Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Washington!

Sorry that the Christmas update is a little behind....our little guy Ryne showed up before I had a chance to post anything from this is really a catch up post from our first Christmas in Washington. It was great. There was still snow on the ground so we even had a white Christmas.

This is what we did Christmas Eve.....went to the airport to await the arrival of Grandaddy, C.G. and Monk Monk. We were sooooo excited that they were getting to come see us for Christmas. Thanks Monk.....the best present of all was having you guys for Christmas!

Here's Kade Christmas morning....trying to climb the gate to get downstairs. Don't you just love his hair?

Checking out his new tool bench that he got for Christmas!

Hey, there's lots more tools to go with my tool bench!

Look, I already know just how to work this drill!

Opening his karaoke machine from Grandaddy and C.G.

Check out this's just what I wanted!

Think they'll let me bring this to church and sing along?

Two microphones...even better! Now, I can have a backup singer! Daddy makes a great backup singer!

Believe it or not, Kade had to take a break from presents and have some milk and ready a book with Grandaddy...see the present just sitting beside him waiting to be opened?

Kade liked giving presents just as much as he liked getting them. He had a great time passing out everyone's gifts. Here he is giving Monk Monk her present.

Look at the beautiful necklace that Kade and his Daddy gave me!

Daddy's turn to get a present delivered by Kade!

Stocking time! C.G. really loaded those stocking up this year! In fact she brought an extra suitcase just for her stocking stuffers....see why we call her Crazy Granny?

Monk wanted to watch everyone empty out their stockings before she got started with hers.

Kyle finds his annual "ugly tie"....good thing he checked it out good....there was money hidden in it! I think this was his favorite ugly tie yet!
Kade, with one more present to open from Grandaddy and C.G. There's a reason we saved this one for's DRUMS!!! Once he saw them, that was all he wanted to do.."play drums"!

He really is trying to wait patiently for his drum set to get put together...but he can hardly stand just holding on to those drumsticks.

Here, Grandaddy, if you hold them just like this then I can go ahead and start playing them now.

All set up and ready to play!

Later on Christmas night we were able to get on the webcam with Paw, Granna, Uncle B, Aunt Kim, Brandon and Taylor and let Kade open his Christmas presents from them while they got to watch. And we got to see them open our presents that we had sent. It was pretty cool to get to have long distance Christmas. Here Kade is getting a giant firetruck from Paw and Granna.

Trying out his new computer that he got from Maw Maw. I hope this will keep him from trying to help me work when school gets started back up...he can do some work of his very own!

Our family Christmas picture....notice we had to go to Kade...he didn't want to leave those drums.

Day after Christmas we drove the family down to Olympia and they saw the Capitol. We got out to take some pics but it was very cold so we didn't take too many! Decided to go eat instead. Monk treated us to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Yummy!!! Thanks Monk!

A little more sight-seeing. We went to Steilacoom and rode the ferry over to Anderson Island. Kade thought riding the big boat was pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cool too! Here everyone is posing from inside the ferry.

Me and My Kid Sister

Just checking out where we're going.

C.G.....hold on tight to that guy....he might decide he wants to go for a swim.

Grandaddy's turn to wrestle with the Kade-man.

Kade gets a special at home visit from Dr. Williams. She said his eyes looked good! Thanks Doc!

Kade talked Monk Monk into joining his band! I don't think he had to talk too hard.
We had a fabulous time this Christmas. It was so good to have our family here. Kyle's parents will be here on January 8th so we knew that we would get to see them soon. Grandaddy, C.G. and Monk Monk flew back to Arkansas on Monday after Christmas. It was so sad that they had to was especially sad when Ryne was born the very next day! Crazy Granny got back on a plane that next day and came right back (Thanks Mom!!) and the webcam was a lifesaver yet again...everyone got to see Ryne from the hospital room right after he was born.
We are so blessed!
Kade had a great time this Christmas. He understood that we were celebrating Jesus' birthday and we sang "Happy Birthday to you Jesus" more than once on Christmas day! And his favorite song to sing in his new microphone is "you are my king, Jesus"! We pray that he always remembers that is what Christmas is all fact, that is what this life is all about!
Hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas as you celebrated the birth of our KING!


Anonymous said...

Awww! What a wonderful Christmas you had!! Wish I were there right now. LOVES!!! bib

Deby said...

OK, there are tears in my eyes as I just finished reading about your special Christmas and about Kade's understanding of Who it's really all about. That realization, your place, your family, & Kade's excitement all seemed to make it a perfect celebration. No wonder Ryne was in a hurry to come...he could hear all of the fun! Give some 'loving' to the boys for us. We miss you!!

kapjones said...

Where in WA are you guys? I have a really good friend in Redmond. Let me know if that's anywhere near'll love them! Congrats on Ryne - he's adorable!

patti said...

oh what a fun Christmas! I wish i could see and hear Kade play those drums. I bet little brother just loves them!!