have a bottle before calling it a night.
 Yes, it was good to have Granna and Paw's extra hands.

 And I know Monk agrees that it was good to have great friends on hand to make it all happen.

 Looks like Grandaddy was having to handle a problem here.  If I am guessing, I'd say it probably had something to do with sharing the ipod.
But alas the night drew to a close for most and we sent everyone off to get some beauty rest for the wedding.
 That's when the real party started.  We made countless runs from Junction City to El Dorado...about thirty minutes one way....transporting goods to the reception area.  I seriously felt like I was running for a drug smuggling ring or something.  See how full the fan was behind me?
 And that time on the clock is am!  Yes, 2:51am we were making our third run.  To be honest I'm not sure what time I got home that morning.  I just know that I grabbed a quick nap before meeting Monk here...
 Getting her hair did for the big day!
I got my hair did too and then we headed to town to check out how the decorating was coming along.
There was an awesome group of family and friends who volunteered to make it all happen so Monk just went to give her two thumbs up.
 The Candy Bar
 Sparklers for the send off.
Looked like things were going good at the reception hall so it was off to the church.

 Her beautiful bouquet.
 The aisle was lined with daisy balls.
 Can you tell her favorite color is yellow?
 Looked like things were ready at the church.
Now we just needed the people.
Here they are....
 Dad's all suited up.
 Monk getting all beautified.
 Tesa showed up in her pretty dress.
 We tried to grab some family pics.
 But you already know how that goes with my crew.
 Tesa wouldn't leave her bow or shoes on.  
Kade nor Ryne were interested in looking at the camera.
 Even trying to get just the six of us didn't prove very successful.
 At least we tried, right?

Obviously I was a bit occupied during the ceremony so I don't have any pics of that.  Just trust me when I tell you that it was absolutely beautiful and perfect.

Now on to the reception...
 That's Carly Kay modeling my bridesmaid's bouquet.
 Ryne found someone who would let him play with their phone.
 There they are!  Mr. and Mrs. Josh Legg joining us for the reception!
 Got to see my precious friend Ashley again!
 Oh look, it was Uncle Doc who let  Ryne use his phone.  Looks like maybe Ryne picked a new best friend for this day.
 Remembering to fill out the marriage certificate.
 Kyle and sweet Dylan Hoover who has just grown right up since we left Arkansas.
 Marc and Ashley...with sweet baby Carter hiding in Ash's tummy.  He made an appearance a couple of weeks later.  Sad we missed his arrival but super happy that we got to see our Carozzas while we were in Arkansas. 
 Uncle B chillin' with Taylor and Tyce.
 Tyce was thrilled because people kept letting him have his paci even when it wasn't nap time.
 Kade occupied himself nicely at the kiddie table.  Which, by the way, I highly recommend that people have those at wedding receptions where there are children involved.  Such a life saver.
 Carson was decorating the house in the kiddie corner.
 Tyce got to meet Uncle Bosco and cousin Joe.
 See that big grin?
 Tyce thought Joe's smooth head was really cool.

 Oh yeah, back to the bride and groom...
 Cake time!
 If you  notice in the background April is doing us all a big favor and holding Ryne back from the cake. Ha!

Look who else showed up...
 Bib and Mom #2!!!!
Didn't see them much during the reception because they were working themselves to pieces in the kitchen.  Then those sweet ladies stayed afterward and helped Kyle and I get everything cleaned up and delivered back to Junction City.  Let's just say we got to have a late night of "fun" with them. SO thankful to see them and to have their help.
 Also thankful to see this table full of people together again.
 Ashley, Ronda and Susan!
 It was like the good ole days in West Memphis!
 There's the good ole days crew of fellas.
 I do miss seeing these guys together.
 This is Neill and his beautiful girl. 
Quick small world story.  Kyle and I have known Neill and Danielle for quite a few years.  We went to their wedding a few years back before we moved to Washington.  Come to find out.  Josh, Monk's husband, was the best man at their wedding.  What?  I know, crazy huh?  Josh and Neill are friends from way back and we had no idea of the connection until Danielle noticed a picture of Monk's ring on Facebook and made the random connection.  Cool.

 Sweet Cameron was having a great time.
 Monk and Josh did sit down to eat a bit.
 Bet the photographer didn't get these kinds of shots!
 I think they were having a fun time.

 Love this picture of my Daddy and his twin cousin Alice.  They were born on the exact same day. Which just so happens to be today!!!  So, in the middle of this wedding post let me send a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to Daddy and Cousin Alice!!!

 Found Ryne in the Kiddie Corner. 
 Tesa hanging out with her Daddy.
 Tyce with Grandaddy.
And Kade telling somebody something.
Gathered them all up and went outside for the send off...
 I'm thinking that if they had waited until dark to leave the sparkler send off would have been a bit more sparkly and not quite so smokey...but hey, it was cool!
 Maybe not as cool as those yellow shoes Monk is sporting.
 And yes, Josh wanted to know where the nearest car wash was located.

 The happy Mrs.
 One last good-bye.
 And Mom finally got her sparkler to light.
 In time to wave good-bye!
Then all that was left....CLEAN UP!!!
The entire time we cleaned, Kyle and I kept saying over and over again just how thankful we were for all those people who did this for us 8 years ago.  We didn't truly know how thankful to be until then.
But I would do it all over again for my Kid Sister because I love her and she deserves it!  
Welcome to family Josh!!!

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