Saturday, January 10, 2009

C.G. goes home...

Well, it has been a week and a half of adventures...
C.G. was here helping us out and ultimately spoiling both Kade and myself! Kade had his own personal play pal on call 24/7 and I didn't have to worry about laundry, dishes, floors, food, or anything. Well, I did have to worry about whether Kade was letting C.G. sleep in her own bed or making her sleep on the bean bag next to his bed. Yes, multiple times we found her asleep in his room on the bean bag! Ryne has been doing well. Didn't get to hang out with C.G. just a whole lot because Kade was jealous...doesn't like sharing C.G. at all. He didn't seem to be jealous of Mommy or Daddy having Ryne...just C.G. Kade and I both cried when she left this morning...I think I probably cried more for Kade because I knew how attached he had gotten to her. But thankfully Granna and Paw flew in on Thursday so we have someone else here for him to "play" with. He's been trying hard today to teach Paw how everything is supposed to work around here...trying to show him just how he and C.G. do things. I think it's working out pretty good for him so far.
Also this week, Ryne went to the doctor for his one week check up and is doing great! He is a good baby and we are loving having a new little guy in the house. Kyle and I are getting back into the swing of getting up for those feedings and diaper changes! We are amazed at how much Ryne is like his big brother and yet totally different at the same time. We are so blessed!
And the latest fun in the Lewallen household was an early birthday party for Kade. He will be 2 on January 17th but since C.G., Granna, and Paw were all in town we decided to go ahead and have his party while they were here. D and Lissa also came over and we just had a big time. Kade had a blast! Pizza, Cake, and Presents...what more could a two year old ask for? He got lots of cool stuff to play with and several things to add to his "one-man band" collection....a keyboard (Kade calls it a piano), an accordion, and a "rock" guitar! This guy is surely to be a musician one day! I'll try to post some video soon so everyone can enjoy his musical talents!
Hope you are all having a Happy 2009!!
Enjoy the pics:
Kade was a pretty good boy at the mall so C.G. let him ride the train.
No wonder, this kid is so attached to his C.G....she sure is good to him!

All wide awake after a visit to the doctor's office! Doc said he was looking great!!

Ryne, just being cute!

Kade is sporting C.G.'s glasses so that he could see just what he wanted at Target.
What do you think, Dr. Monk Monk...are these his style?

This was the day after we brought Ryne home...Jan 1, 2009! Happy new year little guy!

Paw and Granna made it here this week to see their little boys.

C.G. and Granna both checking out Baby Ryne

Does this look like a boy who's ready to party, or what?

Kade is checking out his party guests.

Look, Elmo came to my party and he even brought me a present!

Bowling! Thanks D and Lissa!

He blew out that candle in one little puff. Good work!

Kade checking out his very own personal cake....just how many bites is it going to take me to get this one all down? "I need milk, please"
Ryne attended the party as well...even though he did sleep through most of it. He was just being a good little brother and letting his big brother have his time in the spotlight.
Kade with Mommy and Daddy

Yummy Cake!
Monk Monk, got to come to Kade's B-day party via web cam...she even got to wear a party hat (with a little help from D)! Thanks for making the trip all the way from that wedding in Nebraska, Monk!
Playing his new "rock" guitar...looks like a pro, doesn't he?
Drawing on his new MagnaDoodle...Kade loves to draw...maybe this will keep him away from the pens and pencils! Quick night while C.G. and Grandaddy were here for Christmas we heard Kade upstairs in their bedroom and assumed he was just hanging out with them while he was supposed to be in bed. When we finally went upstairs, out came Kade from C.G. and Grandaddy's room, C.G. and Grandaddy were both fast asleep and Kade was in possession of an ink pen. We asked Kade what he was doing and he quickly answered: "I drawin' " Sure enough he had been perched in his Daddy's office chair with a note pad and pen just drawing away while his grandparents were fast asleep. So, this kid LOVES to draw!
Guess who got to pick out his own Birthday Card? Of course, C.G. didn't care if he's only was the one he wanted!

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Deby said...

As a Grandma who has to leave our boy sometimes, I can feel C.G.'s pain! It's cool that Kade is so close to her and now has Granna there to take up where C.G. left off. Perfect timing! Ryne is beautiful and such a reminder of another little guy just two years ago. I love that the world has yet another little Lewallen man to bless us all. We miss you soooo much! Enjoy your visit!