Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Feeling Spoiled!

Okay, so let me just say that this weekend I am feeling pretty special. Yesterday the ladies at Sunbreak had a Diaper Shower for me and Ryne and today our neighbors had taken a trip down to Vancouver and brought me home a special prize (see pictures below). Who in the world could ask for better neighbors! Plus, today both of the boys took good naps and I had enough down time to get all of my school work caught up. Yep, feeling a bit spoiled!

Eric, Justine, and Stephanie brought me SONIC!!! A vanilla Dr. Pepper all the way from Vancouver. Kade needed to get in the pic so he could say "cheeseburger".

Stephanie may have a really big smile in this picture but I promise that I'm the happiest!!! Oh, how I miss Sonic.

A shot of me, Ryne and our friend Dawn at the Baby Shower.

Diapers!!!! With Baby #2 you realize how great a gift diapers really are!!!

Our friend Nonee reluctantly (yea, right) took care of Ryne while I opened gifts. Turned out these ladies tried hard to make this shower all about the Mommy. Nonee is giving me a spa gift card. I got lots of pampering goodies just for was sooo nice. Of course Ryne got some cool stuff, too!

A gift from Glenda...Starbucks and a gift card for manicure and pedicure at DuPont nail salon. Can't wait!!

Check out this cool pillow that Tonie made with our new family picture on it. What a treasure!
Just wanted to share a few of the things that I was blessed with. But the blessing is really in the people. Amazing people that I'm surrounded by! My Husband, my Boys, our Neighbors, and the precious people at Sunbreak that have taken us in and loved on us since we got here.

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