Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing Boys and Old Friends

Today is Ryne's 4-week Birthday. To celebrate we took Kade to the doctor for his two-year-old check up. He was such a good boy. Let the nurse check his blood pressure and let the doc poke an prod all over and then did everything that she asked him to do! I think he actually had a fun time....in fact, he didn't want to leave.....kept saying "play more Doctor Lirio's".
He weighed in at 30.1 pounds and measured 34 inches long. Above average in weight and just below average in height, looks like he got his Mommy's genes. The doctor also said that he had the speech development of a 3-year old...wonder where he gets that?
Ryne is growing and changing all the time. He actually rolled over onto his tummy just yesterday and he smiles at us from time to time (I can tell the difference from his smiles and his gas). He watches us closely and really responds to our voices. We've had to start giving him some Kade-free time every day so that he can get away from the busy-ness and rest and we have noticed a significant difference in how his day plays out.
Last night we had a special treat. Some friends of mine from college came over for dinner. I haven't seen them in probably ten years so it was pretty exciting. Laura was my pledge sister in college and Todd and I had a couple of science classes together. Todd is a doctor with the army and just got back from 15 months in Iraq. Laura and their daughter Avery came up to welcome him home and they are waiting on the outprocessing stuff to happen so that they can head back home to Arkansas. We had a great time getting to hang out with them.
Check out some pics below...

Kade showing off his new car that he got to pick out at the store for being such a good boy at the Dr's office today!

Ryne at 4 weeks old. It is hard to get a good picture when you're holding the baby and taking the picture too...not to mention with a two year old pulling on your leg to take his picture instead.

Laura, Avery and Todd.

Laura with our little guy Ryne.

Todd with our big guy Kade.

Kade and Avery having some toddler adventures and practice in sharing!

And for those of you who have been wondering, Squirt is doing great...seems to be adjusting quite well to his new home in Washington.


patti said...

Ok...1st- that kade is something else. I love that kid...his stories just make me smile.

2nd- how fun that you got to see the B family!

3rd- Sonic...those are some really good neighbors. really, no sonic up there? i know when sheila comes to visit we go to sonic almost daily, even though i could do that during happy hour everyday.

4th- so glad we got to talk...that just made my week!

hugs and love~

Gordon Family said...

That is so neat that you guys got to reconnect with Laura. Gotta love facebook and blogging! I meet up with Tracy Allred couple of weeks ago from reading her facebook status!